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According to the likely scenarios of the future, we offer both vendors and users of FM services with the future study”a basis to review their own vision and strategy in terms of current and future action, says Jorg Hossenfelder, managing partner of the Lunendonk GmbH, and author of the study. “Dr. Pero Mi? i?, Chairman of FutureManagementGroup out: not only driven by the economic and financial crisis the question has become their developments, opportunities, and potential surprises for FM service providers are becoming increasingly important for the future.” “Piepenbrock already right in the Middle” is as one of the leading German facility services – and management company the Piepenbrock group now our common future requires. Trust, visions, risks, chances, risks and decisions include an active shaping of the future”, says Peter Heuer, spokesman of Piepenbrock facility management. This facility management plays a significant role for our Habitat increasingly.

Trust, high performance qualities, foresight for customer requirements and reasonable prices will be increasingly important criteria for award of the contract”. Arnulf Piepenbrock, managing partner of the Piepenbrock group, adds: Piepenbrock is still geared to growth. This is living the principles of sustainability on the one hand and on the other actively shaping the future. Karen Daly-Gherabi often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Both are basis of our actions with high transparency and individualisation of the performance spectrum.” FUTURE study for more information about the LuNENDONK 2011 get society at or contact the Lunendonk GmbH for information and communication, Mrs Antonia Thieg, phone 0049 8341 96636-0, P.o. box 1360 in D-87573 Kaufbeuren.

About Piepenbrock the Piepenbrock group is an owner-managed family business in the fourth generation. Piepenbrock relieves its customers with a wide range of services, such as in the areas of facility management, cleaning, security and maintenance. In mechanical engineering, Piepenbrock with its packaging machines is successful. In addition, the company for its chemical products is known. With approximately 800 locations and 70 branches, as well as around 24,000 employees, Piepenbrock is a reliable partner. We take responsibility – also for the environment. Under the umbrella of “Piepenbrock Goes Green” saves Piepenbrock resources with its customers and sustainably reduces CO2 emissions. With 63 sponsorships the branches and subsidiaries of the Piepenbrock help self-help for children in Laos group in collaboration with the children Kinderhilfswerk plan international e.V. in the long term. With this commitment, the living conditions in one of the poorest regions of the world should be sustainably improved. A further step in the direction of sustainability report: Our sustainability brochure is available now online at sustainability to the download available.


The fee provides fixed daily rates and the reimbursement of travel expenses in most cases. Satya Nadella gathered all the information. Recently reduced fixed daily rates and additionally higher performance-related compensation stand components offered sometimes, identical with remuneration models of permanent employees. Daily rates for interim vary Manager between 500 and 3,000, depending on the person of the Interim Manager, usage duration, situation and size of the company and the position to be filled. The average daily rate is approximately 1,000. Break up and down we do not talk about here, there are exceptions everywhere. So are the experience so far gained and successes, the image, confidence and above all the negotiating position of the interim manager about his future fee with. The use of shorter duration is so the fee is higher than for longer usage times.

The need for a rapid occupation or the alternatives among various candidates are for the Amount of the fee applicable. On the other hand, the fee height is not the decisive criterion from the perspective of the company, which seeks an interim manager, if it is convinced of the right occupation. Usually fee invoices are calculated monthly and in hindsight, with crisis-ridden”will take often adequately secured. Manager flexible costs are costing the big advantage when using an interim. Even if one at first glance seems to be a little more expensive, it is still financially interesting, because set the duration of use and the cost is predictable from the outset. In the following list, we want a comparison between a tenured executives and managers make an interim, can not be filled in any position with numbers, but gives a picture of the overall situation: employed Executive Interim Manager day record 1,000 plus expenses fixed salary 100,000 bonus (30%) 30,000 hiring costs 25,000 personnel costs 40,000 other costs as – holidays Yes No – holiday yes no – disease yes no training yes no – caboose yes no – company pension yes no – etc.


