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10 Worms more Internet hazardous let’s make a brief overview of these small animals that sometimes have gotten into our computers and we have been attacked without any consideration. The first computer Internet worm that drew the attention of security and media firms was born on November 2, 1988 and was baptized as Morris (by the name of its creator, Robert Tappan Morris). Such was its damaging power, which had the ability to put computers slow to the point of leaving them unusable. However, developments that have had the worms in his more than 20 years of existence is increasingly effective in the network. Today they are one of the families of malware that is transmitted with greater force on the Internet, and last year, for example, Taterf and Frethog were two families of malicious software that most were detected by its ability to intercept passwords from popular online video games and transmit them to the attackers. On this basis, Microsoft shared a list of the most dangerous worms currently circulating on the Internet and which can give headaches to more than one user: 1.Conflicker: is one of the threats which, according to some security firms, will give what to talk about with greater intensity in the coming months.

This worm devours personal information of users, seeks to attack those who are most vulnerable in terms of security on the network and delivery keys of the mails to identity spoofing accomplices. 2.Taterf: among the main characteristics of this worm is its capacity of harassment users, especially when conducting electronic transactions. In addition, it has the power to intercept passwords for easy deduction. For example, when a user uses your computer to access the Internet and perform banking transactions, currently the software captures and sends the information to the offender while the victim realizes. It is important for customers to perform their financial transactions from computers that have up-to-date protection measures such as antivirus, antispyware, personal firewall and security patches, to avoid malicious who finish capturing your users installing software and keys.

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The institution speaks of " rigidities arraigadas" in the Spanish system. Also criticism the fiscal situation of the independent communities. The organism requests major decentralization of the collective negotiations. The International Monetary Fund (the IMF) emphasized east Friday the gradual recovery of the Spanish economy, but it indicated that it is not sufficient to reduce " inaceptable" rate of unemployment of 21%, and noticed that " half of governments regionales" it does not reach the fiscal objectives. " We see two preoccupations: optimistic the macroeconomic projections can be something and the regions are not fulfilling the fiscal objectives " , it indicated James Daniel, j of the mission from the Bottom to Spain, in his report of the scheduled inspection of the Spanish economy. The IMF maintained its forecasts of growth for Spain in 2011 in a 0.8% of Gross Inner Product and 1.6% in 2012, against the prognoses of Madrid of 1.3% and 2.3%, respectively. The Bottom emphasized that the answer of the policy macroeconomic of the Spanish authorities before the crisis " he has been strong and of ample alcance" , although it added that it is not sufficient and it insisted to " to continue and to deepen these reformas". The fiscal consolidation of Spain has been " ambiciosa" , according to the new report of the IMF, according to which the deficit of the central government will be placed in 6% of the GIP for the end of year, reason why " still it is camino" in order to reach the goal of fiscal balance after 2014.

" We need that all the levels of government put of their part in the massive challenge of consolidation that faces Espaa" , Daniel in rrencia said to the autonomic governments. The international organism described unemployment like " true problema" of the Spanish economy due to " rigidities arraigadas" in the labor market. " More descentralizacin" In this sense, the recommendations of the Bottom are " a greater decentralization of the negotiations colectivas" , that is stopped tying the wages with the inflation and " a smaller compensation by desempleo". In the positive part, the IMF observed " a better behavior of the hoped thing of exportaciones" and it emphasized " reform global" of the financial system, especially of the savings banks. " Much progress has been realised in the banking sector, which is positive, but the perspective are complicated due to the economic situation of pas" , Daniel added. Also, he valued that the banking sector " he has increased his volume of capital, has recognized the great losses and the shown transparency to reveal the exhibition to real estate assets problemticos". In the negative front, the Bottom emphasized that the real estate sector and of the construction " it will the future continue being a headwind for the Spanish economy in prximo". In addition, it indicated that the inflation has rounded up months in the last, impelled by the prices of the energy and the indirect taxes, and is again over the European average. Source of the news: The IMF says that " recovery of the Spanish economy is not sufficient to lower paro"

