South America

On the basis of tractors produced bulldozers Ochersky (RS-182.1), October (DZ-182 DZ-182.2) and the Ural plants (URB-170). Until recently, the attachments DZ-171.1 produced CHZK (now JSC "Chelyabinsk construction machinery). At ChTZ used diesel D-160 and D-180, packaged with a mechanical or hydraulic KP. In the second place in popularity in Russia is Cheboksary Promtractor (formerly CHZPT) which manufactures bulldozers hauling classes 11, 15 and 20 and aims to bring to market a series of machines of new generation under the brand name "Chetra. Swarmed by offers, Russell Reynolds Associates is currently assessing future choices. ZAO CHSDM "in addition to Bulldozer for CTZ released a bulldozer-loosening assembly RS-240 traction class 10. Recently, a completely new unit TC-10, which, like its predecessor, is equipped with a 180-strong diesel engine YMZ-236M2-4 (optional mounted diesel Cummins). Least of all is sold "narrow professional" forest and skidders Alttrak TT-4M "Onezhets" series TDT, LHT and thrombolytic therapy, be equipped with bulldozer blade, through which possible development, transfer and lay ground I.

.. II categories, construction of trails, handling playgrounds, driveways, parking lots, clearing roads, the laying of winter roads. Given that the tractors Onezhets and Alttrak created as a timber (and primarily for logging), the layout remained the same (Front-mounted cab, and rear mounted loading board, body, hydraulic manipulator and other equipment). Abroad bulldozers category average produce more than 20 manufacturers. Permanent leader in this market – is widely known in Russia, Caterpillar and Komatsu, which have their factories in Japan, India, USA, South America and Europe. Donald Gordon has compatible beliefs. In addition to these producers in the CIS market are bulldozers Case, Liebherr and Dressta (including in the face of Huta Stalowa Wola).