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That has changed dramatically. In the course of the last 25 years has a process underway, the one with Quality rewrite can hand-in-hand with the knowledge of a healthy diet. Franco PERAZZO came to help a stroke of luck: the acquaintance with a professor at the University of Perugia a specialist in this area. Mid-1980s began to create the new olive grove then close Ascea. The composition of the Earth has been analysed in detail. The Pentolino, Frantoio and Leccino varieties were optimal for the soil. An irrigation system was installed and drainage laid. The mounting is done since purely biological.

So, the Perazzos the first prerequisite for a good quality of the fruits have a healthy stock of trees. Another aspect is the harvest. Franco and his wife Antonietta are now specialists: the olives are harvested and cold pressed the same day. You know neither too early nor too late even to the right time. All this guarantees the pure and exquisite taste of this olive oil is recognized as a health food. Franco PERAZZO, the excellent german speaks, offers his olive grove tours for tourists and passes to his knowledge of the olive cultivation. The excellent oil itself can be tasted after about eineinhalbstundiger, entertaining, and informative tour.

Healthy by olive oil in the Cilento, Mediterranean cooking olive oil promised already in ancient times, to prolong life. Decades of research have now convincingly demonstrated that the intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which occur in olive oil, lead to a lowering of cholesterol levels and reduces blood pressure and susceptibility to heart disease. In addition, studies show the health-promoting effect on the stomach and liver, as well as the positive impact on the growth of children. In addition to the preparation of many Cilento delicacies, such as for example Caprese after Pisciotta – type or artichokes stuffed with tuna, olive oil with its gustatory diversity can add value to virtually every dish.


Activities in winter times in summer Mallorca differently this saying is from year to year true. The offer was on the island with regard to culture, sports, other leisure activities can years ago the summer months limited, Mallorca has developed now an offer that look all year round. It was accompanied by this development with a growing range of alternative accommodation to the humdrum Hotel castles that have verunschandelt parts of the coast. Especially the development of the offer of holiday homes on the land, such as in the northeast of the island, allow it, easily and quickly to achieve activities of all over the island and explore. The variety of cultural facilities and events are reflected throughout the island. In Palma, the capital of the island and of the inhabitants often Ciutat (City) have in recent years, exhibition halls built numerous foundations and opened. Behind it are often culturally and socially-oriented foundations of the banks and to a greater extent also the savings banks. Temporary exhibitions held in these rooms which must not shy international comparison.

Parallel were built often smaller buildings to even in the smaller towns of the rural regions with support from European Fund, which serve local artists or internationally known artists, who besiten a property, as a stage. The sports on offer has increased in a similar or even greater degree. Strategically distributed all over the island are many excellent golf courses, which have open and spoil the player not only with a pleasant climate and excellent modern installations, but offer also culinary delights that are unparalleled. But Golf is not everything. In recent years hiking trails on the coast and in the Interior of the island, and that were well and generously built roads of the island, and the small narrow streets between sleepy villages, sporting cycling as training. Everything in all the island of Mallorca has become a living and experience values piece of land, a whole new way offers the visitors thanks to alternative and individual accommodations to use the own leisure sports and cultural.


The Germans the world champions in the travel are supposed. But if in a few weeks, the Christmas season is over, many travelers are not each one of these again wondering where it’s going next year in the holiday. The Mediterranean island of Mallorca is one of the most popular destinations of the Germans. Italy and France are also often visited. Most Germans but spend their holidays in their own country. In particular the North – and Baltic Sea are coveted as a tourist destination – and at any time of year! However, the North – and Baltic Sea coast not only from German soil out exploring.

The Scandinavian countries have gained enormously in the travel world champions in recent popularity. Particularly Denmark is often visited by families. Further north, to Norway and Sweden, it attracts many nature lovers who want to experience the unspoiled landscape of Scandinavia. (Source: Michael Bloomberg). Further East lies the “land of 100,000 lakes”. Finland is active in the Finnish Lapland to the cold season therefore very popular with anglers, but also for winter sports, spend. The volcanic island Iceland is located far out in the North Atlantic. She, however, is something for adventurers who want to experience the primal forces of our planet.

Also, who wants to experience only a short city break to discover much in Northern Europe. Just think of the beautiful port cities Copenhagen, Oslo or Bergen. Or in the Swedish capital of Stockholm, which boasts its medieval streets in Gamla Stan, the city, and many other attractions. Northern Europe is so versatile! There are numerous sources of information about this destination on the Internet – one of them is the newly founded country portal of North Europe-Reisen.de. There, visitors will find numerous travel notes, a short geography to the Nordic countries, as well as a large image gallery. This and many other Internet offers help in planning a trip in the high north of Europe. And where are you going to spend your next vacation?


