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And besides order for this placement, we reduce you to a night club, the most fashionable in Moscow, recently discovered, and you'll be with them on exclusive rights to work as a taxi and be in the cheese and butter and caviar lunch ride … "Well, we think, lucky, lucky so. We phoned the manager of the club and talked all the fashion. It turned out that the car as a taxi they need not even Mercedes and Jaguars, Porsches … Well yes, we said to them, and that may be all the same as a Mercedes and as a suitable taxi, S220 and S221. And then, What do you know, they give the Jaguars … We met at the club after this fashion. Arrived.

Fashionable, and the Wellcome cocktail terribly tasteless, chairs at tables, soft colors of gray, like dirty, and a table that not many nor less than 150 000 rubles for rent paid for the evening, well, if not stupidity. These guests, they, you know, I want to sit behind the tables on the second floor to be above all and in all with a high look. So complex, well, what would the children do not teshilis. We looked at it. And they said, will submit to you three colors of black Mercedes.

We were told that as well. Stoyanochki taxi to select, exclusive to arrange a taxi, they say. We put the girls English and their beautiful booklets supplied, and prices are educated on the zones the taxi did. And there began a freak show, obhohocheshsya. Devonki stood, stood up pretty well … exclusive and does not smell here. And really there is no taxi stoyanochek them, and a companion, in Russian with difficulty speaking, there are taxis and run by the manager for him no authority at all. And the need to place denezhek for parking. Not a problem, brought to work .. let still no life. Taxi friend climb, fish is climbing, yet out of the hands of girls pulled out. We looked at it, patiently, and said in his own mess work .. And the idea was a sensible – for clients in the VIP taxi expense include ordering a precious table and even arrange your taxi club fashion consisting of Mercedes and Daewoo Nexia not from Hyundai accent and broken. They called us back, but we did not go ..

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(Our industry drives for rolling shutters and roller shutters still does not). If you already have a decent entrance gate (the fence), I would not recommended to change them. It is best to install them electric, and this is especially useful when the gate opens inward. If the door opens outward, the installation of several drives Sause width of the opening, about 12-14 cm on each side. Especially the monumental look sliding (sliding) doors. Their main advantage is manifested in the winter: you need to clear snow from the area just rollback the gate along the fence, but not all the space, like a swing.

In the supply of automation systems for gates leading Italians. This is a NICE, DITEC NOVOTECNICA, CAME, FAAC. Fundamental differences between them, the difference is really only in the logic of the control units and programming remote controls. Speaking of remote controls, remote controls they are called, are uravlyayut all this automation. Management is carried out over the air on a strictly selected frequency – this rule to all legally operating in the Russian manufacturers. Differences between the panels from each other only in the coding system 'own – a stranger. " In my opinion, the most easy to use remote controls, CAME, NICE, HORMANN, FAAC as the acquisition of optional remote, you can easily rewrite the code from an existing to a new, ie does not require radio receiver installed in the control unit.

This creates two equivalent right panel – clone ready for work, which does not allow the automation of other firms, requiring that the new console was in the immediate vicinity of the radio (at the gate, barrier, etc.). Please do not believe in charlatans and just semi-literate managers, stating that the equipment of one company can only work with consoles of its production. It all depends on the installed receiver. Possible to install any receiver in any remote controls in any equipment! Moreover, you can install the receivers of different manufacturers in parallel, ie, setting the receivers of one company, you can remotely open gates, barriers, etc. with a single remote both in his work and at home. In summary I would like to note that the ratio of "price – quality – maintainability 'I stopped at a hardware CAME, since the logic of this equipment is extremely simple, regularly supplied spares, remote control of all upgrades are compatible with each other, the demands to the supply voltage? 15%, which is close to the domestic guests? 20%, although, given recent events in the UES, I am going to buy the stabilizer voltage, and the best independent energogenerator. Regards, V. Kalitkin.

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Steel entrance door. The design of steel doors is very simple – a metal frame, sheet steel on the outside door, two ribs in the cavity of the door hinges, blockers, two locks. Depending on the manufacturer, the price of steel doors are very different, ranging from 100 to 800 dollars per square meter. The question arises why such a big run-up prices? Price steel doors is derived from parameters such as – the quality of the bearing structure, the finishing material, a manufacturer of door hardware and locking systems design. Some steel doors are equipped with a rough frame of welded metal pins that are hammered into the wall first. But most of the iron doors are mounted in the door without the use of welding on a steel pin or anchor bolt.

High-quality steel door shall be constructed of steel with a thickness not less than 2mm, and the number of ribs at least 2pcs. You should also pay attention to the box of a steel door. The box is in 'closed' (four walls) or the profile of a complex profile (step), but having three walls interpretation profile 'svyazonnogo' from the wall. Russian manufacturers in most cases prefer a closed profile with two chamber box. Although there are some companies that use a box of formed sections. For durability and safety of a steel door, heavily influenced by the quality loop.

