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This text deals with to the crises lived deeply for airline TAM and its attitudes taken for the management of the restored crisis. Passing later to be reference for other companies ahead of its attitudes and its persistence before the society. Words Key: Crises; Solutions; Management of Crisis ARTICLE day 31 of October of 1996 was marked by a great tragedy which reed-echo in everybody. An aerial disaster occurrence in the city of So Paulo with an aircraft of company TAM mobilized the country beyond reing-echo in the world. For if dealing with (at the time) one of the biggest occurred air accidents in Brazil.

The attitudes taken in lower court for the vice-president of Marketing of the company without the ownership of a manual of crisis management, as well as the too much attitudes taken in elapsing of the situation and for the too much crises solved for had the same served of example for the proper one and other companies of aviation. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Bill Phelan by clicking through. Its frieza and caution (characteristic of a good gerenciador of crisis had taken) it to take coherent attitudes before that situation. Therefore at a crisis moment, the first step is to have calm to be able to lead the actions in efficient way and not to unchain a effect panic cascade. Soon after this, the first attitude taken before an air accident is if to worry about the victims, verifying if has survivors and if it has possibility to save lives and to give the possible aid all. in case that it does not have survivors, must be looked for to understand what it caused the problem, that is, to make a search for the black boxes of the airplane to select what it was said and the data of the aircraft times before the fall. Therefore beyond the company the society has headquarters of information and if treating to an airplane fall, this rees-echo in a world-wide attention, not only for the interest of the victims and yes for the interest that the catastrophes despertam in the public opinion.


The psychologist arms itself with a very powerful instrument in the process of humanizao of the hospital in the measure where it brings in its bulge of performance the condition of analysis of the interpersonal relations. She is well-known also, the evidence each bigger time of that many patologias have its aggravated clinical picture from emotional complications of the patient. As the presence of determinative emotional when boarded patologias not diagnosised with precision is equally undeniable. Even though for the lack of specific and varied symptoms. In this direction it is interesting to observe itself that the advance of the medicine with all its technological apparatus does not obtain to do without the psychologist for its condition of listening of the manifestations d' soul human being, manifestation this imperceptible one to the proper modern technology. – Psychological Attendance in the Center of Intensive Therapy the C.T.I brings as serious esteritipo entailed its idea of suffering and imminent death. In the truth, for being a unit in the hospital that if dedicates to the attendance of cases where the intensive care and the gravity of the problems they demand constant and specialized services. The intrinsic characteristics to the C.T.I, as the routine of sped up work more, the constant climate of apprehension, the situations of imminent death, finishes for exacerbar the state of stress and tension that as much the patient, how much the team lives in the twenty and four hours of the day.

These aspects, added the individual dimension of the suffering of the person in interned it, as: pain, the fear, the anxiety and the isolation of the world. – Demystifying the C.T.I the C.T.I is plus one of the fruits of the extraordinary advance that medical sciences and its technology had reached in century XX. Objectifying for an intensive treatment of the patient. It is an indispensable unit for the treatment of serious sick people.


Which served of parameter for the behavior of the company before other company whom they passed for the same tragedy or something similar. That is, he had empatia of the American Airlines company with company TAM, and that this caused a future empatia for too much air carrier. When reading all the manual, the vice-president of the TAM perceived that almost all the steps had been taken in an emergency situation as that one, except giving religious aid, which had been forgotten. Being thus, it was taken immediately the decision to call priests and shepherds to give the comfort to the family, therefore its employees were consumed with this paper, beyond not being the certain people for this. The company still was beyond what the manual considered. Therefore, it contacted psychologists and professionals of the Laboratory of I fight of the PUC of So Paulo to give psychological attendance since they would have to be carried through the recognition of the bodies.

Ahead of all the actions taken for the company, to the same one were praised by the magazine See that it said: In the friday, when Rolim commander arrived at Brazil, it had a pleasant surprise: its staff if had left very well. The flights had taken off with near-normal capacity, the actions had started if to recoup, with increase of 6% in that day, against a fall of 22% of the previous day. Although the critical ones and of the innumerable versions created for the media, the company had an exemplary and firm position, what it guaranteed the solidity and confidence of the company as the only one that possua the veracity of the facts. Beyond everything this the company if considered to pay and to take care of of all the legal proceedings for the burial of the victims and to pay the indemnity to the relatives.