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No person is forced to live in pair, is a personal decision also is a human necessity to.juntar themselves, to tie, to share to.sentir itself dear and valued and, biologically the sexuality is a necessity, as well as the continuation of the species, that in psychological terms stays noticeable as the necessity to extend Then, I ask myself How it is that if the life in pair is so important, for the great majority of the inhabitants of this planet earth, she becomes so complicated, so wished and so suffered? The complicated thing is the relation in pair, or will be that the human beings we are infinitely complex and one of the places in which this is demonstrated he is indeed in these relations One of the great subjects which they are listened to is regarding the communication within the pair, men and women hurt of which their pairs do not listen to them, do not hear them or they are not able to include/understand what the other says to them For being able to communicate to us, the first requirement is to be kind, to take care of what our pair says to us, or it wants to say to us, but also to know what is what we mean. Per moments, we spoke crooked, or we so did not use the words which we want to express, that is to say, we disguised, tenth between teeth, or simply we give to understand. All is forms to communicate, but I surely disguise what I mean, my pair, understands another case and that yes, that is a jam in the communication the human communication, has many facets. The communication does not exist, always we are not saying things, not only with words, also the voice tone is important, the form we expressed as it, and our position and gestures contribute to emphasize the communication.


EX POMADE whitepaper helps in the proper communication and marketing strategy at a trade fair participation the participation is a highly complex planning process that is not completed with the selection and the realisation of a suitable stand concept. The best stand design and the most unusual product presentation bring nothing, if no customer or prospect overhears this. The objectives of the visit and whose implementation paths such as events, product presentations or demonstrations must be communicated and disseminated, to bring the customers at the booth. A good idea is alone enough to win rare to prospective customers and business partners. With the white paper by EX POMADE, learn what magic formula for a successful trade show marketing is necessary. While the marketing of own participation begins already often three months before the fair starts.

However, the marketing does not end with the beginning of the exhibition, but reached your peak in the contrary. The targeted communication by addressing the visitors and the intensive consultations make the period Fair to the phase of the communication. The actual goals of participation can be here not only communicate, but also reached and are therefore critical to the success or failure of previous promotional activities. Free whitepaper from EX POMADE, all spells can in six main steps”to be read, to take into account for a successful trade show marketing. Starting about the many sirens that can send a company to customers, prospective customers or business partners at the booth to pick up the fortitude or design of the own stand with events and actions, as well as a vindictive attitude towards every fair contact. A success can be achieved only with a good trade fair follow-up, since only about 7% of visitors come to the fair with a concrete desire to buy. The follow-up and tracking the collected contact forms is the alpha and omega of successful trade show marketing, and indispensable.

Not only the acquisition of new customers, as well as the initiation of business contacts is possible with a clean wrap-up, but also the qualitative evaluation of the visit. The free white paper is the second in the series of EX POMADE. The mobile exhibition system EX POMADE is ideal at exhibitions and facilitates the visitor not only with its easy handling but also with his counselors. “” In addition to the current Advisor 6 tips for a successful trade show marketing “9 tips for a successful trade fair participation can the first whitepaper” downloaded at the same time.


It is sad and frustrating to see how the profession of communication sciences in our days is trampled and usurped by people who have never studied the profeson, while the owners of the means of communication, directors and other staff argue that it is not necessary to professionalize to develop communications activities, but this problem is not only, imagine that nowadays the means they use a system of hiring staff through amiguismoswhich is the weight requirement to get into work, being marginalized titles and experience. If you my reader querito someday performs research on this interesting and delicate subject, you will notice that the directors of the media placed obstacles to prevent a membership in our profession, perhaps one of the main is that oppose emphatically the membership of our profession, because they consider that it violates the law free d issuance of thought, wanting to cover the Sun with a finger, because they try to bumble that act at your convenience and craving because to be approved be see affected their political and economic interests. It has been said that a professional Communicator is a master of masses that orients, educates, informs and recreates but to keep the owners of the media this philosophy as it is can educate, guide, inform and professionally recreate if it lacks culture and preparation. While a professional with degree of Licenciado en Ciencias de la Comunicacion remains underemployed, paying a salary of hunger either forming part the huge row of unemployed with a title of ornament on the wall. Do to analyze this whole problem, where the Government does deaf ears as well as the directors of different schools or faculties of communication sciences pernamecen in a position psiva of arms crossed because not the subject in the most interested at least I wonder: to what there are such units academic in my country if the end media prefer to recruit personal little or no qualified?. With great sadness I see as a communication student spends time, effort ysobre all money for culminating his career, graduating as Bachelor of communication receive as stimulus remain underemployed or unemployed because the media don’t give opportunity unless you have the prerequisite for being able to work otherwise I am referring to cronyism. It is necessary that public opinion international know truly what the contrivances of the owners and directors of media in my country Guatemala otherwise massaged at your convenience. I believe that with a professional association rather than harm would act to maintain codes of ethics mejoraria and professional quality of work, as soon as the processing of the message, doing a professional job without political ties or interests of any kind. Ervin Medina Bachelor of science communication, professional speaker, radio and television producer in Guatemala Central America, Sumbarino of the Association of graduates in Sciences of communication of Guatemala.


