The Region

I think increasingly more necessary that both the school of administration and their postgraduate programmes, especially of Faces of the University of Carabobo, requires changes, restructuring in its academic curriculum, which ensures a real interpretation of the needs of the environment, of which really demand the business sector of the region and of the same country, since, that is true, as pointed out by Raymondscholastic aptitude scores and the measure of academic success declined severely during this period of transition. Precisely, this fall not only indicates that the educational system may be losing its ability to interact with business and the third wave society, but perhaps, that system can not know what to measure, as it has unfortunately happened in our midst. School of management and even your graduate, did not plan their human resources and it shows in the generation of relief of those professors who retired to where their absence feels, put the level of current training leaves much to say and that is measured, is detected, as I’ve seen it, perceiving, feeling empty administrative not provided, forcing that reality to investigate their causes and where the results, clearly indicate absence of experience, content subjects, lack of integration of administrative systems thinking, ignorance of the interpretation of the real needs of the environment, poor definition of the profile of the Professional by graduating and certainly this will detract not only the University, but of the country. Raymond, noted us that the educational system is the source of many difficulties experienced by many corporations to treat the transition. He has produced minds of one-way who have blindly followed the formulas and have led to their corporations on the brink of disaster during the transition. This formula of a sense framework is the product of an educational system of the second wave that was released to produce products for a mechanical hierarchy and administration by formula, and not for the organic processes required in dynamic IC3.