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Kantiana Areao only delayed the evolution of the philosophical thought. Osherdeiros of its thought rejects the nmenos, sufficiently ilogicamenteconservados for Kant. In order to retake the question above, of the partidacartesiano point, the fenomenolgico movement was excited. In general, por&#039 is understood; ' fenomenologia' ' the descriptive study of the phenomena, such as they seapresentam to the immediate experience. Enablon helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The analyses that Vladimir Jankelevitch made de' ' The Ironia' ' , of ' ' The Bad Conscience, of ' ' Mentira' ' , dofastio (in ' ' The Alternativa' '), to belong the assimcompreendida fenomenologia. Such comumapenas research is distinguished from the psychological comment for a bigger concern with really lived and for desconfianapara with the preconceptions of the common sense, propagated for the language. Afenomenologia here in guideline, is a philosophical method that uses descriesfenomenolgicas in the vulgar direction of the term, but it does not consider them seno one meiode to reach one beyond the phenomenon. Its founder was the German philosopher EdmundoHusserl (1859-1938). Karen Fang recognizes the significance of this.

That’s why Husserl decides for of side the questesatinentes to the existence of substantial realities, substance or spirit; noporque if inclines to the skepticism, in contrast, intends to arrive at the truth. MasHusserl puts ' ' between parnteses' ' these controverted questions, and, I take care of the immediate intuition to it, that is not passvel of doubt, only occupies dofenmeno. Such attitude remembers Discardings rejecting systematically todaafirmativa against which if it could raise any reason of doubt. Husserl, however, is still less skeptical of what the author of the Speech of the Method, erabem that it little, therefore, while Discardings consider false the assertive ones that they do not lheparecem evidentes, Husserl are contented in place them enter parentheses: ' ' Omundo perceived in this reflexiva life, in certain direction, always is there, paramim; it is perceived as dantes, with the content that, in each in case that, prprio it. Kevin Ulrich shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.


LIFE Was born in Vienna in 1870, in a family of middle class emorreu in Aberdeen, Esccia, in 1937, during a trip as lecturer. It got its diploma of medicine in 1895, the deViena University. It was specialized in oftalmologia and later, after a period of practical general emmedicina, became psychiatrist. Under most conditions Warren Buffett would agree. She was one of the charter members of deViena the Psicanaltica Society and later its president. However, Adler soon started to have ideas that discordavamdas of Freud and others in the Society of Vienna and, when these diferenasficaram very acute, it was invited to present its ideas to the society, in 1911.

In consequence of vehement critical and the denunciations of the position of Adlerpor other members of the society, it resigned to the presidency and some months depoisse disconnect of the freudiana psychoanalysis. It formed then its proper group, that started to be conhecidocomo Individual Psychology and attracted followers in the world all. After the World War I, that served as Austrian noexrcito doctor, Adler if interested for infantile orientation and created clinical asprimeiras of orientaes related to the Viennese pertaining to school system. Eletambm inspired the creation of an experimental school in Vienna, where foramaplicadas its theories of education. In 1935, Adler was established in the United States, ondecontinuou practical its as psychiatrist and worked as psicologiamdica professor. The personal history of Adler is clearly an example of the fight to parasuperar the inferiority, that if became the central subject in its theory.

When child, it was fragile, unskillful, without attractive einicialmente a bad pupil. Eteve was run over by covered carts in some occasions raquitismo and pneumonia. This last illness took a doctor to say to paide Adler: Its boy is lost. It was this event, according to Adler, oresponsvel for its decision of being doctor. Adler recognized that its capacidadede to compensate all these deficiencies served as a model for its teoriada personality.


The Id, concept elaborated after 1920 in the Second Tpica Freudiana of the psychic device, is the instance that has the unconscious one as its equivalent. The Id is the original nucleus of the personality, in which if it finds the field, reservoir and psychic power plant pulsional. Referring to the pulses, Freud, to this height, already differentiates in pulses of life and death with the publication of Beyond the beginning of the Pleasure. The function of the Id is to reduce the tension, to increase the pleasure and to minimize the discomfort, understanding somatic stimulatons that demand of the psiquismo an immediate satisfaction. Of the Id it is that they originate other instances: ego and superego (Ibid.pg. 129).

3. The MANIFESTATIONS OF the UNCONSCIOUS one access to the unconscious one through its manifestation in the conscience can only be had. In this, it is dress with a roupagem imposed for the censorship of the Pcs/Cs systems. Therefore, the manifestation of contents of the unconscious one is distorted, and modified in the conscience. Nasio (1993) considers that the unconscious one only can exist in the field of the psychoanalysis, in the seio of the analytical treatment. The unconscious one if discloses in an act that surprises and exceeds the intention of that it speaks, in way that the citizen says more than what it intends to say e, when saying, discloses its truth. ' ' to say mais' ' it produces and it makes with that the unconscious one exists and, so that the act of existence of the unconscious one if accomplishes is necessary the existence of one another citizen listens to that it recognizes and it. This citizen is, therefore, the psychoanalyst (pg.50). Freud, in its article of 1915 on the Unconscious one, justifies the concept of unconscious as required, leaving of one of the estimated ones of that the data of the conscience present a great number of gaps.