Then I continued researching and I read an interesting book, a marriage of both doctors, who had lost in an accident in his single car daughter, Diamela. Them using methods of Instrumental Trans-communication, began to have communication with her daughter through recordings, and indeed world congresses have been held with groups of people that hold exchanges and communication with beings who have departed to other planes. I have had many personal experiences of pipes through my person, but one of the most interesting was, communication with a great friend and colleague from work that day tended to read a chapter of the book I’ve mentioned I’ve seen the light, one night said me to call the para-medicos that had a strong pain in the heartimmediately by my second line established communication and was transferred to hospital, days later he fell asleep and thus departed, I remember this I produced a sadness deep when on the third day of his departure, while I slept, feel as if they acariciaran me the arm or some insect walk by him, I woke up suddenly, turned the lamp and clock gave the bells, were three in the morning and at that moment I felt his voice in my ears that told me, – do not cry I am in place that I described in the book – from that moment no more wept because a great serenity took hold of my person. Years ago I stopped attending funerals, and really as I am sure that there is another life, I dislike much sad are and little reassuring at times for family members. I believe that the soul, if so can call you the energy that guides us on Earth, part or comes to a speed of light of our physical body, and can even witness what is happening at that moment, to then start to travel to your next destination with beings of equal degree of spiritual evolution.

Clear that this topic is very extensive address to reduce it simply to an article. Here I’m just answering a question, or giving my opinion and personal testimony. I believe in life after life, and we can not live with fears, each one of us on Earth, We bring an agenda that meet, one day arrive and one day start a mission, we have free will and nobody should try to manipulate the life of another human being, to our children and their behaviors are the result of their own agendas, we can educate them, wanting to be good people, but they will choose the plan to follow in the land. I think it is a good hope for all know that bounce is not too long, we will see somewhere else again, that life has resumed, that our beloved beings who have departed are very close to us and that there is communication.


THE TECHNOLOGIES OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE PROFESSIONAL. OLIVEIRA ANTONIO MAGALHES tonyoliveira17@ EDUARDO PETER Dos Santos RAFAEL MARTINS LEATHER STRAP VAN CLEBSON YOU MARK OF QUEIROZ SUMMARY This article deals with the contribution of the information technologies and communication for the development of the knowledge and the professional identity, being based on the book of Dario Fiorentino on the Formation of Professors of Mathematics – Exploring new ways with new looks, it comes to say that the TICs has an important contribution in the formation of Professors of Mathematics, it aims at to extend the mind of the Professors for the use of the technologies in classroom. It cites some authors (Shulman 1986; Elbaz 1983; Schon 1983; Bridge 1992; Thompson 1984; Ponte and Serrazina 1998) on the formation of the Professors and arrive at the final consideraes that the future professors need to develop confidence in use of these technologies and a critical attitude in relation they, needs to be capable to integrate them in the purposes and the objectives of the education of the mathematics. Words? key: TICs, professors, formation and education. Graduating full licenciatura in Matemtica (UNEAL) Graduating full licenciatura Matemtica (UNEAL) and Graduating Science of Computao (UFAL) Graduating full licenciatura Matemtica (UNEAL) and Graduating Full Licenciatura Fsica (UFAL) CONSIDERAES INITIAL contributo of the information technologies and communication for the development of the knowledge and the professional identity has been argued recently, this work aims at to take for Professors and future professors the reflection of the use of TICs. The mathematics professors need to know to use in practical the tools of the information technologies and communication (TICs), including proper educational software for its disciplines and general purpose software (NTCM 1994). These technologies allow to perspectivar the education of the mathematics in deeply innovative way, strengthening the paper of the graphical language and new forms of representation and relativizing the importance of the calculation and the symbolic manipulation. .


