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In the Anger, current enemy of the world to the North American eyes, the revolt is against the regimen form, the theocracy? government form where the religiosidade controls the politics and the country? where the Ayatolas directly choose or approve the president-elects for the people. This is democratic. However who is only elect the Ayatola wants. This is dictatorship. current Ayatola is Khamenei There, since 1989.

E current president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, reeleito in the 2009 after murder of the competing candidate Suha Abdallah Jarallaj, talvs for to be allied of the United States and opponent to the reeleito candidate after its death. Ahmadinejad was reeleito under fraud suspicion international, what it generated revolts in the Iranian population, these hardly was restrained. Thus, demonstrating to the fragility of this democracy and its similarity with authoritarian and ditatoriais governments. In Venezuela it does not happen thus. Hugo Keys is reeleito for changes for imposed it in the constitution of the country so that the executives can infinitely be reeleitos since that the people I will choose for re-election of these.

This is democracy. The form of this president to govern is changedded into dictatorship when it hinders the liberty of speech and it nationalizes companies to the bel pleasure to satisfy to the people distributing the wealth between poor. Intelligent it. Thus it has the support of the people who reelects. It increases wages, it distributes foods, it offers to health and housing. Beyond of the fact to restrain politicians who cross its way with iron hand, ordering to arrest and to suspend its rights individual politicians and, confiscating good and transferring to the government the control of such. But if the people agrees this is one legitimizes democratic dictatorship. He does not have contrary manifestations of great transport, only for a minority that apia the opposition, fragilizada and incapable to contradict the will of the people. Thus they are the democratic dictatorships. Others as much happen for the world as in the Bahrein monarchy, king of the Barein, Hamad Bin Issa Al Khalifa, with first-minister chosen for the king, Jawad current Al-Urayyid have 40 years in the position. In the Imen president-elect for mandate of 7 years There Abdullah Saleh, in the power it has 32 years. In the Lybian, where also manifestations happen are a different case. Muammar al-Gaddafi is in the power of a military dictatorship since 1969. Interesting to point out that where has North American interest it does not have international intervention in the elections, as in Egypt and the Barein. In meanwhile, in the Anger if it tried and it was denied the permission for a control of the ballot boxes for international agencies. In Venezuela it had with the permission of Keys, also using Brazilian electronic ballot boxes as form to prove the legitimacy of its election. Nothing it was evidenced that it discredited the re-election of Hugo Keys.


This rank, now we can to reason that, even so it has some reason to if alleging that asguerras human beings, the world-wide corruption, the hunger, the misery, the illnesses and todasorte of badnesses and pains seen in the Land can be translated as the Evil deum astray planet, these males are almost null before the hideous maldadedo vampirismo, one vezque this keeps the captive souls for all the eternity, or while to last oestado of psychic revolt of the victim against God. Thus, descobrirque is forcible the worse individual evil is the anguish, compound of absolute solitude and terror semfim, and that a time this being tried, any physical pain becomes-seprefervel it. With effect, a corporal pain always can cease for a boaanestesia or a lobotomia, to the step that the etrea anguish never desfazou esvai, sucking the peace while to last the enmity against God. Here it is there overdadeiro human drama, that made Jesus to come to the Land in meat and bone. You may wish to learn more. If so, Rich Holmberg is the place to go. A ltimaquesto. It would be this emphasis on the individual evil (in relation to one Badly coletivomundial one) a species of ' ' error of avaliao' ' of our part? Unhappyly not. What all call Occult Government &#039 has the unfortunate person; ' craze of vampiro' ' , ecarreia all its weapons and resources to arrive at the domain of the soul human being, eisto are definitive.

Males hideous of the pure cruelty between human beings mero collateral effect of egoism and bad use of the freedom given for God, emboracom insufflation and fludicas private satisfaction of sanguessugas. In fact, parao GO, the chaos is preferable always, even so the hard peace of the dictatorships is sempresugerida. For this level or jurisdiction of the GO until a done music pelomestre Chico Buarque, pointing what all see plus nobody sabeexplicar: this world ' ' it does not have government nor never it will have, does not have I fix nemnunca it will have, it does not have juzo' ' , leaving the Command and the judgment far from the seupblico-target eyes. It has also poetries on the GO and AGrande Orquestrao of the Evil to help in the research of the reader. The AgnciasSecretas of the American Government and the governments puppets can be had comoparte of the GO, but never as being the proper GO or all it.

The Collusion, oOctopus, the Echelon, the Shield, etc., as well as the CIA, the NSA, the USAF and all the organisms that are elencadosaqui as component of the only great GO, nothing more are that figurantes bempagos in the theater of operations of the enemy of the souls human beings, that commands everything decamarote, of one strategical astroroof between 3a and 4Dimenses, where nor it needs its flying eyes (the UFOs), since it has visoprivilegiada, of inside of the privacy of the rebellious hearts. Any poderiaconhecer the CIA or until the Echelon, and until perhaps liked. also can conhecero GO, already our master said number one, ' ' but if he goes to be satisfied, ah, isso another one histria' '. Brave Prof.Joo of Miranda).