Business Website Creation

Many now understand that to create a business website is not the same thing to create a homepage. But not everyone understands what is, in fact, different. This article discussed one of these differences – namely, about creating corporate identity online business. In my opinion, internet merchant today is simply not enough to create a beautiful site with easy navigation, we still have this site to set him apart from the others and was a kind of glue for the brain visitor who would be fixed the image in his mind the image of a resource merchant. In other words, you need to do more and so that the site conveyed a certain emotional component. So, usually, this goal is achieved by creating corporate identity. If you have in mind the concept surfaced: the logo, color, type of header, then everything is fine, then you are partially familiar with the concept. In fact, the concept of branding is much smarter and more powerful than you can imagine present.

Good style should cause a positive response in the brain visitor resource. Usually it is created by 2 methods: direct effects – Creation of direct emotional relationship. Example of offline – you ate a juicy hamburger at McDonalds, the satisfaction derived from eating it would be emotionally connected with this brand. An example of online: you have ordered any online service from the businessman. You carry it out quickly and quality, plus the whole make a small gift.

Excellent tell you, and on a subconscious level to fix this impression of a professional businessman. Or even here – you read the text in the ad on page three minisayte say Paul Berestneva, which lists about 50 benefits and advantages. You could not resist and bought his digital goods. Acquainted with him and made sure that their author kept his word. Now you have in mind for this author entrenched style of a man who does not hang noodles on the ears, and keeps his word.