Month: <span>August 2016</span>

It is at this moment that the performance of the Leagues Peasants in the fights in defense of the land, passed for a new phase, a time that, the organization politics of the campesinato at this moment, if found not politicized and more critical in relation to the state subjects. It is in this context that the fight peasant is still more strong, mainly on the subject of the reform agrarian. A point of huge magnitude for the theoretical enrichment of the present study consists of making an analysis on the date of dispossession of the Device of the Galilia and the proper episode of the Cuban Revolution, well, as we can enxergar, both the events politicians had happened exactly in the year of 1959 and in a direction? Field? Cidade.A expansion and the performance of the Leagues Peasants not only worried the great land proprietors of Brazil, but even though the United States. In sight of the Cuban Revolution, made in ' ' beards of the Uncle Sam' ' , and fearing its unfolding in other countries of Latin America, the government Kennedy started to prepare the bases for a counterrevolution, through the creation, in 1961 of the Alliance for the Progress and sending of disfarados American military in traders, religious, industrial etc., for the Northeast. In 1962 about 5 a thousand North Americans they had entered in Brazil. This cipher never had been so raised.

These military were, in the truth, ' ' berets verdes' ' (green berets), forces special of the trained United States to revert the situation in any country case this walked in direction to the socialism. Being infiltrated in the society, they would have greater easiness to get information and could give to sustentation the groups anti-you engage in guerilla warfare or of opponents of the reforms. (ADAS, Melhen. GEOGRAPHIC PANORAMA OF BRAZIL. 3 ed. .


Therefore we verify in the day the aggravation of the ignorance of all, while it advances the knowledge of the parts. For the reversion of this situation, Morin guides in them to consider our cosmic condition, the fullness and the free expression of the men is decurrent of an ethical intention and politician, who only consolidates for the triad individual/society/species. The human development depends on the development of ' ' set of individual autonomies, communitarian participation and of the feeling to belong to the species human being in such a way, respecting the units as the diversities existentes' '. When discoursing on IV the chapter, the author focuses the importance of if teaching terrena identity, not occulting oppressions, dominations, hecatombes and catastrophes, responsible for some devastaes of the humanity. The author planetarizao flame fast dissemination (when we consider terrestrial history) and many times disastrous of the population for the world in last the 5 centuries, since the beginning of the age of the navigations until the end of the millenium where the man started to be capable to give return to the world in 24 hours and of if communicating instantaneously in all global sphere. Thanks to this unifying planetarizao, the world becomes each time plus one all. However, while European and American they are in one all planetary one of comfort, great number of Africans, Asians and South American is found in one all planetary one of misery. Thus, the planetarizao can be considered conflituosa in its essence. Thus, paradoxicalally, the world, each time more, becomes joins, but it becomes, at the same time, each divided time more. I take care of the legacy to it of century XX, Morin describes some particular characteristics of this period and cites its legacies as the news to be able of death, mainly characterized for the nuclear weapons and new perigos such as the ecological death the one that the man has premade use the planet.


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Today the Internet is allowed in almost any area of human life, and that's a fact. Therefore, to circumvent a digital photograph, which involves close contact with information technology, World Wide Web can not. The idea to store pictures on the Internet is not new, photobanks have been around for decades, constantly modified. Photobank – a repository of professional and amateur photos of the right order prints online. On Essentially, photo bank does not sell photos, and permission for their unlimited use. There are an increasing number of photo banks, and extend the existing partitions and their own innumerable meetings: retro photo, landscapes; Amateur, portraits, creative, and all photos for the month, pictures of birds, plants, animals, urban photography, best shots and so on. Detailed navigation and facilitate orientation keywords possible buyer.

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You are a photographer, illustrator or trideshnik, you have the opportunity to sell their drawings over the Internet, through microstock (a type of photo banks). Microstock – the agency, which mediate between photographer and designer, containing millions of graphic works database to help designers easily find the photo or drawing to him. Originally photobanks appeared very long ago, they were placed in clip art and reportage pictures of very high prices and use the services could only large advertising agencies and newspapers / magazines. Later came mikropeymentnye photobanks in which prices have become much more loyal customers and has been in times more – hence the name microstock. The designer pays a license to use your work in your project (Royalty free license) photo bank takes a commission, the remaining amount adds to your balance.

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When a man is something very desirable, he first presents the image of what he gets. Whether it's apartment, car or a new stage in his career. And then just need to set a target to achieve its goals. Many it seems that it is not difficult. However, there are a few subtleties, knowing that you can more effectively set goals and achieve its embodiment in reality.

Today, there are enough training that will teach you set goals. However, you can try to do without the personal training. So, what should be the same goal? – Definitions – Measurable – Achievable – realistic – with the time That's nice, you say. But what are the Concrete steps should be done? Here the fun begins. Take a sheet of paper, pen, sit back and start writing all their desires. Not to forget about some area, you can use this list: – What are the 10 places you would definitely like to visit? – What skills (personal and professional) you would like to purchase? – What kind of physical shape you'd like to have? – What would like for his family (no relations, travel, schools and universities to children) – No matter how much money you would earn each month? – What is the house / apartment of your dreams? – What would you like to experience the event (such events about which you speak and remember until the end of life). Now from this list, select 10 the strongest desires or exciting things.

This is your goal. Indicate the date by which you plan to do the trick. E-mail specifically. Not just "House by the sea", and "2-storey house 300 sq. meters with 10 rooms overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. " The clearer you will represent your goal, the sooner you'll get it. Now you have a specific, measurable, realistic goals with the time to which they should achieve. If long-term goal, such as a 5 years, go back and set intermediate goals. And just install the short-term goals that will lead to the achievement of intermediate and basic. So you clearly will represent your goals for this year. Well Now, the hardest work behind. It now remains to translate your goals into reality. Oh, and something else. Remember that the goal – a landmark that should be used to move forward in life. Goal – it is also a way to measure effectiveness of your actions. If you do not achieve their goals by the target date, you can either re-evaluate their efforts to achieve a goal, either directly to the target. It happens that you discover that no devote himself fully to the goal. This is an occasion to reflect – and really that's what I want? There is nothing wrong to change your goal and to direct energy in the right direction, to devote himself to do what what you want. That's when it reaches the goal, and success comes!