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Perhaps some agreements with greater resonance were: Cuba signs an agreement with Venezuela to purchase oil on preferential terms (30 October 2000) source: ttp: / /, the other was conducted in Havana, on December 15 of the year 2004. Source: Strategic Alliance agreed between the Presidents Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez took off with a range of agreements without parallel, which sets a floor of guarantee for the price of Venezuelan oil, opens wide the island capital and exports from the South American partner, stationed more than 15,000 doctors and Cuban health in Venezuela Tevcnicos and allows the reciprocal of State banks opening, among other mechanisms of unpredictable political and economic impact. Castro and Chavez signed an agreement for the implementation of the Bolivarian alternative for the Americas, in the Palace of the revolution, (ALBA), which recognizes as a basis the political, economic and social asymmetries in both countries. We reject firmly the content and purposes of the FTAA (free trade of the Americas Area), said the chairpersons on an additional statement. Instead, they claimed the ALBA initiative, launched by Chavez it makes in the year 2000, as the true Latin American and Caribbean, integration based on justice, and both pledged to fight to make it reality. It is worth noting that the foreign policy of the Government of Venezuela offers many benefits to the nation because Caribbean which has played a key role in the Venezuelan oil exports and some of its derivatives to the island since the beginning of the conventions, the energy field. In addition to this, agreements on agriculture, education, telecommunications, iron and steel are others of great importance for the island of Cuba. The serious question that originates from all this is is there equality of benefits for both countries under these conventions? While it is true that the program neighborhood inside benefited many low-income Venezuelans, it is also true that the Caribbean country has greatly benefited with the supply of Venezuelan crude oil, however, there is still a vacuum of information regarding the balanced exchange of how many barrels of oil costs Venezuela a medico cubano or vice versa.

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Among the large variety of pools available today basin companies will pay attention to the assembly, frame pool that is ideal for installation in cottages. This pool can be in the short term install on your site, and its price relative to other pools, small. The company "Bascom" recommends that you examine all types of pools, to understand their strengths and weaknesses and then acquire a pool. The design of prefabricated frame pools as follows: the wall (framed) pool is a steel one-piece sheet metal with several protective coatings. Waterproofing and finishing precast frame pools is chashkovy pack of PVC film. The reason for these pools is a smooth sandy bottom (with a thickness of about 200mm backfill). Recommended chashkovy separate package from the PVC film from the sand with linoleum. Prefabricated frame pools subdivided into seasonal and frost.

Prefabricated swimming pools seasonal type to gather each spring and fall apart, with each year need to change the package chashkovy PVC film. Frost pools do not will need to sit for the winter. Metal frame and PVC film in such pools are designed for the freezing of water in the basin of nutria. Typically, seasonal pools are equipped with a ladder-type, cartridge system filter, hoses and nozzles with two intake and discharge water. Frost prefabricated swimming pools, except that they have enhanced edging and ribs, they are also equipped with a ladder, a sand system filtration (which is used in stationary pools), hoses, skimmer, water return nozzle.

In contrast to the frost-type lounge-type do not have a skimmer and a sand filter and you should be ready to what on the surface and the bottom will always collect garbage, no matter how often you're not removed. At the same time due to a weak pump is not possible to attach a hand vacuum to clean the bottom of the pool. If you do not want on your site excavate, contact with concrete work, spend a lot of money for the construction of the pool, but still have a full pool, the installation of which would have taken the date of purchase until the bath is not more than a week, we recommend to stop your attention to the collecting basin frost Frame type. In contrast to the above listed pool, he has an aesthetic and robust, high-quality filtration system. In this Basin will feel comfortable not only children but also adults. In addition to these basins suggest you buy a set of chemicals for swimming pools – whatever the water was always clean and clear, and the veil – that would reduce heat and pollution in the basin and hand vacuum cleaner – that it was possible to collect all the pollution from the bottom of the basin, draining water from it. As well as desired can be set in these pools water heating, automatic system control filter, an automatic system for disinfecting pool water and some of the attractions (light water backflow, a waterfall). This article was prepared Bascom Ltd. – construction of swimming pools,, (495) 940-77-59

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