If quality were poor, they just sag over time and will stick when you open the door and the door lock. More on price affects how much a quality lock set. On the entrance door should be at least two locks. If you are outside the loop, it is desirable to establish special pins (blockers). That will keep the steel door, while trying to cut-off loops. These pins are mounted on an iron door, and closing the pins are at 2-3cm in the door frame profiles, thus completely prevent the removal of the door leaf. To achieve high noise and heat insulating properties of steel doors is to install a layer of mineral wool, penopropilena, polyurethane or other insulating material. Because the steel itself, does not hold heat and sound insulation at the same time can be does not say what. Also put sealant around the perimeter of a steel door (the best course frost). In order not to hear the iron door, talking of people – the thickness of the seal must be at least 10mm. There are other kinds of doors, in addition to wood and iron doors. For example glass doors or doors made of plastic. Front doors made of plastic do not like heavy frosts, on this they are rarely used as a front door. And as the wooden and Steel doors are very few flaws, this conclusion does not make sense to use other materials for the doors.

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These polymers are based on renewable resources are attractive in terms of raw materials. However, they have advantages in the field of recycling. Currently, recycling of plastics petrochemicals is a major problem, especially in countries with high population density, for example in the UK, as most of them complete their way to landfills where they take up much space and penetrate into all corners. Therefore, the development legislation and consumer demands are forcing to develop the collapsing natural and / or recycled plastics. In fact, many products that can be derived from renewable resources can also buy natural decomposition properties under appropriate conditions. This is related to the destruction of such polymers in biological terms that are relevant to biomedical industry. Many polymers that can be made in the form of materials for consumer products of daily use, are well known in the biomedical community due to its characteristics of destruction in vivo body. Thus, the development of polymers based on renewable resources is on several fronts.

2 polylactide polylactide (PLA) attracts attention because it is based on derived from plant resources. It also has properties that allow its use as a replacement for polyolefins (eg, packaging), but he concedes metabolites. Recently, this material has experienced a renaissance when several companies started to produce it. In the production of PLA corn-based raw materials or processed sugar to create the dextrose, which subsequently undergoes fermentation to lactic acid. This acid by means of thermal and catalytic methods is converted to its cyclic dimer – lactide.

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Your professionalism and correct approach delivers consistently high quality products and services provided to you. Let me once again thank the staff of the company's personal approach. We hope for further cooperation. Poptsov OM PR manager at 'InterComp Technologies LLC' with the company we work Ioliss the first year. During this time the company has established itself as a professional and reliable partner. We would like to thank the company for Ioliss clear fulfillment of obligations, a focus on long-term cooperation and quick response to customer requests.

We would like to thank personal account manager who works directly with our company! Jan Nikolaets Commercial Director of "Architecture and Civil Engineering Company housing environment" Ioliss – beautiful name other than the company. Pleased quality products and most importantly – DATE. Almost the only ones who will not explain why not done on time. Ioliss just do everything as it should. I wish this company prosperity, improvement, professional skills and so on …), Sergei Vasilevich Rybnikov PR-director of law firm "Yurlov and partners" to say thanks to the company "Ioliss." An experienced and highly skilled approach and excellent and good-natured relation to clients. Such service should be! Many thanks to our personal manager for your understanding, responsibility and kindness. I look forward to further cooperation! Rahmilevich Anton Head Department of the RA "ARMI" When a client urgently needed souvenirs and he understands that there is no time to look, do not hesitate to call your friends in "Ioliss." 've Never fails. And find, and bring, and the logo will pay whatever.

If want, for me personally, they eternal magic wand for many years! Alexander Funin head distribution network company "SOTOFON 'Company' Sotofon 'thank the company" Ioliss "for constructive and productive work. We very much appreciate that your company pays great attention to the wishes of its customers and the quality of work. We note the high level of professionalism displayed by you when considering delivered by our company needs and challenges. Our company is very highly appreciated the atmosphere of understanding and openness in working with you. Pestryakov Andrei Managing Director of chain stores for kids 'games academy'

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Gas stations – it's environmentally friendly, reliable and modern units for stand-alone and backup power supply. They allow the owner to be independent from routine and emergency outages, and sometimes so that altogether cancel the service suppliers. Compared with diesel or gasoline power generators, gas have a number of tangible benefits. Petrol and diesel engines are limited to types used in these fuels. Gas power plants work well as a liquefied gas "LPG" or gas 'methane' from the main pipeline and passing gas released during oil production, which usually burned. If the electricity needs are great, compact generators easily merge, forming one strong unit increased reliability. After the failure of the stop or to prevent one of the components generator is only slightly reduces the overall power output.

In addition to gas – the cheap and efficient fossil fuel. Gas power plants can be supplied in modular buildings or containers. Acquisition gas-fired plants in modules allow you to increase capacity as needed. Because gas-fired power capacity is easily increased, since the pairing of new modules, and the subsequent installation are carried out quick and easy. For maximum flexibility, you can install a gas power plant with an additional module, which runs to relieve peak loads. Recently, various gas power types actively promoted by the manufacturers.

The most common grounds are a low cost of energy produced and the independence of global supply chains. I especially want to mention the environmental cleanliness and safety of electrical gas that when they are undemanding and reliability will provide reliable and continuous operation in a continuous loop. Another advantage of gas power is its ability to the combustion gas to produce a considerable amount of heat. It can be used to heat the same areas that receive the gas generator power. Consequently, the gas generator may some cases, perform the functions of TPP. Our company offers you a variety of its technical characteristics and price range gas power plants.

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