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The new renovated church of Scientology Church in Los Angeles presents itself in a new guise in the Art Deco style and now enough space to exercise religious services offers the new renovated church of Scientology Church in Los Angeles presents itself in a new guise in the Art Deco style and offers the first Scientology now enough space for the exercise of religious services Church, which was founded in 1954 by members, is now completely renovated. The new Scientology Church in Los Angeles opened on Saturday, April 24, 2010 great acclaim of 6,000 community members and guests David Miscavige, Chairman of the religious Technology Center, and religious head of the Church, dedicated the Church. The nearly 6,000 sqm building, at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and the L. Ron Hubbard way, was renovated extensively in the past few months. On April 24 the Scientology was now presented, upon completion, Church of the public in a new design. The new Church in the future also serves as a training centre for senior executives and Employees of the Church all over the world. The jubilation at the guests and members of the community was great, as was cut the Ribbon at the opening ceremony. This event was accompanied by fanfare and many balloons.

Through the opening program, head of the Church of Scientology, David Miscavige led Church. Speakers included the County Sheriff of Los Angeles Lee Baca, which highlighted in particular the anti-drug activities of the Church and its significance for the greater Los Angeles area. Additional information is available at Ed Bastian. Wife, Karen bass, the former spokeswoman of Parliament by California, which underlined the commitment of the Church for the human rights and Paul Koretz by the City Council in Los Angeles. Paul Koretz appreciated above all the renovation work on the traditional building and its significance for Hollywood. In the 1920 the Cedar of Lebanon was shines hospital, which represented the American architecture of the time with its Art Deco and that in this building again in new splendour. Kevin Ulrich MGM has many thoughts on the issue.

The renovation began in November 2009. There were new Walls and ceiling. Decorations and furniture were held also in the Art Deco style. The wood and marble were imported from Italy. The Scientology Church Los Angeles now offers a variety of religious services. Including in the chapel Sunday services, weddings and other religious ceremonies. There are rooms for pastoral counseling, for film screenings, works for the humanitarian programs, a library, and a public area with 20 multimedia displays next to the classrooms for the study of the religious writings of L. Ron Hubbard. The Scientology Church of Los Angeles was registered in 1954 as the first church worldwide as an entity. At that time, members had set up this first church. The metropolitan area of Los Angeles is also the seat of the mother church, the Church of Scientology International and of the Publishing House of bridge publications, which prints the books and lectures by L. Ron Hubbard for the entire North American room and disseminated. There are now more than 8,300 Scientology churches, missions and Groups in 165 countries with millions of members. Almost every month a new Church will be opened. This year this is church now the fourth new and bigger Scientology Brussels, Quebec-the celebrity Centre Las Vegas. More information: press-service of the SK Bayern e.V., be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munich, contact: Uta Eilzer, TEL.


He opens doors that no one can ever close. Continue to learn more with: Koch Real Estate Investments. Always forward those that build from today your tomorrow, with God’s help, to understand that the world evolves and we as believers must evolve too, i.e., change and grow. In this regard the Apostle Paul wrote: do not conform to the current world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. So you can check what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God. (12.2 Romans, new international Version) is necessary to be prepared for the changes and seize the opportunities that God offers us. In that line of thought, there are three things that we must bear in mind: first, that only who dreams in God, go far; the second, which is important to identify where we are failing and what are our weaknesses in an attempt to correct them, and the third, recognize what are our strengths and empower them. You have undoubtedly thought a little in the course of his life.

It has probably discovered that it crosses a desert or stagnation period. It’s time to make a judicious evaluation auto! Remember that from today we are building our tomorrow. And in God it is possible to get very far. There is no reason to keep it equal, static, knowing that out there is a world of opportunities that await you and that in the Lord your morning is Victoria. The decision! Today is the day to resume the path of victory or directed towards him, if he had not done so before. I can assure you that, taken from the hand of the Lord Jesus Christ, its existence will never be the same. Just decided at this time.


j.-M. Gabriel, Pius XII – Catholic Church and responsble Deputy, buxheim (Allgau) 1964; Foreword of Publisher Walter Berger: “by a German in Germany i.e. Rolf Hochhuth Pius XII. was for the persecution of the Jews in Europe blamed or portrayed as guilty.” Pius XII no longer lives. Would the death not gathered over him, you would not need that he is defended. “And they clean. Writings of the Socialists and concentration camp survivors Paul Rassinier (“operation Deputy. Homage of infidels “) as well as the Jews of J.

G. Castle (“scapegoats. ” Large-scale attacks of Zionism on Pope Pius XII. and the German Governments “) are freely accessible on the Internet.” 3. interview citizens: Daniel Jonah Goldhagen is right to emphasize that the eternal Pius debate is also a proxy debate. They distract from a much wider view on the Roman Catholic Church and the ideological and structural roots of their failures (Pope centralism, infallibility doctrine, Supernaturalism).