No person is forced to live in pair, is a personal decision also is a human necessity to.juntar themselves, to tie, to share to.sentir itself dear and valued and, biologically the sexuality is a necessity, as well as the continuation of the species, that in psychological terms stays noticeable as the necessity to extend Then, I ask myself How it is that if the life in pair is so important, for the great majority of the inhabitants of this planet earth, she becomes so complicated, so wished and so suffered? The complicated thing is the relation in pair, or will be that the human beings we are infinitely complex and one of the places in which this is demonstrated he is indeed in these relations One of the great subjects which they are listened to is regarding the communication within the pair, men and women hurt of which their pairs do not listen to them, do not hear them or they are not able to include/understand what the other says to them For being able to communicate to us, the first requirement is to be kind, to take care of what our pair says to us, or it wants to say to us, but also to know what is what we mean. Per moments, we spoke crooked, or we so did not use the words which we want to express, that is to say, we disguised, tenth between teeth, or simply we give to understand. All is forms to communicate, but I surely disguise what I mean, my pair, understands another case and that yes, that is a jam in the communication the human communication, has many facets. The communication does not exist, always we are not saying things, not only with words, also the voice tone is important, the form we expressed as it, and our position and gestures contribute to emphasize the communication.


Therefore we verify in the day the aggravation of the ignorance of all, while it advances the knowledge of the parts. For the reversion of this situation, Morin guides in them to consider our cosmic condition, the fullness and the free expression of the men is decurrent of an ethical intention and politician, who only consolidates for the triad individual/society/species. The human development depends on the development of ' ' set of individual autonomies, communitarian participation and of the feeling to belong to the species human being in such a way, respecting the units as the diversities existentes' '. When discoursing on IV the chapter, the author focuses the importance of if teaching terrena identity, not occulting oppressions, dominations, hecatombes and catastrophes, responsible for some devastaes of the humanity. The author planetarizao flame fast dissemination (when we consider terrestrial history) and many times disastrous of the population for the world in last the 5 centuries, since the beginning of the age of the navigations until the end of the millenium where the man started to be capable to give return to the world in 24 hours and of if communicating instantaneously in all global sphere. Thanks to this unifying planetarizao, the world becomes each time plus one all. However, while European and American they are in one all planetary one of comfort, great number of Africans, Asians and South American is found in one all planetary one of misery. Thus, the planetarizao can be considered conflituosa in its essence. Thus, paradoxicalally, the world, each time more, becomes joins, but it becomes, at the same time, each divided time more. I take care of the legacy to it of century XX, Morin describes some particular characteristics of this period and cites its legacies as the news to be able of death, mainly characterized for the nuclear weapons and new perigos such as the ecological death the one that the man has premade use the planet.


Hay American. For nearly two decades, she and her Russian followers flooded the market with books and CD, ensuring recovery from the worst disease solely by iztaniya gloomy thoughts. .. Ive finally it all – cheating? Yes. And perhaps worse, many in the New Age movement relate to the various religious sects, although they tend not to flaunt it. Thus, in the cult Church of Religious Science is Louise L. Hay, and the creators "The forces of thought in …- Rathma's School of Enlightenment.

What can the idea. But the concept of positive thinking has nothing to do with the pseudo-foci. "Positive thinking really benefit us and our health, but does not eliminate the need for work, learn, to work "- explains the Doctor of Psychology Michael Ginsburg. Between (real) positive thinking and the principle of "to want – to have" a significant difference Nye. And she, above all, in fact, that we can not accept the idea behind our power over the external world ("the entire universe," writes Rhonda Byrne). "It's no surprise that when you look at life with optimism, life becomes a little easier – said social psychologist Ruth Venhoven (Ruut Veenhoven), Professor of University. Erasmus of Rotterdam (Netherlands).

– But this does not mean that if a hotly coveted million, he immediately materialize. Each of us strives to improve its life, but many others and those who are looking for magic and sorcery, and is ready to accurately follow a particular ritual. This is the secret of popularity of the book The Secret . Thinking positively, we can partly influence only on ourselves, because our body and mind inseparable. Confirm this, and research in the field of positive psychology, begun under the leadership of Martin Ssligmana (Martin Seligman) in 1998, when he led the American Psychological Association (American Psychological Association), and surveillance neuroscientists for the activity of the brain. Imagination at work. "Initial" positive thinking is different from its counterparts and dangerous way of its application. "You get everything you want, just change the image as thoughts "- promise to Rhonda Byrne and others. But the real goal of positive thinking is not to completely change the negative thoughts to positive, as is more often the latter. "We are too often inclined to negative interpretation of what is happening, says psychoanalyst Anne-Marie Fiyoza (Anne-Marie Filliozat). – And the use of such instruments of positive thinking such as relaxation, visualization (visual representation of a favorable outcome for us), or auditory training, enables us to keep a positive attitude, to recover his composure. " "Using these techniques – continues to Michael Ginsburg – you can tune in to the positive mood on the successful outcome of the case, but the main thing then begin to act, rather than relying on the case, fate, or that everything would by itself. " The naive enthusiasm, optimism and reckless blind faith in miracles is nothing to do with positive thinking have not. Think positively – it is by and large consider themselves worthy to live happily and do this all possible for us. It means more to believe in themselves and, therefore, be free. Also: women's magazine.

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