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Retailers. If its company tributary operates in the regimen Real Profit, many is the organizacionais responsibilities to be followed. Of the internal errors that more happen in the fiscal management of these companies who operate in the Real Profit can detach seven that directly they raise the tributes inside of this regimen: 1? Not the accompaniment of the forecasts of collect of the PIS; 2? Not the accompaniment of the forecasts of collect of the COFINS; 3? Not the accompaniment of the forecasts of collect of the ICMS; 4? Not the accompaniment of the forecasts of collect of the ISLL; 5? Not the accompaniment of the forecasts of collect of GOING; 6? The disable of the operational system in the generation of fiscal reports that guide the operations of purchase and sales of commercialized merchandises; 7? The lack of a FISCAL PLANNING. If to verify the companies who longed for to minimize its tributes operating in this regimen, then we perceive that this joined number is jammed by the companies who are maximizing its tributes. The lack of a good organization still it is constancy in the reality of the commerce. An organization based on the necessities of a fiscal agreement tributary.

In great amount they are the contributors who contribute, but do not know what they contribute, because they contribute and so that they contribute. Exactly with so great disparity in that it is one of the countries with bigger world-wide tax burden, to search to understand and to learn the existing fiscal functioning of regimes he is something that can become in a competitive distinguishing fort. They think About this.

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Times behind circulated for there, undersigned and many e.mails. It was a movement pro-citizenship, with the objective to create a law that allowed in them to come back to believe in the eligibility principles, as criterion for the democracy. Result: the law left, but he was troncha, it limps, malandra as many other casusticas laws that if produced in this country of make of account. We, the people who paid tax and vote, do not understand of law, are only victims of them. What we, the Brazilian people, desired was not very. It was only that some small things were forbidden that we, the people, true owners it to be able, consider important.

We wanted a law that if based on our values. But our values are different of the values of that they make the laws. We believe what the legislators and the ones that make to fulfill the law already do not know more what he is. Still we believe honesty; we believe solidarity; we want to continue to believe in justice even so the laws do not allow in them. We want to keep the confidence in the institutions, but each day that passes we discover new reasons stops disappointing in them; the cases are not few where we attend the created institutions to assure our welfare, to be turned against us: we invent public security and this in the ones of the fear; we invent public health and this in the bush; we create public education and this turned a nest rats E, to get worse, the law has in the attacked as much that already we doubt its value and of its utility it stops defending in them. In the same way that we doubt the institutions that produce and fiscalize the fulfilment of the laws. Mainly because we only see benesses of the law being enjoyed by the outlaws.

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As Rotondaro (1997) the quality is necessary to face the challenges of the following years, to insert us in the diverse economic blocks, to take care of the requirements of the code of defense of the consumer, to increase the productivity and competitiveness of the services, and to satisfy the necessities and expectations of all the involved ones in the process (customers, suppliers, employees, community, government, environment etc.). Currently, already more quality only with unilateral fiscalization, controls, attitudes is not gotten among others. Still for the author above the quality in general is gotten mobilizing the people to always organize and to correspond to the necessities and the expectations of the customers and other involved in the process, looking for ' ' in superarmos' '. It is in the search of the fulfilment of established goals, that public organizations have implanted Systems of the Quality, since only laws, decrees and regulations do not guarantee that the requirements of the society are satisfied in consistent way. According to Rotondaro (1997) in the past, all the manufactured products were vendidos and it did not have concern with the offered services.

Currently, the things are moving. The four challenges (customers, competition, technology and legislation) are forcing the companies if to adaptarem. Nowadays, the companies have of being more sensible and operating, offering to better products and services and to continue if improving. The GQT increases the satisfaction of the customer, resulted of the improvement in the quality, and if it obtains this for the motivation of the employees and improving the way as the company operates. Although the changes, are many the organizations that still live accomodated. Some until relutam in moving, demonstrating, with this, a true incompetence on the part of the same ones. Still in Fields (2006) to improve products and services, it is necessary to satisfy the four requirements essential: to reduce the defects, to improve the productivity, to improve the attendance to the consumer and to innovate.

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Prominence also in this new was for the participation of the external capital as majority, as much in the base of the productive chain, how much in the final resale of parts. Beyond the reflected fiscal pressure of the person from de state of espirito santo adhesion to the regimen of substitution tax and the imported spraying of vehicles and parts. (SEBRAE/ES, 2009) Regional Great Victory In recent years the evolution of the sector of autopeas in Brazil followed the trend of the sales of new vehicles. On the other hand, the isolated companies had been more sensible to the conjunctural changes of the period. These changes had in recent years been decurrent of the economic conjuncture that would take the Government to take more rigid actions of protection against importation and incentives for the purchase of new and half-new vehicles. Exactly thus, a shock in the sales was inevitable. On Institutions to the Government had been more optimistical in its constataes: As for the year of 2008 in relation the 2007 presented a profit of productivity of (22.7%), in the internal sales (26.2%), in the total of sales (21.6%) and in the circulating fleet (16.6%).

