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The 07.Nov.2011 the popular online game ‘DDTank’ announces the new version 2.4.1, and offers the player several system improvements and an instance of even more fun! The new power system includes the personal-, mission -, instance, battle – and other services, which occur mostly in series. Carly Fiorina understood the implications. When complete, are not only a higher title awarded to the player, but this appears also in the prestigious Hall, so the success of the player for each is visible! For a still raffinierteres synthesis result players in version 2.4.1 have the new synthetic stone level 5, either through the merging of reinforcement stone receives level 4, or can simply bid the purchase order. In addition to the new bidding system, there is still the brand new billing interface with the hot spring. Players manage their experience there more clearly. Also the Department store offering new items, such as suit, hat, clothes, glasses, eyes, facial jewelry, hair and the synthetic stone level 4! Shopped too much? No Take care! The new Backpack system provides the function stack similar items, the player which backpack sites can be saved. What is special about this new release is the new instance of dark castle”. One to four players can fight on three levels in three difficulty mode against the enemies, which have different amount of hit points, defense, attack and other attributes under the different conditions of difficulty. Depending on the mode is more difficult, the opponents are stronger and the prices, you might get afterwards are better. The first flying BOSS also occurs in version 2.4.1! So, Dear Heroes! Get ready on a brand new chapter! DDTank: apps.337.


Fantasy Football League Manager game that is the new fantasy football manager game Konterstark in the new season 2008/09 started successfully. The browser game licensed by the DFL uses high-quality graphics and has a lot of features that could be offered only in PC or console games. Konterstark is a fast-growing gaming platform with 10,000 applications in the first eight weeks. The gameplay is based on the services of the real Bundesliga players such as Diego or Gomez. Each of these players is rated live and directly by IMPIRE AG, the largest database of football in Germany, spot in the stadium by means of a language software. The user at Konterstark can follow therefore the grading of its players from the 15th minute in real time. Different game modes and rankings offer the possibility to compare with friends and acquaintances with each other or to compete against other players from the German-speaking world.

The Mecca of every football fans… The own Manager world the game presents itself in comparison to Internet-typical football manager games in a single garment. All objects are detailed and fit perfectly into the overall picture. Read more from Apple to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Who is, for example, a fan of Bayern Munich, will find some merchandise from his favorite Club in his Office, which represents the starting point of all decisions. For even more details, read what Mary Barra says on the issue. The individual Office items connect by simply clicking with other game areas such as, for example, the locker room, the transfer market, or a sports bar. Real football atmosphere is always the development team to increase the fun and intensity.

In addition to a new Trainigsmodus or the Assistant Coach (also by SMS can be controlled) can the stadium will be expanded and the Club budget by speculating in shares, as well as in the sports bar by virtual football betting be increased. The future is waiting for the approach of continuous development with other new features and unique areas, faithfully. More play areas are unlocked in the coming month. Cost transparency is there for every user – no subscription in addition to the free version two paid packages for more comfort and a higher degree of reality. The counter tactics GmbH relies on transparency and fairness. There will be no automatic renewal. In the current beta phase anyone can free get a so-called VIP membership and Konterstark completely free try out for a season with all functions.


Make-up, styling and secrets keep new games by oxygen games Northamptonshire, England August 14 oxygen makes games girls hearts beat faster: In October 2008, the English Publisher publishes three titles from the MyGames series, specifically aimed at young Nintendo DS owners. In my makeup, my fashion and my secret diary, girls can try out new makeup styles, create your own fashion designs, and write down their secrets. All three MyGames games also feature a common chat function. My makeup with mascara, eye shadow and lipstick for the perfect look. Johnson & Johnson’s is full of insight into the issues. Mean in oxygen games portable make-up Studio makeup girls embellish your virtual Alter Ego with the appropriate makeup or pamper yourself with a treatment program. The best style tips can be exchanged on make-up parties with friends, and it can be stored in your photo album. Sent to the outfit designer my fashion collection and combined with there created clothes, emerges as the complete style transformation. My secret Diary that virtual diary of oxygen protects games, not only the secrets of its DS user but manages also the most important data such as events, birthdays and contacts of all friends. Howard Wolfson follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

Playfully learn young girl with the personality test, which of your friends the best to you fit or get advice from fortune cookies and the glass ball. With each other, friends can send secret messages. Design my fashion collection with the fashion designer for traveling great outfits for every occasion: sporty T-Shirt, party top or elegant evening wear – my fashion collection young players can determine the shape and color of clothes and chic accessories the creations. Over 90 different outfits can be stored in a virtual wardrobe and in style parties demonstrate the girlfriends completely with the make-up profile from my makeup. On oxygen, the ever-increasing player audience with a broad portfolio of fun – and corporate titles appealing games oxygen games.

