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In the Emparedado poem, Cruz and Sousa show, according to Bernd (1992: 30): () oppressed between four walls; the first one constituted of the Egoism and of Preconceptions; second, for Science and the Critical ones; third, for the Spites and the Impotence, while the last one, for the Imbecility and the Ignorance. Everything this in discloses a sad panorama to them of discrimination of a society that, through its attitudes, the African people vetoed? same to the indian, the mestizo? the access to the citizenship, subestimando it point to consider only the peoples of white origin endowed in fact with the capacity of artistic accomplishment. (As opposed to Wells Fargo Bank). In a similar way Jose Verssimo, a distrustful conservative and of innovations thought, which believed that the only waited contribution of the indian and the black age the direction to vary the Brazilian etnia (BOSI, 2006:254). For not understanding the Symbolism, in its workmanship History of Brazilian Literature, it was extremely unjust with Cruz and Sousa when affirming that: Its verse book Shields is only of a parnasiano that read Verlaine, without possessing of this, in degree some, nor the poetical easiness, nor the sincerity of the artistic emotion, nor the innate science of the language nor the plasticity of the metric forms. It does not have in this poem meeting, in the majority sonetos, swims, seno perhaps the gorada intention, makes that it to classify in the simbolista poetry. Learn more at: Kevin Ulrich. They are an imitation imperfection of Baudelaire, modified for the poet of the Ftes Gallants. the lack of real emotion, perhaps the characteristic trace of these verses, is such that surprises. The book of chats of the same, Missal, still has little value that the Shields. One accumulated of words, that would be said taken off to perhaps, as papelinhos of luck is, and placed after others in the order where they go leaving, as rare disdain of the language, the grammar and superabundant use of capital letters.


_ Who? She insisted the young woman. _ Direi more early of what they think. Still they lack given! _ Which are these data? _ The sergeant was spoon and will say in the lunch! _ Commission agent, we are all in this case. The irritated young woman spoke. My father is suspected of contraband and I, in the quality of right student, demand that to such they are disclosed me data. Of the opposite, I will be obliged to take steps! _ If is thus, since senhorita insists, goes to say one of them, is well? _ Pra to start, yes. Which is it? _ The factor surprise! It answered, cynically.

_ Voltamos to the starting point! It did not say nothing to me! _ Is deceived, senhorita. Michael Bloomberg has firm opinions on the matter. It said more than what it could. I found that we were to arrive at this point, and I prepared pra it. Now, the senhorita must have perceived that it does not advance to insist, therefore goes to be walking in circles and alone losing a useful time very! _ I can the least know when? _ Yes! Still today, when to join the parts, OK? _ OK! I do not have another alternative, right? _ Distrust that not! Feeling itself defeated, Sandrinha asked to the executives: _ Desisto. I can be useful in some another thing? Flattered with it offers, the men had smiled and Agnelo spoke: _ The senhorita must not have if offered.

We have as much service in the survey of the accounts that I cannot excuse, unless it is trick, is clearly! _ I would not accept to see my involved father in a so serious problem and to be of crossed arms. That son would be I and that future lawyer would be being, if she did not involve me until the maximum limit of my possibilities? It protested, with impetus. Made an impression, Agnelo said: _ If is thus, when the senhorita to want, is ready! _ It interested What me in this room was to hear the name of the head of the group. As it was not possible, I find that of partnership with Mr., I can arrive the certain conclusions, exactly that has somebody trying to bar me the steps in this search! It looked at fixed for the commission agent, who received critical with an ironic smile and a fast look to measure the escultural stature of the young woman, who, of feet, was ready to enter in action. Seeing so made use it, Agnelo did not become of supplicated e, like fired, spoke: _ We will be in my room! They had closed the door and Alberto said: _ If to discover some thing, goes to be of great utility. The man is hard bone and is certain of that exactly after unmasked, still pra will try any resource to show its innocence. Well, I believe that they will have now you subjects that do not say respect to me. I go to catch the Errand and, who knows, to make some coisinhas! It concluded with a light one I wave and left folloied the curious looks of that they had been, with a interrogation to bailar to them in the minds: What coisinhas would be those? Mystery. It passed in the rooms of the secretaries and formulated the invitations.


