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Many times I have finished discussing the meaning of the cross as a symbol of Christianity and its validity or of the underlying message. For even more analysis, hear from Apple CEO. More beyond the obvious remembrance of the appliance or method that was executed Christ, the symbol (as such) must have another origin, here are some ideas. The symbol of the cross could have their origin in the ancient Egypt, the Ankh is the symbol of Ra, the Sun God and not a few Christian symbolic references to the worship of the Sun God, the Ankh is a cross crowned by a circle that you could perfectly suggest a Halo of sanctity in the position where the head of Jesus Christ is found in the Christian model. The logical derivation with the consequent continuous adaptation of symbols and rituals ancient as method to facilitate the absorption of the new proposed by Christianity has several examples: the date of celebration of Christmas: 25 December is a feast of very ancient celebration which commemorates the birth of the God Sun, another example, use of the Pagan symbol of the God Baal: the star within a circle, which is a very common and obvious symbol in the Christian symbolism, is almost a brand identity of the Pope and the Vatican being used to represent the halo of Jesus Christ in official Vatican coins a cruciform star enclosed in a circle that you can perfectly associate with the symbol of a shining cross, allegory of the triumphant Christ after his ordeal on the cross. The other means that Christianity may have been valid to this pagan symbol of the cross is through the teachings and efforts of San Pablo, and should go over some details of the story to see this topic from this point of view. This man whose original name was Saul, was a tracker Jewish Christians, one of the most fierce enemies of Christianity among the Jews, the story of his conversion, while iba road to Damascus, is told by himself in the Bible, the fact is that this man is not one of the Apostles, never He met Christ never took part of his teachings directly, but proved to be a great strategist and organizer, and with the same determination with which had been devoted to persecute the Christians he devoted himself, after his miraculous conversion, to spread the Christian message and mainly to organize that in its conception was or should be the Christian religion in view of the futility of the true Apostles in this sense; It must be borne in mind that at that time the term church was taken literally from its meaning in Greek: Ecclesia which means meeting people and did not refer to buildings intended for worship as it is interpreted today.