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It is necessary that eventually the space will become functional and comfortable and that operation facility will also become economically viable. For example, even a complete replacement of heating and ventilation systems do not store a warm, if there are large heat losses due to architectural and technological features of the building. Therefore, during reconstruction architectural monuments of importance is their future energy efficiency. The building loses heat through the facade, roof and floor. Typical of the old buildings and thick walls retain heat well themselves, but insulation can significantly reduce heating costs, even in such homes. For heat insulation of facades has been actively using a sandwich panel, led by the system with polyurethane foam middle layer.

But outside panel may not always be used in thermal insulation of historic buildings by aesthetic incompatibility with the architecture of the facade of the monument of antiquity. In such cases, insulating wall panels for interior decoration. Moreover, some of them have finished decorative coating that eliminates the need to make additional finishing work. Roofs of old buildings is a source of serious heat loss. It is usually worn out and requires replacement coverage.

Choosing the right solution, necessary to start not only from the corresponding architecture of the building design of the material, but its insulating qualities. Thus, the roof sandwich panels or sheet metal, complete with insulation layer, can save 10-15% of thermal energy needed for heating. Most vulnerable to heat loss of the facade is glazed. “That’s the pvc system today – the best solution in terms of insulation, including in the process of renovation of historical monuments and architecture – says Rafik Alekperov (PROPLEKS). – In my opinion, the best proof of this are the example of reconstruction of the iconic objects. In particular, our systems are installed at the Tretyakov Gallery, the building of the Kiev station, Theatre. As a result, all changes apparently untouched in its pristine architectural masterpiece will gain a new internal content in the form of functional and very modern shopping area. But it must be noted that this may require considerable investment. Thus, to calculate how good is the idea – put a store in a monument of architecture – it is necessary to correlate the location of the advantages that accrue to the owner of the building, with costs that he incurred in the process of its reconstruction. Group Press Service Company propleks 1 Cyrus and Ruben Kanayan – author of “Designing stores and shopping centers”, “Commercial real estate: challenges and prospects”. 2 “Street-Retail” – is retail facilities at the central and, as a rule, the pedestrian streets with a big cross. 3 Flagship store – “front shop” (in other words – a fashion store), which may create an impression about the entire network. They first appear about updates and promotions. Data stores in a figurative sense, hold the “esprit de corps.”.