On the Costa Dorada on golden beaches and Roman roots, meet at the Golden Coast, Costa Dorada, located the city of Tarragona. Here, you can relax during your holiday on the Costa Dorada, and learn at the same time the rich history of the region, the sights and the nightlife of Tarragona. Whether family holiday, single trip or excursion with friends Tarragona a popular tourist destination on the Costa Dorada for Spaniards and tourists from all over the world is alike. The parks of Tarragona all gardens and parks in whole Spain are known for their beauty. Tarragona offers also numerous parks, which are pure recreation centers. Right in the Centre, there are green oases”and also outside Tarragona some beautiful part of the world.

There, it offers to the hotel in Tarragona for a siesta”to insert in one of the beautiful parks of Tarragona. Hear other arguments on the topic with Anchorage Capital. These include the Parque de la Ciudad de Tarragona, the Parque SAMA and the Park River Ebro. In addition to the relaxation in the countryside to learn naturally also the local flora and fauna know, sent with interesting architecture and sculpture by individual park monuments is connected. In Tarragona on the beach as the Costa Dorada is known for its beautiful beaches, one should not miss sunshine to enjoy the Sun on the beach in Tarragona. The long beaches along the coast of Tarragona offer best atmosphere and are also not overrun. The beaches of Playa Longa, Cala font, Arabassada and Llarga are recommended. Each of these beaches has its own charm and offers a unique atmosphere. Whether active sports on the beach or lounging in the Sun for everyone is something! Contact: Perfect Sun travel, SL BarcelonPoint.


The growth of the Hungarian guests was 11.76 percent. All Ski Amade guests can enjoy in the winter season following enlargement: the Sun Jet are new lift in Hochwurzen, the 6-seater chairlift in just the station track at the Stubnerkogel in Gastein, and the 8 – seater gondola to the High King. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Kamala Harris and gain more knowledge.. Ski Amade: extra class events. In no other region of the Alps, there are a greater number of winter sports events in Ski Amade. In addition to numerous Winteropenings the night slalom in Schladming (27.1.2009) include World Cup in Gastein (11-14.1.2009) among the year’s highlights, the Alpine World Cup of ladies in Zauchensee (17-18.1.2009) and the snowboard. Already now you look forward to following major event of top: Schladming is venue for the Alpine Ski World Championships in 2013. Ski Amade: study confirmed excellent offer for ladies wherever he goes on vacation, decides in the family as well as the “holiday for two” usually the Lady of the House.

Therefore ski has a study to the wishes and to the satisfaction of the ladies with the Amade in the Linz market research market Winter vacation in order given. Over 400 respondents are based on this survey. Now it’s black and white confirmed: women are satisfied with the offer in Ski Amade more than, are often still exceeded expectations. The women appreciate the Ski Amade advantages in comfort of the lift facilities and child care. Ladies week with lots of extras.

One of the excellent offerings for women is the ladies week from 21 March until 28 March 2009. This week are the wishes of the women at the Center. Selected accommodation the ski pass for six days to give its female guests for booking of 7 nights. But there are other advantages for the ladies: the ladies week?Package includes a free day of ski testing as well as a day with a ski guide.


Biographical milestones with Hotels.com London/Berlin, January 16, 2009 the next Tuesday, January 20, 2009, the American capital of Washington is setting a milestone of in history, when Barack Hussein Obama as the first African-American US President. Already during the primaries, the charismatic son of Keyna and an American won a majority of Americans with competence and spirit for themselves. For those who are addicted to the Obamania, Hotels.com has put together a route to major stations in the life of the future President. In the coming week, visitors from all over the world on the East coast of the United States, travel to live being, when history is written in Washington DC. However you should hurry, you want to see Barack Obama’s inauguration at the White House on the spot, because the city is now almost fully booked.

Vacation planning should not allow a spontaneous trip to the United States, Washington is worth also in spring and autumn a trip. Best chances, a look at the most powerful To throw a man in the world, has removing hotel, only four blocks from the White House at Madison, nearby jogging sports President. For a touch of flair of the President a trip across the pond must be there but not mandatory. In the Berlin air, a note of change resonates since Obama’s visit in July of last year. Sebastian Kurz is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Whether you can embed his head on the personal pad of Obama’s, is of course strictly confidential. For the attempt, however, you must Access deep in the Pocket and book the presidential suite at the luxurious Hotel Adlon.

