Month: <span>January 2014</span>

To make the reform of an old floor should know very well the steps which must be give and give priority to some regard tasks to others. All this will be key to reforms carried out smoothly and on schedule. Undertake the works and reforms of an old floor carries very well analyze his status, taking into account if the floor is humidity, cracks or any other important defects. The first thing is to be advised by a technician qualified in this field. Comprehensive reform of an old floor can take between two months and a half and three months of average, therefore the Organization of the different trades involved in reform is essential and it is advisable to contract with a company of reforms that will take care of everything. When we have ideas very clear of what we do on our floor, you have to ask as at least three budgets at different companies to compare.

Budgets always must be in writing and have defined all paragraphs as materials, grades, etc. Once we decide by a reform budget, we can negotiate with the Enterprise of reforms the inclusion of a penalty clause in case that reform is not delivered within the stipulated time limit. Reforms in an old floor are three well-defined phases: the first is the demolition, in which is included the demolition of all the constructive elements that won’t stay once renovated floor, taking into account its rear shovel. Secondly we have the installation which provides for new installations of heating, plumbing, electricity, etc. Also included here are welding or brazing as new partitions was, straightening of walls, etc. Finally, in third place is the finishing phase.

At this stage you look at carpentry, painting, etc. In an old floor, it is usually convenient to change all kinds of pipes and drainpipes because in addition to be made with materials that already are not currently employed in their manufacture, with the passage of time have suffered significant wear and may be a focus of post-reform faults. A period of good to begin the reforms in general tends to be spring or summer, since the temperature of these stations help the drying of the materials used in our reforms. If we choose the summer to carry out the reform should take into account that it is a holiday period in many companies and therefore the works we perform can be delayed.

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To achieve the life you desire you must defeat all the distractors that hinder it, you may notice it with the simple task of making exercise, it is easy and most people know it, even you can do it at home, but are why many people not kept doing? Because there are many more attractive things for the mind and that is where it is fairly easy to give in to the temptation to divert us from what we want. The surround effect or swirl it must be gradually induced in the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar you will learn how to pigeonhole his mind in the right direction of their goals, will find what are the determining factors to find a super motivation that drives it to continue under any circumstances, that way it will be compelled to succeed, as did hundreds of thousands of men and women who have chosen a life full of satisfactions. Success is governed by a mental conditioning, is equivalent to climb on a mechanical game that already was launched, much fear you feel finally have that bear it and wait to finish the game, the same way life changes involve supporting the fear of our subconscious minds to a new idea, with an absolute determination you will overcome and defeat all those fears and then waiting for you a fabulous reward. Its mission is to seek and find their own happiness, there are no external constraints, all can achieve it, if you really want it and are willing to overcome their own fears.

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Once overcome the largest of all battle: the face yourself and change, where already you sacudiste to your old version and you go into the unknown, you have left the challenge of facing all those who they have on the side. Change not only is an issue of one, but of those around us. The family, company, organization, culture; fiber of interpersonal relations that already got used to interact with you in a specific way, are that you can slow down. Nietzsche warns us: the person has the challenge of developing the unquenchable force of generation and creativity within itself, at the same time that depends on the need of obtaining something powerful outside itself. We live jammed between having a life without precedent (of generation) or a life with precedent (the shortage); between being the exception, or the rule; to be original, or to be copies. I believe that the Simpsons would have liked to Nietzsche. In an episode discovered why Homer was such an idiot: had a crayola inserted into the brain.

From child, this object blocked you their intellectual capacity which became the awkward we all know. Doctors decided to remove it and a miracle occurred: Homer became smart. Your IQ went up from 55 to 105 points, almost double. Lisa, the child prodigy, amazed with its new parent. Now, finally, explained why she was so bright if you had relatives morons. Between intelligent acts of the new Homer was to write a report on the fragile safety of the nuclear power plant in which worked and what you get, without wanting to, it is the dismissal of all workers and the closure of the company. On the other hand, the friends of Homer, initially excited with having a smart friend, begin it to reject. Already it was not well in the group, he became a stranger with an air of intelligence that apestaba in Moe’s Cantina.

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