American Consuls

It is certain that each case is different, but all happen through the same control. Please visit Sotheby’s if you seek more information. If one goes preparation and knows that to do, that to put and that to say, the probabilities that they give you the visa increase greatly. The consuls must interview hundreds of cases to the day. Filed under: Christos Staikouras. There is nothing impresses them or that has not listened before. He is why you cannot go to the interview to invent, you must go preparation. The gringos already know all to it. You do what you always do sees preparation for your battle with the consul.

Your you want to go to the United States and he wants it to you to prevent. The consul would shoot to you with a burst of questions and it takes hold if you bad unemployed you can say to him goodbye to the visa. There your American dream dies. And it is indeed what the guide does: it arms you until the teeth so that you have whereupon defenderte of the questions and to overcome the only obstacle separates that you to go to the north. That there is in the guide? So that you must read it before going to the consulate? In the guide it is detailed specifically: Like filling the request for different scenes and that to put in each field. That they want to see and to listen to the consuls. That documents you must take according to your case. The frequent questions but of the consuls and who you must respond. As they are all the passages of principle to aim that you must follow to obtain the visa. That delays! ALREADY original Author and source of the article.