Bracelet Watches Hublot

Founded in 1980, Hublot has its base in Switzerland and takes its name from the French word porthole, the same word which seems to give inspiration to its watchmakers and designers. All made by Hublot watches seem to take your suggestion of design of the eye of ox, in a determined fashion that is rarely seen among the watchmakers of today. Clean and simple is the motto for the design of Hublot and its watches even have twelve titanium screws that are used to secure the bezel to the box and also as the hour markers, making unnecessary the numbers on the dial. Their boxes are then subjected to simple straps of rubber which have been impregnated with vanilla fragrance. At first, people were reian of this design that seemed ridiculous, but soon prevailed, and became a trend followed by many watchmakers.

Hublot watches are popular around the world, but are particularly well received in Spain, along with the rest of Europe. Jean-Claude Biver, the man responsible for the revitalization of the brand Blancpain, now also works for Hublot. A veteran of 40 years in the watch industry, said Biver expertise is legendary and he really lived butt legend when it joined Hublot and rebuilt its image completely. Said Biver aggressive marketing style is visible in the active advertising campaign for Hublot Big Bang chronograph. The Big Bang uses what said Biver calls an element of fusion, incorporating various materials in their cases, which had never before been used to manufacture the watches boxes. In 2008, said Biver applied his personal approach to watchmaking and also mechanisms of Hublot, taking their entries from your favorite ETA Valjoux Calibre 7750 and reinventing its design with the use of a new metal alloy known as AG5. The new mechanism of Hublot is another display of the ability of the company to cool designs and outdated mechanisms through the innovative use of new materials.