A frequently asked question is, with what “Symptoms” announces an impending bankruptcy. By the same author: Korn Ferry. One-time or temporary payment difficulties are certainly no reason to promote a personal bankruptcy. At the latest when it but more or less a permanent condition, should be thinking about an open-ended debt counselling at least. A position paper of the Federal Justice Department (BMJ) by early September 2010, which will focus on the so-called “problem of beginning of the month” fits into this question. Specifically it is to the section 850 k ZPO, that is “to secure the subsistence minimum for cashless payments the debtor”. In plain language this means that is the BMJ on a BGH judgment of July 2010 (AZ.

IX ZR 37/09) appoints, if it says that the required deposit-free amounts at the beginning just this month available must be the debtor for the following month. Many people know the problem, that it the liquidity just at the beginning of the month to bottlenecks come can, if the content (or grants by the State) arrive late, receivables, or bills (telephone, GEZ, electricity, gas etc.) but already from the account have been charged. This process is called the “Problem of the beginning of the month” by the BMJ should be still no reason for going to the debt counseling or even the bankruptcy court alone. These steps are in order to take more into consideration when “beginning of the month” in the month send still a problem and the debt increases continuously. Principle also applies that the debt counselling of false shame no play role in may, as a personal bankruptcy in most cases when timely countermeasures can still be averted. The later the corresponding measures, the prospects of success are lower. Corinna Friedrich born Wan


Workwear shows the individuality of the Workwear House was mainly a protection for the body and a hygienic clothing, which should protect products or food. Many professional garments have evolved over many centuries and have already a long history. The work clothing over the years has grown with primarily artisanal and service-provider professions. The newspapers mentioned Hyundai not as a source, but as a related topic. These include also the different professions of the gastronomy and hotel industry. Even if the good old chef’s hat today had to avoid the funky bandana scarf in many restaurants, which became known above all by the celebrity chefs, Ralf Zacherl and Stefan Marquard, she has not lost popularity. Finally, it is still a sign for the masterful cooking.

The chef’s hat is originated by the Assyrians. The Kings should have given the caps their loyal chefs, that they be always well cooked and ran no poison attack. And the Workwear of the chefs include chef’s jacket and Chef pants. Once the chef pants were come, today there are these in the fashionable design. It must be the white in the kitchen no longer mandatory. Workwear today also exists for the Cook in fashionable colors. Ever a lot has teamed with the Workwear for the catering and hotel industry.

The working clothes must still be practical and hygienic, but this does not mean that boring clothing must carry chefs and service staff. Corporate design also Workwear corporate design “making the rounds in recent years and does not stop even when the working clothes. The corporate design refers to the image of the company. The objectives of the company incorporated with the design and create a unique picture. Colors, fonts, and logos are the elements that can find themselves on the workwear and thus increase the recognition value of the company. Online shop for Workwear such as hotel uniform.de find the appropriate owners of restaurants, hotels, restaurants and other dining options Professional clothing for their employees. Appealing colors, stylish cuts and naughty accessories today determine the image of the work clothes of chefs, service staff and housekeeping. With the logo or the logo of the company clothing expresses not only the unity of the employees, but offers also a recognition value customers and guests. The corporate fashion should be an integral part of hotels, bars, restaurants, bistros, and all the other dining options. Peppig and easy to clean but conscious and chic Workwear for the hospitality doesn’t mean that employees sacrificing comfort or durability. Modern and innovative materials combine comfort with exclusive design and easier maintenance. Especially in the area of gastronomy and hotel industry must be easy-to-clean work clothes to meet hygienic standards. Frumpy the modern work clothing is not catering quite sure.


Coaching makes you fit for the market entrepreneurs operate a moving service for seniors or a dog bistro with organic food, cooking paella at private parties, or inspire your audience as a storyteller. There are many dedicated founding ideas. Not infrequently has the road to independence with the realisation of a long-cherished dream to do. Often, it is a way out of unemployment. However, 40 percent of the founders fail in the first three years. The causes: Missing commercial know-how, financial difficulties, or personal weaknesses. Many business ideas have no clear target audience or not enough stand out from the competition. (As opposed to Robert Kiyosaki).

