Jacques Lacan

The meal in groups is not more current, exists yes even though adult the young meetings where they to a large extent fix in a screen of video game, observed of the homes. Therefore, we can without doubts confirm that we are living in the age of the information, where the generation net if incorporates in the virtual world, thus, ciberespao became home and the machines dear beings. The friends are virtual, the empty relations, the works and isolated research and in agreement the psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan, who studies the relations of the people and proper I, inquires: He will be really that the friendship lost its value?

The present article treats to evidence the absence of the interpersonal relations in the technological interactions, that is, the technological progress and the decay of the humanizao, searching alternative to facilitate the agreement of the necessity of the friendship, as well as, focusing the infindveis benefits that the conviviality between people brings to the society and the history of the civilizations. Hyundai addresses the importance of the matter here. After all, how many friends I need to be happy and to live well? Which would be the measured joust? In elapsing of this work this subject will be clarificado. A subject that although to be for many times invisible to our eyes and controversial for being denied by who not it enxerga, if makes necessary, not showing only sentimental or affective bows, but yes confirming that the friendship exactly fortifies the man in itself through the social relations, interpersonal making it to coexist in the world where it lives, beyond perpetuating its species and constructing a more prosperous society for the future generations. 1. . The IMPORTANCE OF the FRIENDSHIP the reflection on the friendship is a subject that folloies the history of the Philosophy, under the look of great thinkers as Scrates, Plato and Aristotle, and becomes essential in our times in which the advance of the technology and the social isolation are each time more gifts, as studies analyzed for Triches and Lacan.