Month: <span>May 2014</span>

The Dollar fell against Euro yesterday and the dollar saw mixed results. However, the remarkable thing was the fall against the euro. Several important factors influenced the American currency. On Thursday, various events were not published, however, ended Unemployment Claims beating expectations and that is why the dollar suffered some downward pressure. This phenomenon was that the dollar ceded ground to the euro during most of the day. Furthermore, the ECB reduced the benchmark interest rates by 25 basis points taking them to 1%, which could increase confidence in the European region.

But it is remarkable that so strongly affect the dollar trade was the result of the Stress Test, in simpler words, the Obama administration audit conducted for the U.S. financial sector. It was reported that a total of 10 of the 19 audited banks should increase their capital by $ 75 billion dollars. The announcement made with the intent to appease the water and the nervousness of some investors, caused a stir. However, several analysts estimated recapitalization figures much higher, and that is why the dollar late advance.

Yesterday, the dollar lost 75 pips against the euro, closing at 1.3362. However, the U.S. dollar against the yen recorded significant gains, advancing about 80 pips and reaching 99.20. Against the pound, the dollar gained 120 pips to close at 1.4996, while the stock market advanced English. This was because England kept rates unchanged at 0.5% interest. The question that remains is whether the U.S. currency will continue to advance against the pound during the day.

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Meet the best from 13 to 16 May 2010 in Bayreuth with more than 2,300 students, the Federal Association of German student consultancies (BDSU) is one of the largest and arguably most active student initiatives of in Germany. Keep it that way, consultants from all over Germany meet four times a year to 400 of the most talented student, the Association continued to support and to bring forward. In summer 2010 the junior will pick the platform meeting of the BDSU consulting Bayreuth as host after Upper Franconia. Over a period of four days are here at the former workplace of Richard Wagners and Jean Pauls developed new strategies, exchanged knowledge and contacts. Just this network character is who makes every BDSU Congress for the participants, as well as for the companies involved. Through their work within the respective student discussions, you can students ongoing contact in practice.

Thus, companies such as students, many are also on the platform meeting for both sides, Opportunities with each other to communicate. In interesting workshops, companies can directly interact with participants while our business contact trade fair be specific questions regarding company or career prospects. J.P. Morgan will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The German academic financial, Deutsche Telekom AG (Center for strategic projects), Gleiss Lutz, the HHL, are currently in particular, the Congress Prof. Homburg & partner, IBM, J & M MBtech consulting, management consulting, MLP, the P3 engineering company, Sanders, the Steinbeis University Berlin, tree partner, the Theron management advisors AG, Thyssen Krupp, Veitinger partners and Volkswagen consulting promote management and support. The agenda promises four days of exciting and productive where particularly important steps for the Association are made. The BDSU Congress 2010 starts in Bayreuth on Thursday, May 13 with a first detailed round of plenary session. Pressing issues and problems are discussed and thus active Union work.

The evening will be in a relaxed atmosphere and slowly sound out with good music. The second day of the Congress will again be used to advise in large round about the future of the BDSU. “The evening invites the participants to an interesting panel discussion on which in particular the topic of financial crisis” should be further worked on and discussed. The Saturday is dominated by the participating companies. After initially different topics are handled in a variety of workshops, the following career fair aims at promoting the possibility of mutual contact. On the last day, specific Association projects be pursued first in several smaller working groups, then select the Board for new BDSU year. We ourselves already now forward to welcome over 300 participants in the coming may. Welcome to Bayreuth!” For all information, also see contact: Jens Furrier responsible for marketing and PR junior consulting Bayreuth E.v. student Consultancy 30 95440 Bayreuth University Road phone: + 49 921 552197 fax: + 49 921 552196

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