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DEALING WITH THE NEW MARKETING SECURITY Carlos Mora Vanegas The general manager knows that every day you are faced with great challenges. thes are manifested in the economic scenarios, where the changes are dynamic, and companies become increasingly aggressive in concerning competitiveness, which in addition to a good product, service offering, require management of the market to interpret the needs of consumers, satisfying, endorsed strategic plans consistent markets according to the characteristics of the current economic scenarios. The Venezuelan company also be facing a new political scenario has had a significant impact on its economy and generated a 30% inflation, a considerable impact in their markets, requires new management changes in marketing, where you need to rearrange functions, give way to strategies, actions that lead to that companies can be competitive, more so when given the opportunity to integrate into markets with the new foreign trade opening has developed the Bolivian government under the leadership of President Hugo Chavez Lieutenant Colonel markets requires management of enterprises, especially SMEs, which leaves much to be said, by the absence in many of them this division, identify more with what the future represents the new management of marketing that is caused by the remarks above, plus the new economic order that the world has developed. .