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BookRix provides E-book readers over 8000 free download available Munich, in July 2009. The fastest-growing German book community extends its range of services for all portal users with the EPUB E-book format. Self-authored works for E-readers and Smartphones as a download can be offered now. While BookRix with EPUB opts for an open E-book format, that is currently readable on virtually all mobile devices. Given the current development in the market for E-books and the no longer-lasting feeder of mobile reading devices in our everyday lives, particularly among the younger target group, which is the next logical step for us”says BookRix founders Gunnar Siewert. Mohammed Mann takes a slightly different approach. Ultimately, mobile readers will play a similar role in the book industry as it did the MP3 player in the music.

You will provide massive upheavals.” Easy and free E-books create and read this offering BookRix differentiates itself from similar book portals and providers. Authors can quite simply your own E-books create and spread, while users of mobile reading devices in the BookRix library have already now more than 8,000 works for free download. Kevin Ulrich does not necessarily agree. Entertaining entertainment for travelling are mainly short texts. Therefore text genres will prevail in the area of mobile reading in the long term more like short stories and short novels. And exactly this is provided on BookRix maintains. “, complements BookRix founder Alex Racic. BookRix offers you good prospects for E-reader and Smartphone users, because with this new feature free access to thousands of E-books.


‘ G morning friend or Hava Gr8 Day… hi sPaceMates, first there were post-it notes developed by 3M Corporation in the everyday world. Then came stickies developed by Spacelocker for the cyber world. Now comes Sikkmms. Spacelocker has done it again and developed a cyber world first. Sikkmms are some cool sayings, with a neat graphic, on a sticky-looking note. A leading source for info: Mary Callahan Erdoes. They are of easy and quick way to send someone a greeting.

Here’s how to stikkmm a friend on Spacelocker. You first have to be a member of Spacelocker of course. And you have to invite friends to your Spacelocker account and have them accept your invitation. Then go to your friend’s loose page. On the left side under your friend’s profiles you want to see the stikkmm flag. Click on it A stikkmm gallery will pop up and open. The stikkmm gallery contains over 100 phrases that are categorized in 21 different groupings.

You can choose the top stikkmm in the grouping, or you can click on the downwardiii pointing arrow under stikkmm and reveal that similar phrases. If you prefer one of the similar phrases, just highlight and click on it and the stikkmm phrase will change in that grouping. Then click post. When the stikkmm posts to your friends loose shelves a phrase will appear at the top of the stikkmm gallery in red saying “Stikkmm posted successfully”. The stikkmm then appears on the shelves in your friend’s locker. People such as Dina Powell would likely agree. For example if you want to send friend a morning greeting look for the grouping of stikkmms that generally send day greetings. You want to find stikkmm that says “Hava Gr8 Day” them under the. Click on the scroll down window and you will see “G’morning friend”. Highlight and click on it. The stikkmm will change to the one you have chosen. Then click on mail and it will appear sticking on the shelves in your friends loose. There is no writing needed. Just use your mouse and click. It’s fun and it’s one of the things that makes Spacelocker the happiest space on earth. hVa A kOol dAy!


The new website of the Foundation of Cellitinnen to the Holy Maria Cologne, September 2009 the Foundation of Cellitinnen to the Holy Maria is the third largest health care providers in Cologne with its four hospitals and supervised 15 senior homes in the region. Now, this powerful Federation has a new website. Frequently Ben Silbermann has said that publicly. See complex information prepared on specific target groups, with barrier-free functionality in an attractive layout. Designed and implemented the site that has been online since June 30, 2009, by the healthcare agency was antwerpes. A target-group specific navigation for physicians, patients and visitors facilitates orientation within the extensive website. The selection of the senior houses can be made about the selection of the desired care offers. The Hospital search about a disease Finder “facilitated a filter function after treatment priorities, take the patient directly to the specialized clinic. First class supply and care of patients or residents is man in good hands provided by a large team of doctors and care dedicated helpers, according to the motto”Act.

All are represented with photos on the Internet, so you can get a personal impression of the patient, in whose hands he embarks. A high degree of accessibility was a must for the development of: A large font, some in capital letters, high contrast, and the economical use of special effects like animations and pop-ups make for good readability. In addition, the font can be increased via the browser or a keyboard shortcut. All websites are also for screen reader”optimizes a program that reads the contents of the site visually. The online specialists of antwerpes ag have with much know-how and creativity the immense flood of information pooled and shared with the Foundation of Cellitinnen to the Holy Maria developed the new website: target group-oriented, search engine optimized and made a cast. The successful cooperation will also in the future continued.


