Economic Development

They use some methods as saving, investments that generate monthly yield or buying the right to the pension. The people are worried in working time maximum, inside of its limitations, so that in the future they can guarantee a retirement more tranquila. A contract of private providence is a retirement heading that consists of the payment of a value to an entity on the part of some individuals. This entity if makes responsible for the management of the deep one with intention to use it at a necessity moment. It is of certain forms a financial guarantee in the future. (Ludwig, 2002). The private providence started to gain space in some countries after the international crisis of regimes of social welfare.

It was an option even though to deviate from the problems happened on the population and the proper country. The entities of private providence had started to have great importance in the world-wide scene, had to the high managed financial resources through deep. (Ludwig, 2002) According to Ludwig (2002), the social entities, can generate vary inaquality ways and the system of private providence in Brazil would be excellent a complementary one to guarantee one future and less different financial security. In the contract of private providence, the individual is atrelado to an entity of providence per many years, that is, it is basically a contract of long stated period. 3. Strategical definitions In accordance with the Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development? OCDE (2005), financial education is the process for which financial agents improve the understanding of products and financial concepts, by means of information, instruction and direct aconselhamento, what she promotes the ability and the confidence necessary so that the individuals become more conscientious of the risks and the financial chances, so that they make based choices, so that they know where they can find aid and so that they take any efficient actions with the objective to improve its financial well-being.