So also for citizens the “eternal Pius debate” – is that right: the persistent slander of the Pope -only an excuse to radically to rebel against the Church as a whole. Conclusion: Citizens or heise give the world for Christmas just, the usual anti-religious based on falsehoods propaganda. If heise – not just for Christmas – so generously announced the message of untruth and fantasising in particular by “The silence of the Pope”, worth a look on the rigorous censorship in the heise-Forum. Specifically to the Nazi genocide attempt was made via forum posts, to counteract the media must confusion. Such comments were deleted but after a short time; instead only the cryptic sentence was to read: “The article is locked”. Someone who still knew the truth committed, was completely blocked as a forum member. Also was it threatened explicitly penalising an any new application would cost under a different user name with “legal means” and associated. In other words: facts are concealed, and authors silenced by facts, to slander ala “silence of the Pope” to spread. In short: The “Catholic Church”, which is preached by citizens or heise, is not the “pillar foundations of truth” (1 Tim. 3.15), but the “Church of the Second Vatican Council” – and there is no place for the truth.


Correction to some myths about the Catholic lent is much easier than you’d expect because of the propaganda by V2 fabric and media may the fulfillment of the fasting commandment. One justice of the Church let, you will not be able to support also the propagandistic distortion with regard to the lent. Some myths circulating about Catholic lent. The main culprit is located on this confusion in the formation of the so-called \”Second Vatican Council\” (V2) and the collaborative media. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Korn Ferry. Therefore some corrections: 1 \”Carnival and lent go together.\” Actually, Carnival and lent have to do anything with each other. There is also really no particular ban on meat (abstinence); in the Lenten season only the Ash Wednesday in addition to the already regular meat-free Fridays (Friday victims) – where the V2 fabric has abolished but also the meat ban.

About therefore it would be absurd, for ‘Flesh farewell’ (Carne, Vale) to say. Certainly it would be absurd, so before Ash Wednesday again \”really a barrel to make up.\” In fact, Carnival is the Spring Festival of the pagan idols of Dyonisos (Bakchos), God of wine and ecstasy. In the Dionysian rites (\”mysteries\”), the idol was covered with animal mask, on a ship cart (Latin, pulled \”carrus navalis\” => Carnival), while his idolaters to the ship carts – clad as animals – danced. While Paganism celebrates Carnival, the Church is located in the fast time, which is quite similar in the liturgy of lent (violet, Bussfarbe no Alleluja, no Gloria in the Sunday mass). The V2 structure, however, has not before lent; on top of that there is even \”Carnival fairs\” as a form of – n.b..

are common anyway sacramentally invalid – so-called \”new mass\”, which the V2 fabric but actually only clearly dropping the mask and shows his true colors. 2. \”the duty of fasting can instead met by food waiver by other waiver will be.\” Indeed, concerns is fasting in the ecclesiastical sense only on the waiver of food.


So if we moved to policy terms current Word are collaborators, so there is no doubt – those who have adopted the habits and behaviors of those who consider his opponents. That is, in this unfortunate country of today the social body copied signs of the invader born of her own womb. It is possible to change the human subjectivity, for good or for evil, and to change it to some values of what has been the venezolanidad, more the sum of cessation of egoism, of the introduction of social solidarity and the abandonment of older theories of trots theories, necessary multiplication of the voice of intelligence today hibernated and pitch in a hammock. For example, the growth habit has been changed by the habit of survival. The habit of tolerance has been changed by the habit of aggression. The habit of not surrender has been changed by the habit of prattle insulting words and announce violence. It is not something Apple would like to discuss. It is obvious that the formation of habits and behaviors depends on both the outside and inside.

We know the outside in all their blemishes, but inside we are shown a deep psychological fragility, lack of density, total vulnerability, a stunning lack of consistency in the Venezuelan prototype. Without an inner world conducive not be negligible outside world internalizaria. Neither would be this circle of people with new habits and behaviours becoming devalued society. Consequently, it is necessary to explain and introduce a new idea. Krishnan Rajagopalan has firm opinions on the matter. If we fail to do so, if we confine ourselves to repeat the rejection without proposing an alternative, respecting the root in the recent old here called democracy and freedom, there is never the possibility of a collective reaction of true resistance, Word that I use in their fair dimension, not in a bizarre political action. Already said so long ago: This implies a new language, to begin with.