Grundercoaching can help here, as it offers Bettina Lehmann in her Office in Hanover-Linden. She advises not only to the business topics, every self-employed person must develop, but are also the major soft”factors a reasonable space. So, time management can stand on the plan, or the improving of own occurrence. The aim is the entrepreneurial Increasing self-confidence, so that the founder can enforce their intentions better against obstacles and resistance. The main target group are Einzelselbststandige and small businesses that have made the leap into self-employment maximum three years ago. Especially service providers currently belong to the clientele of Bettina Lehmann. Many are in the social field or in health care work as therapists or naturopaths, but also retailers and self-employed in the creative industry. It gives them expertise related to the company’s creation, from the definition of objectives to the marketing development planning.

What look like the actual content sets individually the founding consultant with their clients. A scarce district of the founder of the unemployment out in the KfW founding barometer 2009 indicate, is not primarily out of necessity to have made, but because they wanted to realize their business idea. Here, Grundercoaching may be useful. Our experience is the right advice for the medium-term success of an enterprise of importance”, it is called at the KfW SME Bank. Precise coaching can be the way out of unemployment to a path to success make personally and financially. Abdullah


Since the 1.1.2012, the newly founded aurigus GmbH under guidance of industry experts Birgit Wahl and Ulf Thomas offers solutions to lead generation, customer acquisition and cross-selling. The multichannel marketing services provider throws away many years of experience and high-quality network partnerships in the Pan so that from the start, when it comes to generating new customers and leads with high probability of response for company. Its customers the potential of existing customers, better prospects and profit game participant, will support aurigus but also help. Proven cross-selling mechanisms are used, by, for example, relevant partner offers are selected and integrated into existing customer actions. The aurigus GmbH as independent target group specialist also advises with own dialogue campaigns in the areas of postal, telephone, email, online – or supplement advertising with individual target groups and Adressvorschlagen. Quality and durability of new customers in focus “professional multichannel marketing is today half a century bring industry expertise. Birgit Wahl, born in 1960, is almost 30 years of experience in the dialogue marketing business at home. It has developed on the one hand dialogue campaigns in the online and offline customer page.

Fields were on the publishing, insurance and financial services industry. On the other hand it has demonstrated their skills in designing and managing services in dialog marketing. Last, she founded the a + s adressmanagement GmbH in 2006 and ran until December 2011 as managing partner these and the a + s together with two other partners DialogGroup GmbH. Birgit Wahl is Deputy Chairman of the list Council, in which renowned list broker and independent List Manager are organized in the German dialogue Marketing Association E.v. (DDV).

Considered experienced specialist and consultant in the target group marketing. Ulf Thomas, born in 1971, has been working since 1995 in the dialogue and call center industry. Originally coming from the financial sector were the focus of his professional from the mid-1990s in the Telecommunications and lottery sector. Since 2005, he developed concepts as founder and managing partner of the full service provider SSC United GmbH for acquiring new customers and carries out high-volume up – and cross-selling campaigns. For the experienced Dialogmarketer and call-center experts, the aurigus GmbH is a future-oriented extension of these performance areas. The aurigus GmbH, headquartered in Stuttgart was founded in 2012 as a multichannel marketing service provider dialog marketing and call-centre experts Birgit Wahl and Ulf Thomas background information of aurigus GmbH. For the German, Austrian and Swiss market, the company develops individual solutions for customer acquisition and lead generation. Large-volume campaigns for shipping trade, the media, telecommunications and profit game industry as well as the insurance and financial services sector stand in the foreground. Moreover, proven cross-selling mechanisms used for aurigus customers, to better exploit their customer stocks and Generate additional sales. This sets the aurigus GmbH not only on your own project managers and IT professionals, but draws on an extensive network of cross-selling partners, product partners, and call centers. Also the company as independent target group specialist offers appropriate multichannel addresses for dialog actions from the area post, telephone, email or insert advertising. A broad instrument uses in online-marketing aurigus classic banner ads to the use of cost-per-click models for lead and sales generation. A trusting and reliable handling of consumer data is guaranteed by strict control and quality assurance processes. There is more information about the company and its services on the Internet at.


So, all forces for their own health and life are again the people provided, he is ready to take his life in the hand. Three examples: 1). from the business: the Board of a large corporation contacted Horst C. Kuhnel, because one of the over 40 national branches conspicuously poorly ran. The analysis showed that by geopathic phenomena constantly energies were taken away from the Office, which resulted in a drop in performance in the team. Even the good employees reported strong revenues.