Completed acquisition and IPO in 2011: new ISIN and WKN with effect from October 29, 2011 is in the way of the reverse takeover (RTO) the former on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with the symbol “SZC” listed company SpeedFry in the GOMTV COMMUNICATIONS, INC. gone over. The ISIN is 67102N1050 CA. The new WKN A1JRZQ, trading symbol “SZC”, has been granted to the 29.12.2011. Details are there available III.

quarterly report as well as the swap prospectus of the GOMTV to refer to the and the download area of the portal. GOMTV CEO David Dube: “the GOMTV Communications Inc. in the year 2012 is very successful!” Market TV and on the other hand, the share swap had been in 2011 a the introduction of open particularly challenging WpPG according to 4. In 2011 all parts of limited stock offering, especially for the founders, had been finally completed”, so Dube next. Be drawn in 2011 for 1.75 million shares in total.

A small, initially on a Trustee will currently delivered pursuant to 3 WpPG by the company referred a lot of shares in a limited number of investors. In the meantime all changes have been communicated to the German Stock Exchange, as well as the Canadian authorities and published, Dube added. Were appointed as new members of the Board of Directors: David Dube (Chairman), Mark Jacobson, John Valasco, Christian Maria Scherner, Sascha Guntner. A renowned analyst has been charged with creating a profile.


Communication has become the communication with the Christian God faith foreclosure – bodily and sensation since Postmodernism with God stalled. Fewer and fewer people go to church. What do we learn from this? The traditional communication requires a metamorphosis, the relationship with God no longer succeed on the old ways. Over two thousand years, the faithful in a collective way sought access to God. This access was organised by the churches. The loss of importance of the churches today signaled that a new form of dealing with God is urgently needed in place of collective access. This must be an individual handling form. We must help God thoughts that have lost their force potential through the down strain on an intellectual material level of thinking, to come back to forces.

The power of faith, the communication with God, will take place today with the help of body forces. The man comes by its ability of sensation in the possession of these forces. The body forces keep the connection to the non-material dimension of human life upright. Further details can be found at David Michery, an internet resource. Thus, every person has the opportunity through the evidence of body forces to record a relationship with God and to also maintain throughout his earthly life. Who wants to win back the faith, must win back the lost sentience from the physical objectification and oppression.

Power-related fragmentation, intellectualism are our cultural time this task in the way. The sensation is often confused with the feeling. The differentiation is needed here a Christian anthropology (Anthropology). When the sensation with the intellect in relationship, then enter unity and difference in a dialogue with each other. The feeling of love is the highest form is created by this capacity for dialogue. “Pavel Vitalis wrote the book on the misunderstandings of the postmodern concept of God: Peter Sloterdijks religious adjustments from the point of view of early Christianity”, Norderstedt, 2008 PAL Dragos described the reasons of faith decay under the title hardly considered until today: Of the original Christianity to the circles of the subject”, Norderstedt, 2008. More information under: free excerpts:


German looking increasingly attractive investments no matter, whether real estate, investments, stocks and / or equity funds looking for German investments and forms of savings, which are attractive given the euro debt crisis increased in recent months. Discard the conservative, traditional forms of savings due to the low interest rate situation hardly gains while also latent fear of inflation in the idea resonates the citizens, real estate agent recorded a surge of demand in recent years for concrete gold”. Many investors shy away from the lack of flexibility however and last but not least have held in the years 2007/2008 US real estate crisis (sub-prime crisis) in mind. Looking for more flexible investments such as stocks and stock funds. This tendency is also a study published Deutsches aktieninstitut (DAI), which documented a huge increase in the volume of investment in the stock market and fund owners in the past half year, to more than 17 percent, to just under 10.2 million. The FWU AG, to which also the ATLANTICLUX Life insurance S.A. is headquartered in Luxembourg, of course very happy to see such a development. The ATLANTICLUX specialising in unit-linked life and annuity insurance hits the nerve of investors with their investment philosophy.