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Accounting for heat. Practice shows that consumers consider the installation of heat metering means by which save energy, but this is incorrect. So what requires metering? When organizing for heat pursued a series of goals and solve some practical problems, the most important and obvious of which are 1: 1. ensuring accurate and fair order of settlements between the consumers of heat and electric power supply organization for by accurately measuring the heat consumption of real parameters (for the main consumers of energy stimulant implementation of accounting is just the item that allows financial transactions to supplier only really used the resources of their actual quality) 2. provision of the equipment of heating systems and heat consumption and early detection and removal of its troubleshooting by providing the consumer and the supplier of thermal energy operational and statistical information about modes of these systems, 3. stimulate the consumer and energy supplier for the energy conservation measures and introduction of technologies of energy saving. In other words we can say that the inclusion leads to proper operation of heating equipment and the use of heat and coolant, as the supplier and the consumer, encouraging as that and the other for the energy saving measures and the introduction of energy efficient equipment and technologies.

Heat-meters (the heat). The major heat energy metering devices are heat meters. Heat meter – a set of instruments that take into account the consumed thermal energy and heat transfer in systems of water and steam heating, as well as their parameters.

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In his book the secret of the power of goals, Andrew Corentt, writes that a person is what is said if it continuously. This monologue inner, continuous saying Corentt, is what determines that a person is rich and happy or otherwise. All people know that if someone is said to if same, that you can do something, then you can do it. Henry Ford said, so if you think you can, as if you think you can’t, you’re right. This monologue inside is the tool that the subconscious mind uses to create our reality.

Two people in a same room are different things. Two people in a company are the same situation very differently. I remember something that once I read or hear, somewhere. A company sent two executives to an area of a country where there were many people. When the Chief Executive returned, with his face full of disappointment, said: I regret to say that the trip was a failure, this nation is so little civilized all walk barefoot. Nobody uses shoes. The only thing that is seen by all sides is poop sheep.

There is no chance of doing business. When the second executive arrived, full of emotion, he said, this country is a gold mine, there are incredible opportunities. The premises have a lot of sheep and we can sell wool and other derivatives. It is best that we can exchange their wool by our shoes, because all walk barefoot and our products are perfect for them. That opportunity we have here! The same situation was seen and interpreted according to the monologue inside these people. The monologue inside a person said: everything is full of obstacles. The monologue inside the other person said: the world is full of opportunities. Now, in his book, the secret of the power of goals, Corentt explains, that the inner monologo not only determines our optimism or pessimism.

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By choosing a transport company should really come up very seriously and thoughtfully. Indeed, faced with unscrupulous companies can not only disrupt the deal, but completely lose the load. It should therefore be acquainted with the activities of the company (preferably, to learn this from independent sources), to check the license, as well as draw attention to the fleet and vehicle requirements, as well as the range of services, and most importantly – to experience. It is desirable to obtain information about delivery times and costs from several companies that were, to compare with. And if the price is too low or are unrealistic deadlines order of service should be abandoned, that, in the pursuit of profit, not to be at a loss. Serious companies provide a full range of services – from design documents to the storage of goods in the warehouse.

The cost generally corresponds to the quality, but that should not be to save, because we all know, where is a free lunch. So too tempting offers better brush away immediately, because no one will operate at a loss – in the world are not so many altruists, and among them are rarely there are millionaires. Of what value is composed shipping? It affects several factors. This form of transport, and the path length and the selected route, and the cargo itself. But first things first. The most expensive method of delivery cargo – air. But it's the fastest option – the whole trip takes no more than a day. At short distances carrying loads better car, but if the path is long enough, it becomes unprofitable.

The cheapest way to – marine or rail transportation, but time consuming. If you have to cross the border to go at a pace that exceeds the officially permitted, or in some other way to break the rules (For example, to deliver the goods in the city center where prohibited passage of large machines), then it will cost more. If the cargo itself specific (oversized, dangerous, delicate), then it must also be paid accordingly. If the weight exceed the maximum allowable rate, then there are special allowances. Shipping not to become a real problem, to prevent any unpleasant surprises, you should not only familiarize themselves with all rules and prices, but also, as appropriate, to issue all of the documentation for the goods, and with the company that provides services for cargo delivery, to conclude the treaty, which will be all spelled out – to the smallest detail to the field completion of the transaction are satisfied.

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