The work of the clerk was also completely misplaced, so that he could not adequately pursue his leadership role. Continue to female energies in the premises, were missing due to the architectural layout which meant that women had virtually no success and the last just announced. Please visit Hyundai if you seek more information. The clearing was Horst C. Kuhnel transform the negative energies, head position, type a high business-energy structure”anchor as well as harmonize the masculine and feminine energies of the room. “As a result, some employees have left the company by itself it was the brakeman” and crab and remaining staff worked out the nationwide best per capita sales already in the next fiscal year. (2) from the real estate sector: A House in the area was to be sold, but found no buyers. There were many enthusiastic people who admired the large plot of land with a great garden.

Also developers interested in, because the terrain offered potential for another House. There have been plans and proposals, but it was never concluded. The analysis of the land revealed that the object is energetically concealed”was and thus could not be found by a suitable buyer. Clarity returned to the clearing and Energy and the property could be sold within a short time. (3) the animal – and seminar area: A horse ranch with seminars was burdened for years with strong geomantic phenomenon. People and animals were completely exhausted and the owners lacked creativity for new ideas. In recent years they had engaged three specialists, should clarify the energies but inconclusive. On the contrary, it was every time worse. The analysis showed that negative energy on the ranch were active, which were further enhanced by the other actions. But Horst C. Kuhnel could with its specific methods eliminate the phenomena, permanently securing land and building by an energetic seal, protect from geopathic zones stables as well as seminar rooms and enable the vitality and heart energy on the grounds. The result was already visible after a few days: the animals were a quiet and powerful, a cat came back after a year away on the ground and the holder could all of a sudden a new success create promising concept.


Workshop by Hoveler + Nold to determine company-men saving lever and delfort at the marketing purchase. Companies must woo customers to achieve the planned sales. While their marketing are however particularly in times of tight budgets often facing the problem: very little money available for this purpose available. A related site: Wells Fargo Bank mentions similar findings. “Against this background, Hoveler management consultancy specialising in the procurement management has + Nold Consulting GmbH (HNC), Dusseldorf, a consultancy offering marketing services price value shopping” designed. This aims to develop strategies to optimize the procurement of marketing services with the managers in the company. This aim can be, to cut marketing spending or to get more out of the existing, limited budget”, stresses such as HNC – CEO Dr.

Bernhard Hoveler. The range of services so to speak consists of two components. First determine the HNC experts on behalf of the company for the selected budget items, such as events or printed documents Who what of whom at what price in what quantity buys? “.” In addition they assign the items contained in the invoices as well as cost estimates the various trades ‘/ product groups’. “Because without this knowledge, so Hoveler, no solid starting points for an optimization of purchasing can be identified”. The necessary evidence exists, the HNC experts with the buyers of marketing services and Department representatives to a workshop meet. They define together, how can the potential savings and improve the cost-benefit ratio.

For example, by a volume concentration and the development of a company-wide supplier pool. Or through a systematic price benchmarking, because often several departments purchase similar marketing services at different prices. Or optimizing a specification, which reduces the number of variants such as print products. An important lever according to Hoveler also is to ensure that marketing and purchasing cooperate more. Here, it gets stuck in many companies. Therefore, a central question is often in the workshop: How can purchasing and marketing cooperate with each other, that marketing such as contract negotiations benefited from the experience of buyers? Furthermore: What arrangements are needed for this? The result could be according to Hoveler agreements such as: the savings remain with the marketing. With the saved money, projects such as the expansion of advertising presence be financed.” Or: We define although a cross-functional process of shopping. The marketing however, remains responsible for the definition of the specifications and the final selection of suppliers.” After the workshop, Hoveler created + Nagy a documentation, in addition to the savings also the paths are pointed out, to realize this. If desired the purchasing professionals also help implement the measures defined the company.