Customers increasingly seek assets that work through different mechanisms in several places. Our investment strategies include investment funds and be managed constantly. By means of a so-called technical analysis data is collected and monitored, creating the character of an active asset management for each of our clients,”Andreas Wurscher, head of sales coordination Germany / Austria of the FWU explains AG. Unlike as in the direct investment in stocks and mutual funds fear may lack expertise is taken by management to the customer, on the other hand, the diversification it received leads to more security.” Also the fact that mutual funds are tangible assets is the fear of investors against inflation contrary to and leads in the current Mood to the increased demand. As a result, the number of shareholders and stock fund investors almost to the level before the financial crisis is 2007 and this is the proof that investor confidence is growing again. The range of products has been adapted to the wishes of the customer. We as a provider of age pension concepts already had the topic of security in the focus before the Lehman collapse and introduced in August 2008 in some of our investment strategies the dynamic capital and profit assurance”so Andreas Wurscher.

The profit safeguard of the ATLANTICLUX ensures the customer the historically achieved peak of the investment strategy as the redemption price per share purchased at the end of the contract term. The rates after the introduction of profit safeguard 2008 fell in the last quarter, had the effect that our customers had only a cheaper purchase price per share the redemption price was backed up! “, adds Wurscher. That led to the part, that E.g. the current purchase price in an investment strategy in July 2012 at 76,73 lay, the secured peaking at 110. A lush growth of 43,36%!” For more information,


FOR THE FIRST TIME IN REPUBLIC DOMINICAN COMMEMORATE WORLD DAY OF ROAD ACCIDENT VICTIMS ON NOVEMBER 15. The Organization of the UN United Nations, in the plenary General Assembly of 2005, 38 th Meeting (AM) designates the day of remembrance of the victims by traffic accidents terrestrial and their relatives, establishing The third Sunday of November would be the annual day of remembrance for victims of road traffic accidents and their families, the Assembly decided this morning by adopting a resolution, without a vote, on improving global road safety. the third Sunday of November for the annual commemoration. Since 2006 is comes commemorating the day established as the world day of the victims by traffic accidents, with vigils, marches and other activities in Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Spain, England and other countries of the world, usually promoted by various Civil society organizations. For the first time in the Dominican Republic, is it commemorated the world day of the victims by traffic accidents consisting of a walk through life named first Dominican route for road safety. At the end of this trajectory is released what is called: Primer manifest on the day of the victims of traffic in the Dominican Republic, with the support of various social organizations and the private sector.

Then the first manifesto of day of the victims of the transit. Road safety network and the National Association of victims of claims vials on November 15, 2009 motorcycle first manifesto of the day of the victims of traffic in the Dominican Republic together with other countries in the world, today we remember, once again, to our children, parents, relatives and friends who lost their lives or were badly injured in traffic accidents. NOW is time to meet and help to the victims and their families as they deserve and place them in the center of the policies for road safety. Because still have not managed to raise awareness fully to all the institutions and companies involved nor mobilize society in general. The network of road safety and the National Association of victims of claims vials in motorcycle positively value the approval by Congress of the reform of the law of transit 241, that taking into account that part of income for the levying of fines are intended inter alia to improve the care and information to victims and their familiesguidance on resources and services that institutions put at your disposal with the creation of the offices of care to the victims vials, which primarily include a professional orientation service legal and psychological, with full participation of insurers.

We demand: the implementation of more effective protocols and train officials of the authority to perform this function; prioritize rapid health care; the creation of an INTERMINISTERIAL body that coordinates of effectively all institutions involved in road safety; and finally, we are asking a more agile justice, with more means at its disposal to eradicate impunity and influence trafficking. We call upon the Executive power: to) to recognize the third Sunday in November, as he established it in 60/5 Assembly of the United Nations in 2005 as the world day of the victims of the traffic, being here: the day national for the victims of violence road, using suitable mechanisms within its competence. (b) to implement a national, strategic and comprehensive Plan of road safety to reduce mortality in sinister vials per 100,000 population. @N08/sets/72157622687536217/show/with/4107076417 original author and source of the article.