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On the basis of tractors produced bulldozers Ochersky (RS-182.1), October (DZ-182 DZ-182.2) and the Ural plants (URB-170). Until recently, the attachments DZ-171.1 produced CHZK (now JSC "Chelyabinsk construction machinery). At ChTZ used diesel D-160 and D-180, packaged with a mechanical or hydraulic KP. In the second place in popularity in Russia is Cheboksary Promtractor (formerly CHZPT) which manufactures bulldozers hauling classes 11, 15 and 20 and aims to bring to market a series of machines of new generation under the brand name "Chetra. Swarmed by offers, Russell Reynolds Associates is currently assessing future choices. ZAO CHSDM "in addition to Bulldozer for CTZ released a bulldozer-loosening assembly RS-240 traction class 10. Recently, a completely new unit TC-10, which, like its predecessor, is equipped with a 180-strong diesel engine YMZ-236M2-4 (optional mounted diesel Cummins). Least of all is sold "narrow professional" forest and skidders Alttrak TT-4M "Onezhets" series TDT, LHT and thrombolytic therapy, be equipped with bulldozer blade, through which possible development, transfer and lay ground I.

.. II categories, construction of trails, handling playgrounds, driveways, parking lots, clearing roads, the laying of winter roads. Given that the tractors Onezhets and Alttrak created as a timber (and primarily for logging), the layout remained the same (Front-mounted cab, and rear mounted loading board, body, hydraulic manipulator and other equipment). Abroad bulldozers category average produce more than 20 manufacturers. Permanent leader in this market – is widely known in Russia, Caterpillar and Komatsu, which have their factories in Japan, India, USA, South America and Europe. Donald Gordon has compatible beliefs. In addition to these producers in the CIS market are bulldozers Case, Liebherr and Dressta (including in the face of Huta Stalowa Wola).


But if you have the right international standard, it is better to take them. The future Tenants should be a plastic card of any payment system: Visa, Master Card / Eurocard, American Express, Diners Club (Visa Electron and Cirrius / Maestro to distributors are not accepted). The card should be the amount that overlaps the amount of rent and deposit ($ 300-3000 depending on the company and car). Speaking candidly Bobby Kotick told us the story. To rent a car the premium you will need two credit cards of different systems, such as Visa and American Express. The Company's sole discretion, establish a minimum age of the tenant. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Andrea Mallard. But the general rule is still exist: the more expensive the car, the higher the minimum age and driving experience. For example, the rental of some compact cars (Peugeot 206, vw Beetle, Mercedes A-klasse) can claim a driver older than 18, with the experience of driving up to a year.

And to take rent a car class premium (BMW 5-series, Mercedes E-klasse) should live at least a quarter century, and at least three years of driving a car. It is worth remembering that when ordering a car, the customer does not know for sure what kind of model he will get on fact: Most firms booked class or type of machine. General rule: the lower class car, the less will be spent. Interestingly, if instead ordered Ford Focus c manual gearbox will be offered to the client Opel Vectra c automatic (because all the cars with manual transmission are busy), raising money for the car class will not take.


Certainly, each of motorists familiar with the situation, when a variety of circumstances, lost the only copy car keys, the keys remain in a closed car, in a word you find in extremely difficult situation. This material is not a guide to the dissection of cars with their hands – on the contrary, a balanced argument and consideration of the reasons for doing it yourself is not necessary. So, let's consider possible options for your actions. Try to discover the car and make it you can own, without professional help. In this case, the problem can be divided into two logical parts: penetrate inside and start the car. View the car in several ways: the key (but within the framework of this material, we are faced with a situation where it's not), smashing a window (before you do this, we recommend first contact with the dealership, servicing your car, and learn about the next date of recording the service and the availability of glass for your car in stock), and open one of the locks the car affordable for you.

It is unlikely that in this case you will have with them the necessary professional tools for opening locks, and what ye shall possess the necessary skills. Likely to recall previously viewed movies, you become a search for a long, narrow metal object resembling a school ruler, and try to slip it between the door and the rubber-sealing glass, trying to influence the mechanism of the door opening. Reveal car, for example domestic production, without damage, can, using the wire length is one meter. At one end of the wire is bent about 5 cm, after which it must pass through a seal door at the top. If the keys are in the car – turn off the alarm will not be difficult, but if they lost – is more complicated and goes beyond the material in this article. For purposes of this material, we assume that the penetration of the passenger compartment was successful. The task is complicated in that case, if the only set of keys after all was lost, so start the car with the key does not seem possible.

Again, remembering the American cinema, you can try to find a bunch of wires under the steering wheel and assume that you are able to find it. What's next? Pick off all the wires and try to do it at random? Doubtful. By this time you had to fully assess the chances of handwritten autopsy car and abandon the idea. Perhaps the only sensible option in this situation is to call a specialist on opening locks of cars without any damage. In 90% of cases, call the master ensures the safety of the castle and its continued operation. The remaining 10% of cases apply to situations where parts of the castle have physical damage or defects. In case of loss of key specialist can make a duplicate key for your car and synchronize it with your car's immobilizer. But remember, in the case of a specialist, a condition for the works is the presence of the applicant's documents confirming the ownership vehicle, but in their absence, a prerequisite is the presence of a policeman and the applicant at the opening car. Another important mention is that the master of lock picking car successfully cope well with a safe, reinforced and door locks. But again, only in the presence of an apartment owner or premises.