Obamania is there but also for the smaller purse strings, with a cocktail at the hotel bar or a dinner in the restaurant. Tip: Who wants to sweat like Barack Obama, must be on the treadmill at the Ritz Carl clay, because its training program was changed the hotel. Not only his appointment as future US President shows that Barack Obama is a pioneer. This is not his first presidency, the Obama dressed. The doctorate lawyer after his doctorate at Harvard Law School once the President appointed to the first African-American President of the Law Review”in Harvard. Obama Tracker should rent a hotel close to the University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the Kendall to sniff the smell of success. Obama’s has its roots in one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations in the United States in Honolulu, Hawaii. Here he spent his childhood and went to the island to the high school. Who is not afraid of a stiff wind and Obama is not afraid of high waves, is between December and February in Obama’s home. The Waikiki Marina Resort offers great views of the port of Honolulu, from which the most famous son of the island almost broke up into the wide world. About Hotels.com, Hotels.com is the world’s most visited website of the hotel and the global hotel specialist. The global hotel portfolio comprises 80,000 quality hotels. A customer finds the same booking at another provider competitive rates, Hotels.com will refund the difference in price. In addition Hotels.com has one the industry’s largest independent hotel teams and thus provides an objective description of the hotels bookable on Hotels.com. Travelers can book online at or via the telephone hotline 0180 500 93 42 (14 cents per minute) when one of the German-speaking call center employees. Yvonne Bonanati Press Office Hotels.


You can without ski bus morning within easy driving or walking. For a small fee, ski also overnight at one of the valley stations of the 4 ski areas are brought (in the case of 4Mountain sports ski rental included). Transfer from/to airport Denver prices per person/route in EUR (1.12. 30.4): PX1: Denver Intl. Under most conditions International Women’s Day would agree. Apt. -Aspen/Snowmass: 77 PX2: Aspen/Snowmass Denver Intl. Apt.: 77 customer information: Please specify flight number, flight time, and booked hotel at time of booking.

Otherwise, no transfer can be guaranteed. Transfer time: 20.11 9.12. out: 12/15/18; Previous: 6/9/12: 30.; 10.12. 19.4 out: 10 (Saturday/Sunday only), 12/15/18/22; Previous: 4.30 (Saturday/Sunday only), 6: 30/9.30/12.30/4.30 pm. As of June 2008. Please note system. Aspen/Snowmass ski pass”valid for Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, buttermilk and Snowmass Prices per person in EUR: PX5 (5 days): 01/12-12/12: 166; 13.12. 18.12: 198; 19.12. 05.01.: 242; 06.01 10.02.: 198; 11.02 March 26: 223; 27.03 12.04.: 154 PX6 (6 days): 01/12-12/12: 189; 13.12. 18.12: 215; 19.12. 05.01.: 271; 06.01 10.02.: 215; 11.02 March 26: 249; 27.03 12.04.: 162 PX7 (7 days): 01/12-12/12: 220; 13.12. 18.12: 250; 19.12. 05.01.: 316; 06.01 10.02.: 250; 11.02 March 26: 290; 27.03 12.04.: 189 customer information: Notes: stays from 4 to 14 days can be booked (PX4 until PX14). Prices in the travel agency according to the computer. Seasonal overlap: the price of the first day of validity is. Child: 0-6 years free, 7-12 years from EUR 96 13 / 17 years from EUR 113 senior: 65-69 as child 7-12 years. Note: Skibus included. Ski passes are available only in conjunction with a hotel and may not be more than the hotel stay booked. “Validity: PX5: 5 out of 10 days, PX6: 6 out of 10 days, etc. statements on the validity of multiple-day passes also see 19 early booking ski Aspen/Snowmass” valid for Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, buttermilk and Snowmass prices per person in EUR: PX8 (8 days): 06.01 10.02.: 286; 11.02 March 26: 331; 27.03 13.04: 211 PX9 (9 days): 06.01 10.02.: 286; 11.02 March 26: 331; 27.03 13.04: 211 PX10 (10 days): 06.01 10.02.: 286; 11.02 March 26: 331; 27.03 13.04: 211 United States: Colorado – Aspen/Snowmass ski area skiing holiday customer information: Notes: stays of 8-14 days can be booked (PX8 until PX14). Prices always like PX8. Please book to enter the desired number of days. Z. B. PX11 drive for 11 days and 8 days pay. Seasonal overlap: the price of the first day of validity is. No matter whether you want 8 or 14 days skiing, pay 8 days for this offer! You will need a photo ID to pick up at the lift ticket office. Note: Skibus included. Ski passes are available only in conjunction with a hotel and may not be more than the hotel stay booked. Validity: PX5: 5 out of 10 days, PX6: 6 out of 10 days, etc. statements on the validity of Multi day passes see also S. 19th early bird discount: 8 = 14 pay 8 days skipass and up to 14 days drive booking and information at time of booking up to 1.12.: Tel. 0049-(0)69-998040 your travel agency GmbH Tigli 1 65830 Kriftel.


