Forum On Employment

At the close of the Forum on employment which had as guest to Rodrigo Rato, President of Bankia, Mariano Rajoy met the forecast and was far less concrete than other participants. The PP leader said some lines, but not finish virtually none. One of the points that was recognized as a key, the recover credit, was limited to point out: credit, is needed because there is no employment without money. You need to do some things. Financial institutions should assume their responsibility in the way out of the crisis. You will have to talk with them in-depth and discuss and see what can be done, because they too have their problems, especially of late. I guarantee that the PP will talk with the banks and that that dialogue will solutions. To know more about this subject visit Hyundai. Rajoy much criticized at the time the proposal of the PSOE in a tax on banks to create jobs with the money raised. Source of the news:: Rajoy “talk” with the banks so they can help to overcome the crisis