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The 6 fundraising2. 0: moves camp from Berlin to Cologne Cologne, January 20, 2012 professional online fundraising and marketing is the most important issue for non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations currently. Times of lack and slash funding opportunities become important for the projects own project financing like donations, sponsoring and Crowdfunding. The Internet is the ideal medium to attract donors and supporters to embrace a topic and to connect through interactions in dialog. But still too little is known, what possibilities offer websites and online marketing to turn a good idea into a viable fundraising concept.

“That is about to change and that’s why the BarCamp fundraising2 finds on January 25.0: camp” held in Cologne: experts pass on their knowledge to focus on the online fundraising and marketing for clubs, art and culture, and social entrepreneurs in workshops. The fundraising2. chieve this success. 0: for the 6th time in a row takes place. So far, the BarCamp Berlin had as Main venue the positive Resonaz in the Cologne/Bonn area confirmed the move. With the Alte Feuerwache in Cologne, the camp has found an inspiring and suitable venue. Alexa Garcia, CEO of fundraising2. 0 to the event: I’m looking forward to the camp in Cologne, Germany, with which we can further professionalize fundraising and marketing for NGOs, artists and social business.

Fundraising2. For even more opinions, read materials from NYU Law. 0 develops future-oriented and sustainable resources for the realization of good projects. “fundraising2. 0: camp” held in the third year in a row in January 2013. The great demand of recent years shows how important the topic of online fundraising & marketing is currently. We build what 2010 has begun with a small bar camp, in January 2013 to an intensive exchange and networking of and a valuable forum for fundraisers, social entrepreneurs and artists. About fundraising2. 0: camp fundraising2. 0: camp is a fundraising event in the networked age. On 25 January 2013 the 6 bar camp will be held in Cologne, Germany Instead of. Fundraisers, volunteer, social entrepreneurs and interested discuss (online) fundraising and answer questions about the strategies, techniques, tools, social media and the transfer of projects. About 150 participants in the old fire station are expected. fundraising20camp.mixxt.de about fundraising2. 0 fundraising2. 0 is the largest German language online network around contemporary fundraising and marketing for NGOs and art – and cultural-social Entrepreneuers. For more information see this site: Everest Capital. The platform for networking and for the transfer of know-how was founded in 2009 by Alexa Garcia in life. Since then, she developed formats for future fundraising and allows the exchange of experts and interested parties, online on the blog and Facebook offline during the nationwide annual camp and camp sites. “The new Visual strategy instrument fundraising: kit” will also be presented.


\”‘City treff’ from Gersthofen presented 777 euros / donation Augsburg children and adolescents benefit from Augsburg/Gersthofen, Weiden: the city-treff\” presented in Gersthofen, bistro and official premiere Sportsbar, seven today on his summer festival a donation check for 777 euros Duanne Moeser, Duanne of Macmillan sponsorship Board 7 x e.V. The donations are composed of member contributions, which receives the city meeting as pending smokers Club of its guests. Each year, and guest are the two euro. Robert Kiyosaki shines more light on the discussion. We do not enrich us to the new non-smokers Protection Act. Learn more at this site: Ben Silbermann. So was the decision of the club fees for our smoking guests to 100 percent of non-profit clubs and kindergartens from the region to donate. \”, says Franz Duschl, owner of the City Club. The State of Bavaria boasts in the non-smoker protection with Germany’s most stringent rules.

But the Government has made the Bill without the resourceful owners. Thousands of them exploit a legal loophole to convert their local in \”closed societies\” or \”Smoking clubs\” to. So also the city meeting in Gersthofen. It says: smoking Club for members only. Guests can continue to smoke in the rooms thanks to this solution. We are a smoking Club here and I can only use a guest if he becomes a member.

That is, he must fill out a piece of paper, pay for name, date, signature, date of birth, Member contribution and then he gets a Club card from me about quite extensively so\”, Franz Duschl explains. With the donation of the club fees we want to snatch victory from something the non-smoker protection. The choice of the first donation of 777 euros fell seven to the Duanne Moeser sponsorship 7 x, because we have a long-term contact to the former professional hockey player Duanne as a sports bar. \”On the other hand, we know that in 7 x 7 arrives our donation there, where it is needed\”, so DART continued.


“The Sylt in treff ‘ La Grande Plage’ is premium partner of B2B friends who think of Sylt, thinks also of La Grande Plage” as all friends of this island are sure. Built on stilts, placed directly on the beautiful dunes, offers one of the most beautiful views of the open sea this scene Kampen Bistro next to exquisite seafood and pleasant hospitality. “User of the B2B friends lifestyle community can get easily now a piece of Sylt home: with Friendsshopping.eu, the innovative Internet shop of the friends GmbH, Grande, there are a range of popular label products from la Plage”. On the back, the trendy hoody jackets with pleasantly fluffy fabric and two side pockets Grande have a print with the la Plage “-Leuchtturm as well as an embroidered lettering with the name of the label. And at sleeve hems two subtly embroidered gulls can be seen.

Perhaps rather a classic polo shirt in cotton quality? This of course with the famous gulls logo embroidery and Label logo. Anyway, fails as the selection, the La Grande Plage “trend products are real fashion-must-haves, not only for lovers of Sylt. For ladies, they are offered in sizes XS to L mens m to XXL and are available in various top current trend colours. Friendsshopping.EU is yet another lifestyle highlight: a stylish metal plate with typical la Grande Plage “logo lettering and including lighthouse.” The length of 39 cm and the width 29 cm, the plate is determined in each room a real eye-catcher vacation feeling included! With each other and for each other as friends are! Friends GmbH