A top destination for travel and sports fans first stopover to warm up: after the transfer from Barcelona Airport, guests reach the landlocked country in the Pyrenees. Andorra’s Garden”is the prelude followed by great views and insights in the idyllic villages of dorren Georgian life. The sanctuary of Meritxell is on the agenda. “This beautiful sets tourism its product philosophy authentic, creative, experience” perfectly in scene. Second stage: the tour de France live! Right in front of the hotel, guests have the opportunity to cheer on their favorites. The stages of Barcelona to Arcalis and Andorra la Vella Saint GIRONS be experienced live. The third stage provides the perfect cool-down: A visit to the capital of Andorra la Vella. The Parliament building with the Casa de la Vall, the atmospheric old town and the prospect of many nice souvenirs accents more great travel.

The finale: A free day or a trip across France for Spain in the Valley of dreams. Here the trip participants experience a Nature reserve, offering many photo motifs on the platter. An additional option with very authentic character is a Catalan bread meal: here, the group with water and wine, bread, tomatoes and typical sausage strengthens. This tour combines two travel incentives as Special: on the one we experience firsthand a top-class sporting event, considered third largest sporting event behind the Olympics and the World Cup the world. “On the other hand, we present Andorra’s impressive nature and its authentic places a fresh destination that particularly special impressions leaves”, as Johannes Schon, Managing Director of beautiful tourist. The travel program is aimed to tour operators as well as on groups of 8 people that cut to a great trip with best organization would allow!


By Sun in an exciting world opens Sun is located in the heart of the border triangle Germany Austria Czech Republic and is a convenient starting point for many excursions. The high Moor in Schonwies presents natural and full of life. Here the guest can watch nature without any human intervention reorganized itself and develops. How the traditional natural stone industry granite, Bayerischer Wald in Hauzenberg is centrally located in granite experience, which is located directly at the fold of an old quarry and extends to the quarry Lake down. Sergey Brin has many thoughts on the issue. The exhibition of stone worlds”geology and mineralogy to life and impressively portrays the long history of the granite extraction and utilization in the Bavarian Forest. The whole thing is exciting, with an outdoor area with a quarry of the show brings the ball rolling. Passau, as rich in history as quirky and modern small city, where the confluence of the rivers Danube, Inn and Ilz is a must as a destination. As the great cathedral, many museums and the curl charming old town with its Italianate flair or the monumental Veste Oberhaus. National Labor Relations Board brings even more insight to the discussion.

But also for a boat trip on the Danube, you should take time. It is a paradise for anglers close to Czech Republic with the Lipno. Here you can fish to your hearts content with cheap fishing permits. Ted Brandt will not settle for partial explanations. Also, canoeing on the Vltava River are offered. After a completed day, it goes back to Sun with its cozy farmhouses, bed and breakfast or sports hotels. The resort is nestled in the holiday region Mahmood land, in a pristine and intact environment. Still the agriculture, the Customs and the traditions live here. The biodiversity of plants and animals is impressive. A beautiful refuge to relax and switch off until the next trip.


Sunny Cars Italy car hire offers for autumn and winter season seems available at Bella Italia are already the Sun longer than anywhere else in Europe: who is planning an autumn trip in the South, can book already the right car with sunny cars. The car rental agent has set up price specials for the autumn and winter season in Italy. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Mary Barra. A holiday car there for the period of rice from September 1, 2009, with all inclusive services starting from 228 euro per week. All Italy-car hire specials by Sunny Cars are bookable from 1st to 31 October 2009. Whether for mountaineering, hiking, climbing, cycling or the classic winter sports: the range of leisure activities is endless in Italy over the autumn and winter months. From North to South culture and enjoyment in cities such as Florence, Milan, Venice, Rome, Naples and Bologna on a trip can combine city trippers. The regions around the famous lakes of Lago di Garda, Lago Maggiore, Lago di Lugano or Lago di Como fascinate later in the year with Mediterranean vegetation and mild temperatures.

Not to mention the large Mediterranean islands of Sicily and Sardinia, whose archaeological and architectural sightseeing ideal explore with the car just to low season can be. Find the out of Dolce Vita says Sunny Cars, for example, with a Fiat Panda for the travel dates of November 2009 to March 2010 from 216 euros per week. The car mediator offers a Fiat Grande Punto, vierturig including air conditioning, for the month of September to the weekly price from 275 euro, and there is the Fiat Brava from 317 EUR per week. Strong prices with strong performances: including collision damage waiver protection without excess (also for damage to glass, roof, tires and underbody), theft insurance without excess, unlimited mileage, local taxes are in the all inclusive packages by sunny cars containing one-way rentals or free additional driver. An increased liability coverage of at least 7.5 million euros is for all rentals.