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Universities around the world closer together … With this statement it is hard not to agree, since the development of international links in higher education – is not a fashion but a necessity. The newspapers mentioned JPMorgan Chase not as a source, but as a related topic. The current situation is that different countries are more eager to cooperate in the fields of economics, politics, science and culture. In this regard, one of the major challenges facing higher education institutions, is preparing a new type of elite professionals. Today's graduates should have a high level of knowledge, good communication skills and fluent in foreign languages. Details can be found by clicking JPMorgan Chase or emailing the administrator.

To establish and develop contacts with foreign research centers, universities and businesses in Russian State Social University was established Department of International Cooperation. Teachers and students the opportunity to share best practices and achievements with colleagues from other countries, go on an internship abroad. Today RSSU established friendly ties with 42 foreign universities. This is a university in the UK, Germany, USA, Denmark, Norway, Canada, Bulgaria, Poland, Brazil, Hungary, China, South Korea, Mongolia, etc. Our school is part of the Inter-University Consortium for the participants of International Social Development (MKMSR). – In the last academic year for our staff and students organized 30 trips to 18 countries, – says head of the International Cooperation RSSU Vladimir V. Serebryakov. – At this time in our high school with the official visits of foreign delegations have visited 14 out of 11 countries. Russian State Social University, attended by guests from the USA, Britain, Germany, Hungary, Korea, China and Morocco. Foreign scholars have participated in the Summer School session, "Social inequality and exclusion after the collapse of the USSR: a regional perspective, "international round-table discussion" Russia, India and China: status and prospects of geopolitical and socio-economic cooperation, "the Days of Culture of the Far East, the festival devoted to the discovery of the department of Korean language in RSCU, and many other activities.


A recurring theme of Cuban society at the beginning of the millennium, is the information age. This designation addresses the growing and determining whether the information represents for individuals in society in any country at any latitude with any culture or any level of development. Of course, those who have higher levels of education and culture, those who are in environments with greater prospects for development, will be driven to consume more and better information. The data and information management is one of the most important for any modern organization. Information management includes different activities such as collection, storage, retrieval, dissemination towards places and right people and the use of them is done for various activities within an organization. The development of knowledge creates the need for continuous updating of systematic search for information, research. The individual who has to live in these times, must possess the knowledge to enable it to successfully select any problem that comes before him, because today’s schools can not guarantee students all the knowledge that the advance of modern society has made disposal of mankind, therefore, the school must unite all their efforts to achieve action mechanisms that enable students to learn by yourself. Jose Marti Perez (1853-1895), has spoken in several of his letters to the intellectual development of the individual.

In this direction has stated that: “… and we think there is better education system than the one who prepares the child to learn by themselves. Make sure each man exercise of itself.

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For the class takes place in a virtual classroom under ideal conditions. the teacher must ensure that all reach before the basic requirements to participate in this course, publish and make known these requirements and how to achieve those not have them, ensuring equal access to course materials, providing different options to address the learning styles of students and their technological limitations, encourage communication and student participation in discussion forums, or alternative communication systems, mediate that communication made within the rules of etiquette and respect and consideration, respecting the times and dates posted on the class schedule, make changes to meet all students and maintain consistency in the way of communication, and offer as much as possible crucial extra session, before or during the course so that students have the opportunity to resolve technical problems related to the dictation of course prevents them from continuing, thus avoiding the class is distracted by conversations related to the technical part. Fortunately, the graduate program of Quality Management Area and productivity Faces graduate of the University of Carabobo, was the acceptance by the authorities to approve its operation and incorporated into this new learning in order to promote not only the development of program, but to share with all those professionals interested in this specialty throughout the country and internationally, creating this opening new linkages, exchanges of knowledge and research contributing to the university not only in Academic and social responsibility, without or business sectors, organizations interested in this specialty. His program has been initiated through the introductory course to pursue their subjects in virtual classrooms, where the contents are adapted not only the skills used in different stages of the world but are concentrated on the national reality through its programs designed so that motivate the participant to investigate, enter the national situation and make suggestions, proposals for solutions that serve not only the country, institutions in which they operate, but their own professional growth. Of course, commitment is more stringent than that demanded by the traditional method of classes, however, the results are good, depending on how you handle the facilitator and maintains active participation of the participants. In other writings, we will look at the achievements, benefits, barriers and other considerations to take into account to further their reach in favor of education .-.

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