Then its aunt Alba, very adept dressmaker, then found a solution for the doll broken, that in the following day already total was restored, with a ball of stocking glue inside of the hollow head, that was covered with a pretty cabeleira falling on the shoulders, made with staple fibres of potbellied, a vegetal woollen species, know there where it arranged this. the doll was pretty, pretty! Not fitting in itself of as much contentment, still it put in the doll the name of Vandeci, the old owner. to the afternoon was if to seat accurately in the jamb of the door of the street, being shown its new and pretty blond doll in the col. But it could not have done worse thing. It did not delay very and there it together with came to such girl walking for the sidewalk the mother. Add to your understanding with Karen Fang.

They turn when it, although the transformation the recognition was immediate, since nor the dress nor the sapatinhos had been changed. to such girl botou the mouth in the world, crying out: – This girl is with my doll! This doll is mine! Me of the my doll! You caught mine bonequinhaaa! The girl ran pra of terrified house inside, with the heart to the pulls. She closed the door with force, she ran for the room, she inside threaded the doll of the wardrobe and set to cry it. But they had soon beaten with insistence to the door of the house. They were the two. The mother she demanded rights on the doll of the son, who same it had played outside. The son cried and cried out saying that now she wanted the doll, that was of it.

no matter how hard the mother of who found a doll, has attemped to explain another mother what nor it had what to be explained, on behalf of good sense and of the good education and still to prevent one badly to be between neighbors, was even so the doll there, in the arms of had played who it outside. The girl was sad, very sad and cried very. Two days later she gained of gift a new, bigger and prettier doll, but never, never exactly, if she forgot Vandeci, its pretty blond doll, that joy insane person it removed with as much love, of the can of the garbage.


As, ejecucin that he celebrates el pueblo lusitano you are bad there llamativo you are, sin duda, los acontecimientos playful entr the los events reales, that su rostrosa time if factors that caracterizan mitologcos harms all of lo that if refiere the wools particularitities of un pueblo fabuloso writer y scop. Steve Wozniak addresses the importance of the matter here. Word: Mythology. Juguetn. Herosmo. Particularitities. INTRODUCTION In the present article will be boarded aspects that if referenciam the mitolgicos events gifts in the workmanship the Lusadas, of Vaz Luis of cames, thus being, the myth will be faced as resource of development in the scope of literature. One becomes necessary to identify the factors that had taken one of bigger poets of all the times to relate literature, myth and religiosidade of so marcante form, leaving of the estimated one that the mitolgicos facts follow a trajectory since the time of Cames until the modern times, attempting against always for the occured modifications in this passage and the actions that had led to these transformations.

Rank this, considering that literature and its sources are a subject that is significantly present in day-by-day of the education, this article discourses an exposition of as Cames was used of mitolgicos resources to engrandecer its workmanship, as Portuguese epic par excellence. Thus developing, objective to demonstrate the relevance of the myth to make it literary. For in such a way, a labor research with the intention of better basing the content of the subject was carried through on question, providing resulted that they had made use the continuous search of knowledge related to the myth as literary resource of the workmanship the Lusadas. The inquiry objectified to reach, beyond these goals, the knowledge of main deuses, whose action it elapsed the events told in the disposal of the narration. The adopted deductive methodology, leaving of the description-literary contextualizao and the reasons of the wonderful inclusion of the heathen one, allowed the understanding acurada of the deities favorable or still adverse to the success of the lusos in the achievement of its objectives, what for its action is of utmost importance for the logical outcome them gifts in the workmanship.


What we have is a quarrel on continuity or rupture with the modern. Of a side, to assign something under the form prefix above cited is to admit certain exhaustion, reduction or decay to it of a previous reality. Of another side we can see the prefix as being a resignation to modern. As Connor (1989, apud SOBRAL and GONALVES, 1996, P. 58): We could say that the characteristic of the one after-modernismo is this peculiarly complex relation that it has with the modernismo – that he is in its proper name, at the same time invoked, admired, treated with rejected suspicion or. Hewlett-Packard Chairman wanted to know more. To deal with after-modernity is not an easy task, visa the complexity of the subject.