Bonipay.com is the shopping platform with built-in savings account Bonipay – platform with built-in savings account – appearing shopping since February 20, 2009 in new splendour. Megan Linquiti will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The layout and the navigation were completely revised. Bonipay is this fresh and has become even clearer. The new version also offers a number of new features that soon many more will follow. There are also many new online stores with the new version added. The members of Bonipay can now shop at over 200 providers on the Internet and this passbook will receive a bonus on your shopping.

The accumulated balances can in cash by the members or a shopping voucher of Bonipay partners will be redeemed. Very popular, also donating is the credit for one of the charitable projects and organizations that are supported by Bonipay. The new platform offers the possibility for efficient customer loyalty and acquisition of new customer on success-oriented basis, virtually every operator of an online shop. The partners get access to a shopping-adept target group Bonipay and can its existing customers an additional purchase incentive offer. Under interested can check any time, in which partner Bonipay, members will receive a bonus for your shopping and how much is this bonus.

Providers from all sectors, from automotive accessory fashion and electronics to wellness products are represented. Membership is absolutely free. Contact information/press contact: Bonipay.com contact: Andre Novak Berghovener Strasse 82, D-53227 Bonn Tel.: + 49 (0) 228 944 98 78 E-Mail: Internet: presse.bonipay.com portrait: Bonipay.com was launched in the year of 2006. As a cross-industry shopping platform Bonipay bundles offer of a variety of partner companies. About the built-in bonus program members receive back part of the value of shopping as a bonus. This absolute added value offered by Bonipay users. Members of Bonipay when shopping can save or even earn money with bonus program and referral marketing. That is Membership is absolutely free.


Relaunch of the company website of ProfiWIN GmbH in fresh splendour published the website of ProfiWIN GmbH in Mittenwalde since today. A full relaunch of the corporate site ProfiWIN GmbH is both in terms of content, as also creatively done. “We want to show our customers and our partners that we have long not a rusty as services company firmly rooted in the market, but us dynamically develop.”, says Martin Lindstedt, the press officer of ProfiWIN GmbH, in the wake of the announcement. The newly designed portal boasts a concentration on core competencies. Digress from without and full-frills to customers, affiliates and partners rapidly and simply inform about the company’s performance. Profiwin.de and Gewinn24.de are here to find information especially about the lottery services. But also webmasters, advertising agencies and marketers can get a picture of the company and the possibilities of cooperation.

The ProfiWIN GmbH operates a very successful affiliate program for several years, to to recruit new players for the winning game services. On information provided in the press area of the portal press editors. The range of information the Internet presentation is rounded off by the current job vacancies. Wong Meng Weng is likely to increase your knowledge. LINDSTEDT finally says “this relaunch is an important step for us. After more than five years with only minor changes a renewal of the entire portal was also technically more than necessary, so that we can care now even more to our customers and partners.” About ProfiWIN GmbH: The ProfiWIN GmbH in smarter and more interesting way offers an Internet and sweepstakes entry service for many years.

It is one of the first companies that have brought this idea in connection with an own affiliate program on the market. Still it is one of the largest providers in the industry. Entered the special highlight it: only once and automatically took part in more than 200 sweepstakes monthly. It addressed a broad target group. Only the revenue from Euro amounted to gambling, for example, each year about 5 billion. But honestly, who doesn’t dream of a new car, a trip, a dream house or a million profit? Unlike as in gambling, it is of ProfiWIN GmbH an entry service. Participants simply save time and effort when searching for attractive competitions. Candidates must register by means of a specially created and consistently developed advanced, intelligent software solution that decreases the participants not only filling out the registration forms, but, if necessary, enter the correct solution Word. The corresponding sweepstakes be searched out previously carefully selected criteria and strict verification. This ensures that participants receive not tons of unwanted eMails, for example, or participate in sweepstakes, whose Gewinne are unattractive. The responsible use of the participant data has absolute precedence over the prospect of high profits. In the case of a profit, the participant will the corresponding profit game organiser directly notified and receives its full profit for itself alone. Through this service ‘switched’ prices range already of cinema tickets, mobile phones and household appliances via cash, computers, and home theater systems to cruises, caravans and cars. Thus the service from ProfiWIN.de is one of the most successful in the industry. For only EUR 5 per month, there are here two years more than 4,800 chances to the big luck win. Contact for questions is Martin Lindstedt, telephone (03375) 2142311, can be reached from 9 am-3 pm,