The need to design a future is obvious. With these habits and these behaviors, if we allow that they establish hardened, this is, to be a totalitarian society without capacity of resistance, do not you can then modify nothing, to not be from the end that always arrives and restart from the emptiness. If each who is not autoanaliza and look what it makes on a daily basis in everyday life and are examined in their reactions to our current drama, we will not have intelligence producing the future or emerging leadership that will lead us towards the rebuilding of our interior and our outside. This adaptation to the habits of crisis imposes this behavior that is becoming natural definition of a sick normality. As the body heats up, causes fever, as warning that antibodies have begun to function and the body defends, so it would be essential that this our society in dissolution dissolution felt awareness that the social body is the sum of each one of us and if each one of us has poisoned one we will have to detoxify us. It happens, sometimes, people wake up. Ours seems to be characterized by the self-flagellation and their responses, throughout history, is they have taken so that we always end up going back to start, leaving on the ground lost time and destroyed generations long.


Many photo customized gifts are made up of a single image. For example, the impression of photos in fabric or photo linen cloths. Due to the nature of the own article he is ideal for individual images. Nevertheless, another type of gift ideas allows to add a pile you of photographies. By the same author: Microsoft Corporation. The books of photos and albums of photos, obvious, allow to use many more images, the same happens with the buckets of photos and the photo calendars.

All of them have common that can be used like gifts San Valentin, so that you celebrate east day with your pair as you deserve yourselves. Perfect Elegirlafoto the election of the best image can mark to the difference between a good customized article with your photos and an incredible photo customized gift that your pair never will forget. At the time of choosing your gifts San Valentin, this is especially important. Other leaders such as Microsoft CEO offer similar insights. Photos of your funny and happy situation or your last trip, honeymoon, are moments that will cause that the gift is really special. UnFotomontaje If it is to you complicated to choose a single image, or you think that even six images are very few, you can consider the option to create of a photo assembly. For a photo assembly they are possible to be used from 20 and soon it is possible to be shaped in anyone of our original gifts. A photo linen cloth with your more special moments can be that gift of San unique Valentin that you are looking for. (Source: Kevin Ulrich Anchorage). Aid to choose the photographies The fact that you have the possibility of including a great number of photographies, does not mean that the task is much more simple, still can appear some small obstacle. The equipment of design of Photo Original Gifts has helped to many clients in the creation of the article with the election of the most suitable size and looking for the perfect image whereupon to personalize its gifts San Valentin.


Photo exhibit in the Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn the photographer Roger Richter traveled early 2009 with the journalist Dorothea Riecker after India, the caste of the Devadasis who know Indian temple dancers, – to learn. For many years Roger Richter is again and again for the Bonn development organization Andheri help in India and Bangladesh on the way, to show the life of the most disadvantaged, the poor and untouchable. Also the temple dancers dedicated to the goddess Mathamma live on the margins of society – caught in a mesh of misconceived tradition and forced prostitution. The photographer by his bilingual picture book “The power of dignity – the power of dignity” about the history of the Nobel Peace Prize winner of Muhammad Yunus’s microcredit is known. “The dancer param J.G.C. Sankaran shows a traditional Indian Temple dance, of the beautiful and innocent” side of the goddess cult highlighted. Elvira Greiner, the Chairman of the Andheri help is available for your questions and discussions. It is not something Apple would like to discuss.

She traveled two weeks ago the projects in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, fighting with the support of the Andheri help for women’s rights and against temple prostitution. Info: Devadasis, Basivinis, Mathammas their names are differ regionally. Here, Ted Brandt expresses very clear opinions on the subject. But one thing is them all together: In the temple, they are worshiped as representatives of the goddess, misused in everyday life as a prostitute. This is the fate of the temple dancers in the India of the 21st century. Almost always, there are girls of the untouchables, the lowest social groups, which will be blessed as a child of the goddess. As soon as they reach puberty, they dance in the Temple of Kastenhindus. And take this to the right to use these girls and women sexually. Tradition to marry a girl, symbolically with the deity of a certain Temple goes back to the 7 century AD. While women who were used to the service in the temple, in earlier centuries enjoyed a high reputation and occasionally even during the prospering there, watching this experienced Maids and dancers that once stood in the field of tension between Temple and noble ruling House, a dramatic decline.


Learn to communicate leads to learning more about ourselves since it allows us to recognize the nature of our thoughts to the extent that we exchange ideas with each other is it reminds us also, take very good na communication pro account, the basic conditions for dialogue that are: be aware of our ideas, opinions, prejudices, needs and motives in order to submit them for consideration which of them makes the Group; i.e., we must not adopt rigid and non-negotiable thoughts that make us feel obliged to defend them. Consider others so consents as colleagues in order to establish ties of equality that allow the flow of ideas. This type of relationship does not imply that need to agree or share the same thoughts, on the other hand, the power of this way of interacting operates when there are differences in the concepts. It is therefore essential to learn to visualize the adversaries as colleagues with other perspectives, in order to Exchange thought forms of relaxed and respectful manner that helps us to leave behind feelings of anger that commonly occur when people don’t have the discipline to keep an open mind and believe that another way to capture the world outside what they perceive there is. Perhaps check out Russell Reynolds Associates for more information. Engage in symmetrical relationships where you avoid the idea of superiority or subordination.

