Cold War

The end of the Cold War (1989) left a legacy for the world, of a capitalist system in solitude and in the Soviet side, one group (reduced) of billionaires, full of goods and means of production. Mikhail Prokhorov is 44 years old and is one of the members of that group. All you have now was not always him. The wealth existed in previous generations. With some tools incorporated into the Moscow Finance Institute and a fortune that fell from above, began to take step in the economic world. Intervened in markets such as precious metals industry, cell phone and medicine, among others. His first approach to the sport came in the CSKA Moscow club-company of the most important in Europe. At that time he bent to the world of football and now it’s done in basketball.

It’s official participation in the New Jersey Nets of the NBA. When the capital of a company accumulates in large quantities and in one place, usually worth investing returns for another area. Failure to maintain this pace, the most immediate risk of the system is self-destruction. Clearly, the Russian took several actions of the franchise, however, would have to see these negotiations as an investment rather than purchase. That is the main goal, like most billionaires. It is therefore surprising to many, when someone moves so much.

It is not spend for pleasure, the idea is to make more money, then return to invest and so on until his death. After continuing their family and those who were buying part of the capital. The main project was more spread in the media, is building a stadium in New York (Brooklyn) and a residential neighborhood nearby. Atlantic Yards Project, will allow Americans to create jobs and greater consumption. To move money. Build and improve market infrastructure in the NBA. The crisis hit rock bottom a few months ago and with this points system works again with more pace.