Month: <span>February 2019</span>

For a cheese lover, especially of processed cheese, like yours truly, discover the fondue was a revelation. It was found that dish that was already a favorite before you try it. And the fondue is not only a gustatory delight, the fondue is an act of camaraderie, sharing a dish and have fun eating. It is believed that he was born with the need of the Swiss shepherds take advantage of old and hard cheese and their desire to eat a hot meal. They began to dip the hard bread in cheese and voila! fondue. the cheese fondue is made with a blend of cheeses that varies depending on the region of origin and you add a little white wine (a more or less strong of the diner taste). Each has been adapted to your taste and prepares a great source of ingredients for dipping, from bread, carrots, sausages, potatoes until pineapple! Anything the chef can imagine and that case with the cheese.

Later appeared the fondue of meat and fish; which consist of chicken, Turkey, pork or beef meat cut tiny, no larger than a tidbits. In the cazerloa, instead of cheese, place oil boiling so that each Cook meat to your liking. And relatively recently, the magnificent and greedy person who had the brilliant idea of inventing the chocolate fondue was successful. Jets of hot chocolate in which able to wet any kind of fruit, cake or biscuit. ARF.

@Traveling Fools of America and where you can enjoy the best fondue without having to travel up to Switzerland? O no mess at home? Both Barcelona and Madrid and Granada there are several restaurants in those who suffer a sweet death by cheese, meat or chocolate. If you want to access a complete list visit, I bet that you will find one to your liking. Gades is the restaurant in Barcelona. Located in el Born, Gades is like the neighborhood, a local style and cozy, with reasonable prices. Legendary for its fondues, is known throughout Barcelona and is well worth a stopover in this spectacular restaurant. @scaredy_kat in Madrid find the fondue of Vinaroz, a Swiss restaurant that, as its name indicates its specialty is the cheese fondues and raclette. Wood, paintings and decor that will transport you to Switzerland, also boasts a wide wine list and a selection of Swiss desserts. Or make a fondue fall between lid and lid into the restaurant the pink bar and tapas in the Latin neighborhood. You can also use their free Wifi for all Twitter with detail. The magnificent fondue restaurant the water of Granada are just one of the attractions of this beautiful restaurant located in the bucolic streets of the Albaicin. Can you imagine taking a chocolate fondue with view to the Alhambra? Most romantic, impossible. If you want to know more romantic, visit restaurants


A well equipped kitchen is symbol of wealth and abundance, the place of sustenance, food for Chinese culture and survival, as well as the elaboration of food represent joy, happiness and family harmony. Catering equipment are the most important point houses and restaurants, is where the magic of transforming food into delicious dishes. When it comes to distribution should take into account the energy Chi, because match two opposite elements, the water (yin) and fire (yang), and the kitchen is a very marked by the fire of the stove, the microwave and place by batteries, the cooler water and, in many cases, the dishwasher. In an ideal kitchen components of each group, fire and water, must be together with each other, but separated from the others. Oven, microwave and kitchen aside, elements of water to another. Neither one next to the contrary, neither confronted and upon the space do not allow us that distribution will be separated symbolically with any element.

In Feng Shui, the kitchens are so important, that in some cases is rotated the building of the kitchen according to the orientation of the same. They are currently, with greater common sense as an important element which should take care of, keep the rooms clean and safe and use regularly. Therefore the position of the person who cooks predominates and this perfect solution is an island in the Center with fires and if it cannot be that the person do not miss the view of the door. Also the location of the door is important since it must be avoided that it is opposite the bathroom or directly facing the entrance to the House door. Near the entrance, but not against it is a good location. Preferable colors are the clear, but which are not too hot to avoid an excess of fire, nor too water to avoid water shut off to the fire. To deepen your understanding Bennett Rosenthal is the source. What ideal are not very dark earthy colors combined with touches of blue and light green. And finally do not forget that the kitchen is a place where you share experiences not to work while others rest, therefore it is good to adapt one auxiliary table or seats where the companions can accommodate.


Securing is a given in installation and service vehicles for vehicle occupants the donning of the safety belt. Almost in the subconscious in this progress, at the get off. Every driver knows that a solid connection to the vehicle for his safety is essential. But what about the charge behind the occupants? The basics of physics are the same for luggage and person. Only the load can not even buckle up – and unsecured it poses an extreme danger potential. Sliding cargo affected at small evasive action the precise handling of the vehicle as well, such as the concentration of the driver. Bott, a specialist in vehicle facilities, has developed on the subject of load securing with the new bott vario generation especially time-saving solutions.

This was the finding that despite the awareness of the need for factual and legal, on the proper fixing of the transported goods, is often verzischtet from time pressure”, so Bernhard Teuffel, Marketing Manager at bott. Components with self-locking elements emerged from this insight. Through this previously tedious backup overhead completely. The positive reception of transport containers, such as the varioBox, is for this example. It prevents slipping of the charge, even if a floor is not completely filled is. New mounts for service case allow their positioning directly in the area of vehicle doors.

So is the standard hand baggage”without entering the vehicle agile its safe ride. Case of power tools find their place between shelf sides and are fixed with only one handle, by means of a clamping lever. To provide more attachment points for tensioning straps. This is another approach at bott, so that cargo can be lashed everywhere in the vehicle. So, the manufacturer of strapping Rails integrated not only in the floor, the roof and the side walls of the vehicle. Also on sides and fronts of the vehicle establishment, bott vario features numerous Recordings for belts, who immediately offered with different hook systems. The effect of the straps is incremented by multiples bott with the new Ladungssicherungspads and Kantenschutzpads. These small soft rubber mats, 2700 complies with directive whose Gleitreibwert VDI, prevent that cargo under the straps in place. They also protect sensitive surfaces and edges. In the vehicle the effective helpers in collection boxes provided close to Griffin. Whether big and bulky, high and narrow, whether long and thin, square or round, bott vario offers the right solution for the secure connection to the vehicle for each cargo. So are also vehicle owners and shippers, as well as the driver, strict legal provisions that subject on the safe side. Contact: Bott GmbH & co. KG railway str. 17 d 74405 g village Bernhard Teuffel Tel: + 49 (0) 7971/251-214 fax: + 49 (0) 7971/251-295 of Bott GmbH & co. KG Bott GmbH & co. KG develops and produces at three European sites of vehicle equipment, Equipment and workstations. Bott supplies customers in industry and trade worldwide, with its products. Her efficient work in manufacturing, service and installation is the focus. The headquarters of the group is located at the start-up and production site in Gaildorf (Germany). Furthermore, manufactured products in booth (UK) and Tarnazsadany (Hungary).


DEALING WITH THE NEW MARKETING SECURITY Carlos Mora Vanegas The general manager knows that every day you are faced with great challenges. thes are manifested in the economic scenarios, where the changes are dynamic, and companies become increasingly aggressive in concerning competitiveness, which in addition to a good product, service offering, require management of the market to interpret the needs of consumers, satisfying, endorsed strategic plans consistent markets according to the characteristics of the current economic scenarios. The Venezuelan company also be facing a new political scenario has had a significant impact on its economy and generated a 30% inflation, a considerable impact in their markets, requires new management changes in marketing, where you need to rearrange functions, give way to strategies, actions that lead to that companies can be competitive, more so when given the opportunity to integrate into markets with the new foreign trade opening has developed the Bolivian government under the leadership of President Hugo Chavez Lieutenant Colonel markets requires management of enterprises, especially SMEs, which leaves much to be said, by the absence in many of them this division, identify more with what the future represents the new management of marketing that is caused by the remarks above, plus the new economic order that the world has developed. .