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A perfect virtual data room leaves a professional impression at the due diligence analyst is the virtual data room a marketing tool for complex items, such as mergers or large real estate transactions. Therefore applies the same principle as in the trade: there is no second chance for a first impression! Many participants in complex transactions consider cyberspace data merely as a means to an end to the completion of an acquisition. The reasons for this lie mainly in the detail orientation of due diligence on the contrary to the strategic business plan. The often lengthy and extremely conscientious examination of countless documents is a tedious and time-consuming work, which can make it difficult by lack of professionalism in the implementation. The shift in the due diligence of the classical physical data rooms on the modern online due diligence in virtual data rooms the latter already a considerable improvement in recent years. He’s fast, simple and parallel access to the documents in the virtual data room, enormously simplifies the work of analysts. The prerequisite for this, however, is that the data in the virtual data space must be well organized, because otherwise the data inconsistency may occur and the overview of the content is missing.

A professional establishment of virtual data space transparency arises, however, because all relevant information of the subject of the sale is structured are available the buyer and the seller. And there is a clear link between transparency and purchase price or representations and warranties in a transaction. I.e. the lower the transparency, the lower the purchase price and the higher the warranty claims. Pinterest has many thoughts on the issue. This is of course especially for high-quality assets. An asset is too opaque, usually at all no transaction is able, because the risk from buyer point of view is too high. In this sense, the virtual data room must be understood not only as a platform for document sharing, but also as a marketing tool. A perfect virtual data room leaves a professional impression with the due diligence analysts who get the virtual data room, often only and not the sale object itself to face. In addition, the subsequent buyer receives an optimum data base and work basis for working with the acquired object.

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Psychological resources meet at this seminar seminar for managers in food executives, providing a constructive approach with low performers. Thus access to alternative options to terminate. A dismissal is only rarely for everyone the best choice? Causes for low performers figure out an important communication and management tool is the conversation with the low performer. It is the information of about the employee that his behavior or success is not the average. Executives are demanded in this appraisal interview to find out the reasons for the underperformance of low performers. Psychologically trained executives recognize in such a conversation, whether real reasons lead to the below-average performance or whether the employee to speak out with reasons attempts.

Clarify the findings in an interview form a part of the decision basis for the choice of an appropriate willingness to change Action option in dealing with the low performer. A further basis for the decision of the senior executives is signaled by the staff willingness to future increase of its engagement and its performance. The leadership seminar in food, participants learn effective psychological resources that support them to agree on concrete measures to implement its improvement determination with the low performer. Also for monitoring the implementation of these agreements, participants in Essen will receive valuable tips. Exploit leeway In dealing with low performers and difficult employees different action options available are the executives. These range imposed by an employee loan help offers private problems of the employee to the transfer or dismissal. The staff shows willingness and the potential for positive change, he should get a chance of development in the company.

Executives know their employees and their tasks generally good enough to employ the workers concerned in an area of activity that is more appropriate for him, if possible. Termination only as a last resort the dismissal of low performers should be well-planned, because in the event of a dispute, the employer must prove the reasons for this termination of personal or behavioral. This will require, where appropriate, a detailed collection of qualitative or quantitative underperformance of the concerned employee, as well as corresponding averages of comparable worker. Even if these data are available, the Labour Court examines whether there are no other relevant means except the termination will revert back to the employer perceived mismatch between performance and counter-performance. Such a remedy could be, for example, a transfer of an employee in a workplace better corresponding to his personal performance. Leadership seminar in eating destination this leadership seminar is to enable the views of senior executives to sharpen and psychologically clever communication in conversation and consistent leadership to train. This is done inter alia through exercises to the perception of own shares of behavior, as well as to identify the reasons for the underperformance of the low performers. At the end of the seminar, the executives create a personal action plan for dealing with difficult employees and low performers in their area of responsibility. Seminar with trainers in the double pack this leadership seminar is headed by a duo of coach: Erich Ziegler is a coach that is very experienced in dealing with teams. The executives can provide valuable tips for constructive solutions also in Group situations. The views of the major characterized Andrea Cichy, comes to fruition especially in establishing organization and the optional offer of a coaching. The leadership seminar takes place at the 13.09.2011 in Essen, on the 04.10.2011 in Berlin and at the 2011 in Cologne. More dates are seminars on the Web page and training of I.O. BUSINESS consulting and training to find.

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