CNC Facade

The next step is milling the part: to give relief detail on the surface of the milled and edge. MDF is suitable for milling any equipment – from manual mill to CNC machining centers. In the production of standard software facades can do milling machine copier copiers with a set of (Made on CNC milling machine), on which the milling. Maximum performance and reduce the cost of milling cycle makes the sharing of the CNC machine and lathe-duplicating machines. The determining factor is the total length of milling blanks.

The total length of the inner milling Raised panels (Rfilenki) will depend on the decoration of the facade (with its production planning can be taken at the average level of approximately 75% of the perimeter of the facades). Thus, the time required for milling of the total facade T = (L / vn + Tvo) / Quispe, where L – total length of the milling of all facades; vn – feed rate at milling. When milling MDF feed rate can be as follows: 4-15 m / min depending on the diameter cutters; GUT – the time of auxiliary operations change tools change blanks. This time depends on the type processing center and is approximately 15% of the normal time of milling, Quispe – utilization of working time, usually 0.8. Milling at the site with additional equipment is also aspirated plant with capacity of 7000 m3 / h. At subsequent stages of the production technology is different depending on how the facade facing.