Month: <span>February 2017</span>

Principios of multilevel increasingly sale that sells its product through the multilevel MK or direct sale, sells not only, but it also shares information with others. Whether you speak personally with others as if it lick by phone, puts ads, delivered leaflets or sends letters, you are selling something. The five basic steps of sale 1. Attract the attention of the potential customer. 2 To keep your interest. 3 Transmit the conviction that it is a product benefits. 4.Estimular the desire of the potential customer. 5 Close the sale with success.

Sellers also are coscientes and use the great motivators to promote to the attention, interest, conviction and desire, and to close the sale. These motivators have been variously described as: Autoconversacionproteccion or safety comfort and ease Romance, love and affection recognition and pride profit or financial benefit the father of these motivators or basic needs, as we all know, has been Abraham Maslow; Although to the profit or financial benefit it does not constitute a fundamental objective in the list of Maslow, this topic is really interspersed in each of the previous levels, needed money to survive. Address the message to the wishes and needs of the client. The key to be persuasive and achieve success in the sale of anything consists in appealing to the wishes and needs of the client. It is also important to recognize that you’s wishes and needs are different in each person, or at least do not have to be the same. In general terms, there are 5 types of people: people who want security: don’t care them too being rich, they want a secure retirement and be able to deal with their monthly bills, his main Attorney is spending the day to day because of their low income. People who want comfort and tranquility: want something more to live drowned, they want a good social position, which allows them to live uncluttered.

People looking for romance, love and affection: exciting and interesting, people traveling, be they love with friends, meeting new people and cultures, does not give excessive importance to money. People seeking recognition: person who wish to show their value through success, and thus gain power. Money if you import them therefore is an instrument to achieve success. People seeking financial gains: people interested in ornaments and status that gives success and not as to the objective of overcoming that supposed to reach, do not seek recognition of power but money, very spenders and capricious. Original author and source of the article.


Then Dr. Bienio Octeto told me about paranormal abilities of Sai Baba and the interest that it had elicited for researchers, Germans, Americans and Dutch, especially for Hans Bender, Thelma Moss and Tenhaeff, who wanted to investigate it. I told him that was unaware of who was Sai Baba, he lent me a magazine that talked about him and said me that our common friend, a great musician and Orchestra conductor Millapol Fajardo, had met it during his stay in India, where he was studying flute and tables. It surprised him, who didn’t know him, because I knew my identification with Hindu philosophy, mystical teachings and my knowledge of many of its great avatars. In any case, he told me that he located to Millapol so that I speak about him, his experience, representing for the India. So I did and I went to visit him, indeed, met Sai Baba, with the fortune that the first time he saw them, was selected by Baba for the interviews that the did to people who chose, talking a good time in his interview, tells Me, that is He was very impressed with the powers of Baba, who in his personal case, gave proof of this in two aspects, the first, when Baba told him: as it was the Argentine friend who motivated him to that was going to meet him. Fact that impacted him that knew how Baba that she pointed out as knowing him. The other, interesting phenomenon, when with the classic turn of his hand in Baba gave, some sweet and some packets of Vibuti (sacred ash), what Fajardo preserved, that taught me at that time and gave me one, as also some pictures of Baba that I still keep. Talked to me about his teachings, what in India, of its phenomena, proclaiming some catalogued of miracles, especially in healing and Ubiquity.