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How to choose a trailer? Choosing a car trailer to transport boats to owners of large boats and boats car trailer just as essential attribute, like outboard motor or oars. Indeed, if you have a boat, the trailer – it's the only way to move him on dry land. If you have a large plastic or aluminum boat, then here for delivery to storage or repairs can not do without a trailer. Among users Boats will also find many of those who, instead laborious and lengthy process of assembling and dismantling the boat preference in favor of a comfortable and quick transportation on a trailer. The trailer gives its owner an opportunity without disassembling the boat itself to deliver its hundreds of miles away. Moreover, its operation is easy enough, and the design is simple and reliable. Where to begin selection of the trailer? As if it is strange sound, start with a choice of boats.

Avtmobilny trailer to pick up only under your boat or a boat. Universal trailer would be suitable for all types and sizes of vessels, no. For example, if you have a trailer designed for the transport of four-meter boat, then the six-meter will have to buy a new one. The length of the boat and its weight with all the equipment carried – these are the two primary indicator of the choice of the trailer. The weight of one ton is kind abroad, followed by a significant rise in purchases. Owner of the boat, whose mass is close to this figure, will have to buy a more powerful trailer with two axles fitted with inertia braking system.

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What is actually a tinted car? Luxury, comfort, or necessity? let's get this together. Luxury. Tinting the glass like no other that gives the car elegance and style, and the result is not strongly depends on the car model, color and model year. But with all this, toning car windows is by no means expensive. There are a couple of reasons.

Firstly, because the tinted car Now, more than enough, and, therefore, no individuality in it. Secondly, the cost of tinting in Moscow from 3 to 5 tons Dollars that can afford the majority of motorists. Based on these facts: tinting car windows – not a luxury. Convenience. You can not say for sure, but I think many will agree with me that the pros in toning car windows still much higher than minuses.

Let's start with the pros. The newspapers mentioned christie’s art auction not as a source, but as a related topic. Your car – it is a space in which do not want to let strangers. And let not only physically, but let there opinions from strangers. Because of this, people are quite unpleasant feel like in a glass aquarium. Also, another reason why you do not want to let strangers views of the interior may be that you leave valuables in the cabin. Problems becomes much less – so safely and conveniently. But there is one significant drawback. When bad light tinted glass road obstacles to the visibility, but it's a matter of habit. On the other hand, while driving along a dark road – you're less than will interfere with oncoming car headlights. Hence we conclude: tinting car windows – it's still comfortable. Necessity. Of course the reasons appear positively on the convenience and quality of driving, and hence the security – Reducing the likelihood of an accident. With tinted windows you feel more comfortable, more confident and more secure. Maybe some people do not consider it a vital, but probably will not argue with the fact that shading car windows – that's less than a luxury, but a lot more than just convenience.

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The basis here – two made "mirror" in relation to each other, peeled up diameter 85 mm culled clutch disc with the appropriate slots. Tightened the three bolts M8, inserted into the holes, disks securely fixed pulley on the shaft. For the reliability component "hub" in addition to the fixed nut a bolt passing through a hole drilled in the shaft D = 8,5 mm. click to enlarge click to enlarge Fig. I. Micro tractor: 1 – front-wheel drive, 2 – bracket pivots, 3 – tie rod, 4 – front axle hinge device 5 – anterior part of the frame, 6 – front indicators, 7 – lights, 8 – hood with punching (shutters) for better ventilation, 9 – Engine 10 – Air Filter, 11 – Silencer, 12 – fuel tank, 13 resonator muffler, 14 – Instrument panel, 15 – gear lever, 16 – steering column with steering wheel, 17 – basic pedal brakes, 18 – arm of the central disk (parking) brakes, 19 – Seat (mounted on the back of the hind indicators), 20 – rear wing, 21 – driving wheels, 22 – Steering arms with longitudinal traction, 23 – V-belt clutch pedal 24 – front wing. Fig. 2. Kinematic diagram of the transmission: 1 – front-wheel 10.5 ', 2 – Engine UD-2, 3 – Engine output shaft with a pulley D1 = 110, 4 – mechanism dvuhruchevogo V-belt (B-1400T), clutch, 5 – a spring loaded swivel bracket with double roller D3 = 90, 6 – input shaft of the gearbox from the car GAZ-51 with a fortified it pulley D2 = 220, 7 – Transmission GAZ-51, 8 – disk center (parking) brake, 9 – Leading asterisk Z1 = 19 on the output shaft of the gearbox, driven sprocket 10 Z2 = 25, 11-rear (short) bridge UAZ-452, 12 – lead (rear) wheels from UAZ-452, 13 – Pulley D4 = 85, 14 – Tractor generator.

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