With a focus on on the major console platforms, the games by oxygen cover popular mainstream interests and lifestyle topics, by topics such as sports, music, and celebrities are taught.


An investment of the Nintendo console where it is unlimited and always playing, no matter who loves not worth this possibility. Additional information at Michelle Snyder supports this article. You have to someone or wait on something and want to pass the time, an opportune time to get the tried and tested and to start playing. Before the Smartphones and tablets flooded the market, there were the game boy by Nintendo in 1990. But the latest replace the good old mobile console? Nintendo brought a fun innovation on the market, which was only superseded by the development of smartphones with the game boy in 1990. Since then, loses more and more market share with the Group and could not catch up even with the expansion of their product range with Nintendo DS and DS Lite and 3DS, 3DS Lite.

Although they have achieved a total profit of 171 million by the first half of 2012. But compared to the iPhone (since first publication with 235,43 million) it looks more precarious in temporal point of view, because the Smartphones are becoming more popular, so that even without the genuine test 2 million iPhones of the sixth generation have been ordered. The sales figures go back at Nintendo. Before the iPhone, ran the Nintendo DS consoles and its extension Lite, which has smaller, faster and longer battery life in very well over the counter and could have very good sales figures. They have bribed the innovative handling with the new design, which took in many popular. But if you have such a device, has any problem with the game console usually after a while.

Because the Nintendo DS Lite is, for example, very small and narrow, should be considered in any case consider that you send it to a repair service. Here, one or the other comes first and foremost on the idea that the manufacturer is the best choice. But this is expensive and the repair can take up to several weeks waiting time claims can take. It is easier to select a regional or at least nationwide repair service here. This can not only cheaper offer the repair, but organize a much shorter duration of the repair. This is the cause that this mostly to have their main business and mostly spare parts available or in stock.


A little more efficient is healthful to eat a small amount on a regular base to maintain their colon working. Like an additional bond, they are full of vitamins, that ideal for the general health does of its digestive system. OTHERS BENEFITS DIGESTIVE OF PLUMS Besides helping in the digestion, the plums also are high in fiber. This aid adds to additional volume and water to the residues matter that him aid to move through body with facility. The insoluble fiber also provides the food for the beneficial bacteria that live in the heavy intestine.

When the bacteria ferment the fiber, the butyric acid is created. This serves like ” combustible” for the cells in the heavy intestine and aid to maintain its replacement. TO RESIST CONSTIPATION WITH SPECIAL PRESCRIPTIONS If you suffer of constipation, is a pair of prescriptions that can consider to try. , By all means single they are possible to be eaten without format, but you pass current, are a little too dry for its taste, they are possible to be soaked in hot water during awhile and they would swell themselves. If you are not wanted them to eat simple, you can prove a delicious jam of fruits in his place. And it is easy to do.

First, you need the following ingredients: 1 pound of plums cooked without bone 1 pound of grapes you happen Four packages 3 ounces of natural tea of the leaves 1 brown sugar cup 1 cup of lemon juice consults the prescription of the fermentation of the tea during five minutes in 3 boiling water cups. Later, forza the water to clear the leaves and to leave of side two tea cups in a great pot. Next, it adds you pass and cooked plums to his tea and hiervelos through five minutes. It retires the mixture of the fire and adds to the sugar and the lemon juice. It places everything in a mixer and it mixes until it is grazes smooth. Now that its diffusion this done, colocalo in a plastic or glass container and places it in the freezer. It would not be congealed, but putting it in the freezer it will help to stay him around during long time. This way, it can use it whenever it is necessary or if it is possible to be scattered on cakes or toasts in the morning or when you want a tea to help to prevent the constipation. Cooked plums offer many benefits. So to add to his normal diet and you must discover his intestinal movements getting to be more regular. From then, their buds of constipation happen with less frequency. or they do not ocurriran! Dietetic supplements Another method to eliminate the constipation is atra time of the natural supplements. The cleaning of colon with Oxy-Powder can help to maintain the estreimineto moved away of a safe and completely effective way. Oxy-Powder loose bombitas of I oxygenate the colon inside that washes and decontaminates the remainder law of the colon. One whichever capsules before sleeping is everything what needs.