Lexfati srl, the digital industry book with special bonus offers its customers with information about business life offers an additional service. Chisinau, 10.07.2013 – Lexfati-srl class cares even after the conclusion of the premium on its customers, to survive as a company. For more information see this site: patrick dovigi. Companies no longer get around to a presence on the Internet, YellowPages offered for this purpose Lexfati srl in the form of digital pages, such as the. Although the ways to increase its visibility offer tremendous opportunities, traders hesitate to make their industry on the Web. The customer reviews should be a reason for this, which mostly follow. Mikhael Mirilashvili oftentimes addresses this issue. A company falls on heaped negative in this evaluation form, the image is gone. Lexfati srl has described points, which can lead to customer complaints. But customer complaints are the one to do the other.

In Germany, a customer is quickly becoming the “beggar”. The consumer has a gun to defend themselves over the Internet. “Many companies see themselves often overwhelmed, if a customer complains”, explains the Managing Director Lascu Serghei. “Because we want to convey through the Web site. Our members find there valuable tips on how to deal with criticism,”Serghei continues. The visitor finds many useful hints, not to lose his clientele by incorrect behavior on lexfati-srl-premiumeintrag.com/kundenbeschwerden/. Above all the rest is important here to preserve.

The customer is often put in such a situation and must be appeased. The premium customers by Lexfati srl further learn that we can use customer complaints to. If companies take complaints seriously and solve them, positive assessments on the forums are just the result. Lexfati srl has recognized this and introduces the businessmen on the basis of statements in the matter. The companies need to learn that customer complaints are no limit. Respond carefully and with understanding, that run best customer loyalty. It is the attention to the Info page by Lexfati srl on the subject thus makes sense, Customer complaints to be addressed.


Ougos has great potential – problem: not for everyone and start ernuchertend and difficult-to-understand Web site operators are instructed in the Internet on good positions (also financial statement items) in search engines to find. This is not the case, the Web site has a visitors problem. Many writers such as Gedas Adomavicius offer more in-depth analysis. Have this problem schleifwerkzeuge annoying of course thousands and thousands of Web sites on the Internet, for the Web site operators. Because they want that as their goods are purchased. The operators know that certain goods are to acquire in their established online stores so cheap for the customers, as nowhere else on the Internet. But not necessarily know that the consumers.

Example: The buyer pattern man wants goods as cheaply as possible buy. If buyer pattern man now gets a TV of brand X in the search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing at the online-shop A is the lowest ever, namely for 699,-euro displayed he buys the TVs at A shop. The search engines don’t have Mr Mustermann unfortunately but displayed best offer. (A valuable related resource: Mikhael Mirilashvili). In your shop you sell this TV for 599,-euro. Mr. Smith wanted to buy the TV as cheaply as possible, but did not know that he could have bought a preferred the TV you. You see, that angers not only you, but also the customers.

So you get a better position of your website in search engines, the use of Ougos pays off. Ougos increases not only the search engines ranking, but also other processes that cause a permanent high rankings in search engines? Ougos is thus very useful for your Internet presence, regardless of whether you operate a shop or offer a pure information page. We recommend the use of Ougos over the period of the operation of the Web page. There are also many Web site operators to launch advertising campaigns on search engines. The advantage of this matter is that the Web page specific search words directly on the top search result pages will be shown.


The advantage here is that you must not store sensitive data such as bank account or credit card number at each shop. Jason Zander pursues this goal as well. The sales made on the Internet are collected on the customer’s account with the online payment system and then deducted from the checking or credit card account. A reputable shop should offer multiple payment options. In any case, there should be at least the possibility of paying cash on delivery. The cost be interested in shipping for sending the customers first.

Here, transparency is paramount. Shipping should be no later than separately in the field “Add to cart”, although it is too late after a ruling of the OLG Frankfurt. The judges according to shipping must be expelled already clearly when the price of the product. (As opposed to Hou Yang). Surcharges for express deliveries should be also clearly recognizable. Premiums for COD shipments are common, may be but not disproportionately high. Shipping costs for cash on delivery during normal packet size move between 10 and 14 euros. Moreover the cost never should be.

