In the ’60s – ’70s years Lignano Sabbiadoro blhtete as a seaside destination, but his story about the tourism development dates back to the beginning of the century. The center is at the “Fontana place” emerged, particularly in the area’s first beach resorts and the first hotels were built, among which the Hotel Nettuno, which is mentioned today among the most modern hotels in Lignano Sabbiadoro. The hotel is now in a very convenient location: Located in the heart but also by the sea. Thanks to its location, its customers have placed in a special pool, ie the Adriatic same, at the Hotel Nettuno booked a part of the beach for its guests. Thanks to the recent restoration new array of services for guests are available, from the air conditioning to satellite TV, on bicycle rental and heating system that does not add any for granted. Unfortunately, we think of Lignano almost exclusively as a summer destination, and therefore are veryfew houses equipped with heating system, but the tourist offer is limited in this way, quite the contrary, the new guidelines are established for the tourist industry in Italy, that the tourist offer will be seasonally adjusted. The current management participates in the life of the local associations for the tourism development and promotion active: the efforts of all local businesses to create an entire “vacation” system seems to be the best solution to stay competitive in a market where the traditional time and space limitations no longer apply and the old rules have been overturned. In line with this commitment, the Hotel Nettuno has decided to activate a new webcam that can, thanks to its particularly convenient location a wonderful view over the city center and beach Lignano’s offer. When activating this new service, the Hotel Nettuno has increased not only its standard of performance, but also to beigetragt advertising for the entire resort. The access to the webcam is easy andfree, it goes to the homepage of the Hotel Nettuno surf and click on the button “webcam” to see the coast of the upper Adriatic round the clock in real time. Few hotels in Lignano have opted to provide its guests a webcam available: it is actually an investment that will benefit from the beginning not only of investors but the whole neighborhood goes, it shall also be here also a question of image and communication, the value of which not all contractors are aware of.