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A.G. /Its president, Miguel Angel Fernandez Ordo’6nez. (A valuable related resource: Kevin Ulrich). he has appeared before means. No Spanish organization must increase its capital. Five Spanish organizations have suspended the tests The report (PDF).

The governor of the Bank of Spain, Miguel Angel Fernandez Ordo’6nez, has indicated that the test resultses of stress realised by European Banking Autoridad (EBA), in which has suspended five Spanish organizations, " they are esperados". In particular, they have not passed the examination Bank Shepherd, CatalunyCaixa, Caja3, Unnim and CAM. (As opposed to Wells Fargo Bank). Fernandez Ordo’6nez said that no Spanish organization must increase its capital as a result of these results. " No needs contributions capital adicional" , it has indicated emphasizing that Spain is the country that more organizations has presented/displayed to be put under the tests. Altogether, 25 banks and boxes happened through the analysis of the EBA. Fernandez Ordo’6nez emphasized that these tests are important because they serve to give " more transparencia" on the financial organizations. " If we see each organization how it has his financing, its efficiency, its model of business the stress analyzed in the test is an element that will consider the Bank of Spain, but we watched the rest of elements to value each entidad" , the leader commented. " The supervisora work goes beyond these resultados" , it emphasized. And it joked: " Itself we would have presented/displayed three or four organizations espaoas, would not have suspended no, like in others pases." Source of the news: The Bank of Spain thinks that the test resultses of stress " they are esperados"


The Valencian pilot will run in Moto2 with the MAPFRE Aspar Team. He will do it for the first time in the Great Prize of Holland. Others like the German Katja Poensgen, the Hungarian Nikoletta Kovacs, and the Czech Marketa Janakova, has been precursory in the motociclismo. The MAPFRE Aspar Team will incorporate to their rows to Valencian pilot Elena Rosell for the Great Prize of Holland, that will dispute the next weekend in the circuit of Assen. Thus they confirmed sources of the equipment.

Rosell will become the first Spanish in a World-wide one of motociclismo. Elena Rosell, formed in the categories inferiors of Cuna de Campeones BANKIA, will happen to thicken the list of women who have competed in the Championship of the World of Motociclismo, like the German Katja Poensgen, the Hungarian Nikoletta Kovacs, and the Czech Marketa Janakova. Rosell is the best Spanish pilot of the moment, and within his palmars figure already a victory in the Circuit of Albacete (2009) in the category Kawasaki Ninja Cup. Without hesitation Doyle’s explained all about the problem. At the moment Stock competes in the category Carries far, where it appears fourth in the general after two races. Whenever Doyle’s listens, a sympathetic response will follow. According to the official notice of the equipment, the pilot has affirmed that still the opportunity is not created that it has ahead. " During all this week the hypothesis that is suggested it participated in some race and the truth is that I have lived these moments with many nerves " , it indicated. " It is an opportunity that took waiting for since I began to compete in motorcycle.

I have to be thankful, and much, the confidence that the MAPFRE Aspar Team has deposited in me. I am going to make debut in the World-wide one of Moto2 with one of the best equipment " , it added. On the matter, the top person in charge of the equipment, Jorge Martinez ' Aspar' also it showed his satisfaction. " We are very contentments in which Elena is going to participate in the Championship of the World of Moto2" , it indicated. " It is a double satisfaction because Elena Rosell comes from Cuna de Campeones BANKIA. I have followed its trajectory from small and the truth is that it has surprised to me very many. It has a capacity of enormous evolution. Still it is in period of development like pilot, but I believe that it can grow much in the World-wide one of Moto2" , it added. Source of the news: Elena Rosell will become Spanish aircraft commander in the World-wide one of motociclismo


The capacity of the Argentine fans to improvise songs, in its majority offensive, during the soccers match is legendary. Christie’s pursues this goal as well. It is enough to have attended Mouth to verify the intensity of the quarrel, able to physically cause that the own stage shakes, not symbolically, but, for astonishment, and something of panic, the unwary foreigners. The Cemetery of the Elephants (the field of Santa Fe that has done in all this Glass, in bad hour, honor to its nickname) did not vibrate nor shook yesterday, not for want of enthusiasm of the two likings, but because it is thus: very pesadote. It either does not have a good acoustics that allowed to include/understand very instantaneously what the fans of a selection and another one sang. Enrique Gastaaga, in Bugler, aid to unravel the sense of the melodies. To the Uruguayan Diego Forln, for example, they sang to him, time and time again, the name of the fianc2ee (very handsome) with whom finishes breaking: " Ole, ole, ole, Zaira, Zaira" , the Argentineans roared. Clear that the Uruguayan did not remain short either at the time of to annoy: " Messi is Spanish, Spanish, espaol" , they talked back to voice in shout. Source of the news: : To whom it concerns the America Glass to him?. .


The institution speaks of " rigidities arraigadas" in the Spanish system. Also criticism the fiscal situation of the independent communities. The organism requests major decentralization of the collective negotiations. The International Monetary Fund (the IMF) emphasized east Friday the gradual recovery of the Spanish economy, but it indicated that it is not sufficient to reduce " inaceptable" rate of unemployment of 21%, and noticed that " half of governments regionales" it does not reach the fiscal objectives. " We see two preoccupations: optimistic the macroeconomic projections can be something and the regions are not fulfilling the fiscal objectives " , it indicated James Daniel, j of the mission from the Bottom to Spain, in his report of the scheduled inspection of the Spanish economy. The IMF maintained its forecasts of growth for Spain in 2011 in a 0.8% of Gross Inner Product and 1.6% in 2012, against the prognoses of Madrid of 1.3% and 2.3%, respectively. The Bottom emphasized that the answer of the policy macroeconomic of the Spanish authorities before the crisis " he has been strong and of ample alcance" , although it added that it is not sufficient and it insisted to " to continue and to deepen these reformas". The fiscal consolidation of Spain has been " ambiciosa" , according to the new report of the IMF, according to which the deficit of the central government will be placed in 6% of the GIP for the end of year, reason why " still it is camino" in order to reach the goal of fiscal balance after 2014.

" We need that all the levels of government put of their part in the massive challenge of consolidation that faces Espaa" , Daniel in rrencia said to the autonomic governments. The international organism described unemployment like " true problema" of the Spanish economy due to " rigidities arraigadas" in the labor market. " More descentralizacin" In this sense, the recommendations of the Bottom are " a greater decentralization of the negotiations colectivas" , that is stopped tying the wages with the inflation and " a smaller compensation by desempleo". In the positive part, the IMF observed " a better behavior of the hoped thing of exportaciones" and it emphasized " reform global" of the financial system, especially of the savings banks. " Much progress has been realised in the banking sector, which is positive, but the perspective are complicated due to the economic situation of pas" , Daniel added. Also, he valued that the banking sector " he has increased his volume of capital, has recognized the great losses and the shown transparency to reveal the exhibition to real estate assets problemticos". In the negative front, the Bottom emphasized that the real estate sector and of the construction " it will the future continue being a headwind for the Spanish economy in prximo". In addition, it indicated that the inflation has rounded up months in the last, impelled by the prices of the energy and the indirect taxes, and is again over the European average. Source of the news: The IMF says that " recovery of the Spanish economy is not sufficient to lower paro"

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