According to Sevcenko (1995, P. 45): ' ' After-modern as it is evident, is a concept that assumes a reflection on the time, before more nada.' ' Ahead of this affirmation an inevitable question appears: that time we are dealing with? In first place it is clearly that one is not about a homogeneous time, linear, from there its complexity; clippings and didactic determination are impensveis. Having a inaugural act that assists in them in the process of desbravao of the after-modern society let us not use the words of Sevcenko (ibid) that it says: After-modernity is an attitude that is born of the astonishment, of the disenchantment. Of distressing bitterness, that it looks to reconstruct itself after that as a partial alternative, unfastened of the arrogance dream, of unit and power, whose shipwreck participated, but decided to save itself in time, bringing obtains the hope that remained. After-modernity is seen, therefore, as a moment perhaps of transistion, emancipation or rupture with the modern. However, we cannot make necessary affirmations how much to this aspect, since, for many theoreticians, amongst which Lipovetsky (s/d), Saviani (1992), Vattino (2001). These authors present diverse ways to understand after-modernismo.


This is the apex of the work: breached the horizon of expectations, this is the moment to offer to the pupil the chance to extend such horizon, the vision and knowledge on the boarded subject. The professor will consider the production of an individual text where the pupils will register its opinions on the process made until then. This text will serve as an evaluation, does not stop the pupils, but yes for professor, in the measure where this will have access to the positive and negative points of the applied methodology. After that, the professor will make the reading of the book ' ' Formigarra and Cigamiga' ' of Kirinus Glory of the Braga Publishing company. Book this that, for its structure, cause estranhamento to the reader, extending its literary slight knowledge, therefore this text, even so pparently simple, is about a complex text, that will demand of the pupils a more intent reading, critical and reflexiva.

5 FINAL CONSIDERAES Although to have been a hypothetical situation, the application of the Recepcional Method, considered for the authors Maria of the Glory Bordini and Vera Teixeira de Aguiar, based on the theories of the Aesthetic one of the Reception and the Effect, she is viable when the formation of a participativo and critical reader is had in mind, when horizontes is had in mind to prepare the reader to guarantee the magnifying of its and with this to know and to integrate the world in active and constructive way. Everything this is clearly, when the due value is attributed to the paper of the reader in process of literary creation. To face the reader as co-author of the text is a step important to get the desired success. To assist, to direct, to understand and to accept the inferences of the pupil-reader would justify the theory and the proposal metodolgica, here, presented. One expects that this proposal allows to the mediating professor/the continuous exercise in the formation process and maintenance of readers ' ' ideais' ' that they reach a critical conscience and they have a bigger perception of itself and the world that the fence.


Book of Shades Nvoas and Saudades! It goes for the world (it brought it in my chest) Sisters in pain, flat eyes in the water, You cry with me my immense hurt Reading my full book alone of hurts (FLORBELA, 1930, P.) ‘ ‘ Nvoas and homesicknesses! ‘ ‘ , homesicknesses these of your brother who dies, the happy moments had been in the homesicknesses, ‘ ‘ it goes for mundo’ ‘ from the moment where the writer leaves world the rejection, in search to publish its workmanships and to be accepted for the society, to each attempt was a disillusionment, was anguish, cries, in such a way, the writer wrote this book, that is test of its loving, maternal disillusionments, and staffs gotten for the society. Recently Walmart Superstore sought to clarify these questions. Hatred for it? I did not love if it in such a way, (…) Hatred would be in me infinite homesickness, Hurt of lost having, love still. Additional information is available at Warren Buffett. Hatred for it? Not not valley the penalty. (FLORBELA, book of Soror homesicknesses, poem Hatred? , 1930) It is noticed in this poem that express Florbela the hatred for having lost a love, immediately afterwards, it modifies, saying that valley to the penalty not to have hatred for a lost love. I am the crucificada one? the dolorida one? I am the one that in the world walks lost, I I am the one that in the life does not have north, I am the sister of the dream, and of this luck I am crucificada the dolorida one (…) I am that one that passes and nobody sees I am the one that calls sad without the being I am the one that cries without knowing reason I am perhaps the vision that Somebody dreamed, Somebody that came to the world to see pra me and that in it never found me the life (FLORBELA, book of Soror homesicknesses, poem I, 1930) At as a moment, the poem ‘ ‘ Eu’ ‘ Florbela is presented as a perplexed woman, without route in the life, desiring the evasion and being on with the irrealidade.