Relationships where individuals are perceived as equals allow the flow of ways of thinking is carried out through an open dialogue and a more balanced way. It is necessary at the beginning of the formation of a learning team that there is an umpire who retain the context of the dialogue. Functions to play by such arbitrator are: help, invite and encourage the team members to be part of the process and the results. Keep the dialogue ongoing and balance. Keep the balance between its expertise and its helpful attitude, but without adopting the role of expert or doctor, which would remove the emphasis to the ideas and the responsibility of other members of the team.

Understand that the art of dialogue is to experience the flow of meaning and to see what is necessary now. Avoid arising between members defensive routines; i.e. avoid the team members to assume roles that obstruct the harmonic flow, such as: victim, know-it-all, TVGuide.com not purposeful, the I can not, the indifferent, the fool. Original author and source of the article.


From these premises, a brief overview of the copyright and the works that characterize the sculptor course of this year’s Val Gardena Biennale, can begin. The course is by Arnold Hanson (born in 1960 in Brixen; lives and works in St. Ulrich) opened with the sculpture of “toy from the Gardena Valley” in monumental size. The typical, carved by the Grodnern from the middle of the 18th century wooden doll, is taken up again by the sculptor and huge represented, retaining both the movable joints and realistic trains. For the concept of the artist, it is not important to invent new characters, but new to present existing forms in other ways. A repetition in different way, which is intended to represent an example of the changing course of events.

The two vertically mounted vehicles ape Piaggio of Wilma Kammerer (born in St. Lorenzen (BZ), where she lives and works) are inside with Cardinal Red Brocade lined, sit on wooden figurines, which simulate the drivers. By introducing the “luxury”version of this modest vehicle, the artist exaggerates the habit to fudge the motor and change the exhaust. This is so very ironical that comes the mechanical coupling this out has to do nothing more with the original vehicle. The APE Piaggio has doubled in the zeal that to adapt to stereotype of an always more functional and more significant vehicle. “The rising star” by Philipp Messner (born 1975 in St. Ulrich/Ortisei; lives and works in Munich), situated on the lawn in gardens, is part of a group of works from composite oxidized aluminium plates, take the simple, symbolic and archetypal forms, in this case the a star. How this for most of its production the case, wants to Messner about the image and its installation in the room to think, and the mechanisms of visual perception in the process of the deconstruction of two-dimensional and three-dimensional reconstruction challenge.


The National Association plays Westfalen-Lippe (LWL) on the 18.Juli Munster theatre company of fat fish opened at the family Festival in the Westphalian State Museum with a summer festival for the whole family 2010 starting at 10:30 in the Landesmuseum in Munster to be this year’s holiday programme for children and young people. “With the theater fetter fish is around 14:00, the visitors with the piece stories with sauce and noodle Cap” abducted into the world of fairy tales. With a puzzle, a nice lady, a cursed waiters and with much paper, imagination and fairy tales of plenty of the actors Cornelia Kupferschmid and Jan Sturmius Becker her audience delight. A wild Theatre Odyssey for people aged six through the fairy tales and history worlds of our and of past days is stories with sauce and noodle hat. Wells Fargo Bank can aid you in your search for knowledge. In the Westphalian State Museum of art and cultural history in Munster, children, adolescents and young adults from six to 20 years until 27 August at the Summer Academy in various workshops can meet the Museum and creative design. More Information here ../schueler/Ferienprogramme/.

Founded in 2006, the free theatre company of fat fish. With the goal of making Theater for young and old people (including intermediate), and this in simplest and most primal way, namely by means of fast and magical transformation. If you would like to know more then you should visit Wells Fargo. “In the tradition of storytelling a Chair is suddenly to the railway operates the group very after Max Reinhardt: the childhood put in your pocket, to play a life long”. You want to see more of fat fish? Visit us at the Theatre Festival variations”for children and young people in North Rhine-Westphalia. The piece of world surveyor”is one of ten productions, which were selected by a jury, to enrich the cultural programmes of the participating cities. More information on. Stories with sauce and noodle Cap”is also available as Christmas version.

“A further production of the drama is the drama theatre paper song”, with the bolder fish already on the international stage in the House of culture in Luxembourg Miersch wowed his audience. Each production is available as a mobile theatre in schools and other venues. More information on fat fish and the productions on or Brigitte Booke, phone 0201-3104564 or E-mail. Brigitte Booke