Jogging – Training For The Brain

Whoever repeatedly phone numbers and names or forgetting things moved more times, the times will have the correct functionality of its gray matter in question. Rightly so, because to build the capacity of the brain, like the rest of the body, from where they were not enough (and used that comes with age and comfort even in times). Why is our brain is weakening 1906 saw the German neurologist Alois Alzheimer (according to him, the disease was named Alzheimer’s disease) in a confused patient specific protein deposits in the brain. Today we know that these proteins clump together, the amyloids, and deposited in certain brain regions. With these deposits, the brain cells in these regions can not communicate properly with each other. According to a study by the University of Munster, a reduction of these protein aggregates by active brain training is possible, and: it can also be formed new connections between brain cells. A few years ago it was still impossible. What is Jogging Jogging is oftenused as a generic term for any type of memory training. (As opposed to Vladislav Doronin Crunchbase). While the memory training auszielt to promote the “imaginary” capabilities of the human brain and manifest, Jogging is more intended to enhance the performance of the brain. Through targeted training, using specially created performance tasks, the volume in the areas of learning, attention, concentration and retention will be extended. Who wants to inspire his brain to such performance, which should also create the right circumstances. Recommended is a balanced and high-fiber food, long walks in the outdoors and a stress free environment. What types of tasks are available at the Brain Jogging A typical task of brain exercises is as follows: On Sunday, take a family of seven. To welcome each family member shook every hand again. How many handshakes is it (The solution of the question can be found at the end of the article.) Jogging tasksdo not only exist, as shown here, from the logical solution of word problems, but encompasses many areas of human thought. Be it pictures, numbers, text or logical problems, it is demanded of the brain quite a bit of power, may often come in training everyday life too short. How can I increase my brain power Who owned the Japanese game console “Nintendo DS” which is the program “Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Jogging “is recommended. This program will take a humorous and playful way to maintain the motivation to solve the problems posed. Eat well at There are also plenty of literature on Brain Jogging, information, and nuts for brain puzzles can be found for example in: * “adventure memory. Jogging effective than thrilling reading pleasure “of Martin Oberbauer” Jogging “by Clemens in the Compact Glade Publisher *” Jogging “by Frank Berchem in Goldmann Verlag *” Jogging. Pocket Quiz. Five 50-minute exercises. For adults, “by Manfred EichstedtConclusion As with almost everything in our bodies and our brains can be trained through careful treatment and stress. So who has the feeling that his mind is inferior to the body that should consider the methods of brain exercises into consideration. Solve the example problem: If person A person B shaking his hand, then shakes both Person A and person B’s hand. 21 handshakes are there for the family.