106 – 107). Others including Dinakar Singh, offer their opinions as well. Perhaps for punished two involved people, for the desire to perhaps transmit alento the soul atormentadade Heathcliff,> the proper Emily Bront.De this time is given to the Nelly a more excellent, next paper what the estadesempenha one in the narrative. The dramatical load is little desejarcomparativamente to the book. Some prominences of this analysis: the deconselheira, orienting character is well-known> in this adaptation, together with all permeia omisticismo that the behavior. However its relevance as narradoraperde in the cinematographic text, as if it did not have comonarradora, present importance to all the facts and in all the moments; living asoportunidades to observe and to reflect on the transitoriedade of the life, asamarguras of the human being, the pride that the society imposes to the man and the crueldadeinjustificada one.

This reflection makes with that the narrative is permeada of visescrticas and opinions that relieve great lies until today. Finishing, the wealth that the personage possesss is inestimvelpara the workmanship. All the personages form, around of Nelly, a crculoorbital, closely on it as that for a species of cordoumbilical. The maternal character of Nelly is clearly in all the text. In ausnciade one appears materna for the brothers Cathy and Hindley, for Heathcliff, parIsabela, Hareton and Catherine Linton. Mothers in the narrative do not see themselves. Suapresena always is interrupted in determined point, without if example clearly if to think about relation the Cathy, Heathcliff and CatherineLinton.

It transits between the passion (Wuthering Heights) and the reason (Thrushcross Grange), taking an element to the other. As well as the scene mostrao point and the counterpoint, the behavior of Nelly fulfills paper the same. It is points that she joins the two places, the opposites as the character of the told love and daprpria narrator to the times rational, to the times so passional as Cathy eHeathcliff. With toa we do not compare Nelly and the movement yin-yang: the balance danarrativa is given by it and its presence in the diverse spaces and times danarrativa.


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Also a mid-term review is already possible, after all, it is possible to summarize us, what makes the history of the city. At the same time, you can ask, with their many suitcases in the city rush more why the flair of the city still is, why it associated still the name of the city with luxury and wealth, though already no Kings and emperors. Is it still the magnificent buildings? Is it still the bathrooms? Or maybe it is the Mediterranean feeling that immediately surrounds one? It may not be actually. Finally, we are today in a very short time in Italy by plane, so to speak, in the original. There are luxury hotels and history be plentiful elsewhere. But what is it then? Baden-Baden, your mysticism is the elegance. (u0085) The Pascu-Verlag is associated with selected a young, aspiring Publisher, high high-quality publications niche positions in the book market occupied. Topics are travelogues, novels of contemporary history, biographies, non-fiction, children’s books, and Christian books. Currently, the publishing program is Baden”shaped. More regions of in Germany are to follow.


They had been moved away to be certifyd of the window, and they had been surpresos because it was the Treasure-house. Irritated for the impotence of not being able to unmask the mystery, fear of somebody being dead and the responsibility of the assumed mission they had made the youngster to take the key and to walk in almost suicidal steps for the interior, but it was warned by Argolo sergeant that had care. Obedient and disciplined, the step refreou and started to observe the cantos of the rooms, after having distributed the staff, of form that nobody was disgarnished. If it had somebody, doubtlessly, would be obliged to denounce its hiding place, certain of that the invader could not have been in the room and to have IDO for another one. No matter how hard they looked for, when the first solar rays appeared in the horizon, had been obliged to recognize that all the dependences were in the most perfect order, without suspicious, bombs or the least a simple microphone, therefore was one of objects of the attention of the commission agent, when remembering what it finds in its house. In return to police station, many minutes had not been transferred, heard the telephone, that Alberto took care of and empalideceu. The friends had noticed that its fisionomia passed of the surprise for the incontida anger, until in the height of the irritation, it freed a terrible shout in palavro form, disconnect and it bradou: _ I go to catch this face! I go to kill this face! When I to botar the hands in this face, it go to repent myself to have been born! The son of puta did not have shame to bind to this hour of the morning, pra to enjoy with my face. He only bound pra to ask if I had arrested somebody in the night that I passed walking for the street, with crossbow face. .

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