The production if concentrates in the state of So Paulo (71.2%) and the too much states contribute with 28,8%. (SEBRAE/ES, 2009, P. 4) In any way, this dynamics has a direct influence in the retail of parts spare, a time that, when effecting the exchange in the concessionaires the consumers launch in the market automobile used. These goods constitute a market in frank expansion for the companies of autopeas. On the other hand, the sector starts to characterize for sensitivity the prices and terms of payment.

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Most water lawlessness happy frogs – they have come mating season. If you stand motionless in a small pond, climbs a pr that seems to be a microphone in the camcorder must go off-scale! This male frogs defend each of its territory, sometimes fighting among themselves. Everyone is probably not enough females, so strong a love embrace suitable even long partner (this is clearly not a rare snapshot of hybrids in a magazine!). Females toss clods slippery eggs, which sparkles in a fun bright rays of spring sun. If suddenly you are lucky enough to see a similar eggs are not a bunch, and long ribbon – let you envy professional naturalists – even one not everyone could see the clutch newts – pretty rare inhabitants of our forests. Through the transparent film of water can be seen congestion snails – . Like those at the party congress gathered to decide how they live. If your road remains a sandwich at the time is still lying in my pocket – do not forget to throw in the water and the small wait, no stirring.

A few minutes later the water will just swarm of hungry minnow, bored over the winter on such delicacies! While reservoirs are empty, and no fresh vegetation on the surface of a well-reviewed one knows who erected the pyramid. It is in Egypt is still not clear who is actually their pile, but here the creators knew for certain – the muskrat. This American animal well liked in Siberia, which they build their huts, even within settlements. One time this writer saw a dead muskrat at the stop "shop Ocean" in Tyumen – to see, at night it was very poorly chosen route for hiking! From extensive floods are suffering and our smaller Brothers – bugs and butterflies. Filled with water, their pupae will only serve as food for fish. And the spiders will come the great migrations of the season. Then they crawl in front of the dense roadside slopes, stuck to the old dry grass and whitish blanket sometimes even pave all roads cloth.

The first butterflies during the whole break-up "collections" are going to the oozing tree sap. Here you can see up to a dozen species, and in such quantity that in the summer of this not even dream of! Among them are recognized by all known since childhood urticaria, are very similar to them, but much larger – mnogotsvetnitsy. Sometimes there are successfully overwintered in the adult phase traurnitsa and peacock eyes. In the forest ant domes you can see some black spots – thousands perezimovovshih ants bask in the first warm rays of the sun, and seem to stick while not in a hurry. If you're lucky, you can see, and much more nice creation of nature – the chipmunk, who checks in the spring "" with food supplies, how many remained after the theft of provisions murine relatives?

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Back in 1824 in North America, Mexico Highlands to the west of the Rocky Mountains American entomologist Thomas discovered a beetle leaf beetle Seismic, painted like a zebra cherrnymi African and white stripes. He lived in Mexico, this beetle Apache tribe on the lands. At the time, and Texas, and California and other southwestern and western U.S. states, except state Origon belonged to Mexico. So it was until 1845, when the U.S. simply selected all the territory from Mexico, making it a most half, that is the way it is now.

So imagine living this beetle leaf beetle, lived and no one bothered, ate the leaves as wild aslenovyh plants. The Indians then planted himself just Manso (maize), beans, pumpkin yes, that is all that beetles are not interested. But one day around 1830, the entire company of these beetles inadvertently saw the Indians asked for their supreme god to send down the Yale crows on their land of rain, as in the year in those regions was a big drought. Beetles have seen everything and the Indians built a large fire, and as high priest threw him in a variety of herbs, and like all Indians plyassali ritual dance around a bonfire. Fireplace beetles do not like it, but Tanya is very liked it. So much, that they, too, sitting on the bushes danced with the Indians. Since it was a dance-prayer, all the soldiers were without weapons, and each time the high priest threw volshabnye herbs into the fire, all the Indians in led by the leader (caciques years) raised their hands and followed the priest exclaimed, "Oh great and mighty raven Yale, you are god of all things, help us your children, send us rain, and then we have all the fields dry, drought. Put on your anger on mercy – help us! We are asking you, help us! "And so it went for three days, so that the beetles had all good to remember, but on the fourth day went a long-awaited rain.

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