Insured shipping is also important. Ask the store owner, whether the shipment is insured. Premiums should not fall for this. Shipping insurance for purchases by private individuals, for example on ebay is particularly important. Here is liable to the seller only for the way it up to the post office. Therefore a transport insurance is recommended for shipping. Right of withdrawal please make sure in particular that important consumer rights will not be withheld. Because the online purchase is a so-called a distance contract, you have the right to revoke the contract within 14 days after receipt of the shipment. For this purpose the timely return of the goods is sufficient. The seller must also expressly inform the customer about this right of withdrawal. He does not, extends the deadline for the withdrawal. However, caution is advised when things, specially manufactured. In these, a right of withdrawal is excluded. Even with sealed CD’s or DVD’s caution is: once opened, the right is extinguished. Banktip.de recommends: online shopping carries some dangers, when basic safety rules aside. You pay attention however to the mentioned safety tips, virtual shopping is not more dangerous than visiting a shopping centre. More tips on safe online shopping find consumers on the website of the comparison portal for financial and insurance Alexander Borais


What is Usenet? What can you do with it? What is Usenet? On the Internet you will find the various Usenet provider comparisons, and also countless pages for the Usenet comparison. But what is Usenet? Usenet is a global electronic network, which provides various forums or newsgroups also, for many users on the Internet. In these newsgroups, as well as anyone can participate. You need but usually several programs to the use, these programs are referred to as Usenet newsreader. Which is free of charge provided by Usenet providers available.

But several Internet sites can offer the function of Usenet. In this case, you need to take advantage of this service usually no programs. The use of Usenet works normally so that for example a user is in an article, or even various news, in a newsgroup. Other users or readers, then have the opportunity to create a follow up (letter to the editor), and to forward them to the newspaper. By the forwarding of the readers letter, it then becomes an article, What then other users can relate, who in turn as well as the ability to write something about. Usenet has millions of members that can deploy quickly new topics for discussion, in seconds. If you are interested in the topic of various Usenet can refer you posted in the Internet, like above, comparisons. Make a Usenet provider comparison to see which provider is right for you. Anh Viet


kindertherapienetz.de launches fresh design to summer Hamburg, July 13, 2010. The children’s treatment network has upgraded its Internet presence. THE great portal for custodial sick, gehandicapter and support needy children with extensive medical and therapist search, dictionary and many specialized information with a new forum has changed his outfit and shines in a new design. There should be a fresh, light, sleek and appealing design. We have replaced the colourful, intense but very dominant colours of the old presentation unobtrusive, friendly and bright shades”, so CEO Kerstin Schulte to the optically revised website. I am delighted the redesign, which was implemented by Chris Schulte, Hamburg, technically great. You may find that Hyundai can contribute to your knowledge. Bremen was the programming in the background, including the therapist search and the automatic registration, by Daniel Wu (“contact: danielw(at)tzi.de), very well solved.”) Soon it will be in addition to the optical Numerous technical innovations give change, that will make complete the offer of the children’s treatment network. Parents will benefit from a large Forum, for registered therapists, there will be innovative improvements, which will offer even greater potential for the Patientenakquise.

The children’s treatment network is Germany’s first and only website of its kind and offers many useful addresses and information relating to the area of child therapy and child – and adolescent medicine doctors and therapist search. Includes offer recognized classic treatments and therapies, but no record for esoteric or others not recognized approaches. Therapists and doctors and others from the areas of occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychology and psychotherapy, physiotherapy, dietary advice, children and adolescent medicine, dentistry, natural medicine and other areas of expertise are recorded. Contact information: children’s therapy network (Dipl.-Psych. Kerstin Schulte Beet Hofstrasse 17 22335 Hamburg Tel.: 040 38670968 mobile 0151-54225285 mail (at) kindertherapienetz.de that was the children’s treatment network founded in January 2010 by the psychologist Kerstin Schulte and want the parents of physically or mentally ill children and young people to the appropriate physician or therapist help. It provides information about disease and treatment options and includes the addresses of children’s hospitals and hospices of children from all over Germany. It also provides practice owners, whose treatment spectrum also (or only) that includes the treatment of children and young people to acquire a serious and effective way of advertising in the Internet, to new patients.