Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge

The pilot AMV Marc Coma already dominates the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, demanding proof that inaugurates the World Championship FIM of rallies Cross Country 2011, after imposing in the first stage coming out from recent posts Marc Coma had the clear strategy: classify the lowest rankings in the stage prologue of yesterday to today exit from the back and have the marked track to have more references in the dunes. And better not I could have gone. The AMV pilot already leads the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge after winning in its first stage, despite exit from past posts, that the Organization has reduced drastically its route and that recognize that it did not reach 100% to Abu Dhabi. But Coma already Outpaces with 3 minutes and 52 seconds to the second classified, Portuguese Helder Rodrigues, and with 5 minutes 19 seconds to the third rated, Polish Jakub Przygonski. Today’s stage has become an authentic warm up to Coma, since the special timed has passed the 300 miles that pilots had to compete initially, to so only 120 because of a problem of the organization with refueling. A good warm-up for Coma, which has served to add sensations on top of your new KTM 450 and to keep forces in the face of the next three stages, extreme hardness.

Marc Coma pilot AMV: I’m satisfied though the stage today, has become a Warm Up for me since the timed special, consisting of about 300 kilometers, has been reduced by the organization up to 120 Km, by a problem with the refueling. High temperatures may complicate some things, physically and mechanically speaking. Ahead we have three very hard stages, which will decide the outcome of this first test of the World Cup. Tomorrow we must remain consistent and cautious at the same time since today’s stage has not been too demanding physically speaking. It was our first time with the 450, because last season we were competing with each other, so I hope that the results on this type of surface are satisfactory. I wish that the political conflicts in countries in which some evidence should be celebrated not affect the normal development of the different tests. Our goal is continue with the same line and show consistency every day. Calculate insurance motorcycle with AMV original author and source of the article