Petri Paint

Reckoned with as well with the typical stereotype of 'overseas is always the best. " Therefore, most consumers who want to get matt and semi-matt coatings flooring, bought for responsible operations and maintenance of elite expensive foreign-made lakes. Analyzing the data on the prices of some imported species parquet varnishes, it is easy to see that the price level production of foreign firms in the 2-4 expensive paints Russian producers, although there is considerable variation in price – from 3.0 to 19.8 cu for 1 liter of paint. In general, there is the above-noted dependence of the total price and quality of lacquer: the cheapest and common are alkyd paints and alkidnouretanovye and most expensive – and urethane, acrylic and water akriluretanovye. In our opinion, the best compromise between a relatively low price and good Quality paints are of such companies as 'Petri Paint', USA, 'Amsterdam Color Works', USA, 'Polifarb', Poland, 'Meffert AG', Germany, 'Tikkurila', Finland (the latter – the correct choice of the manufacturer and dealer) . At work but varnishing parquet are important thickness of the coating, the number of applied layers of lacquer and the associated consumption of varnish on the square.

meter of surface. Click Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX for additional related pages. It should be noted the fact that most of the instructions given on application of parquet lacquers, in especially foreign, consumption of varnish (usually 80-90 g / sq m) in practice is greatly undervalued. The fact that the varnish is usually called the rate given by the well-primed surface in a single-layer coating. In real conditions when the varnish is applied in most cases, purified and ottsiklevannoy parquet surface, it is necessary to apply at least 2-3 layers of lacquer, with parquet, made of soft wood (pine, beech), consumption of varnish on the first layer, usually increases due to absorption of varnish surface flooring. So the real consumption of parquet lacquer when applied to the surface nezagruntovannuyu depends on the type of surface preparation and flooring typically 200-300 g / m Summarizing, it should be noted that the correct choice of parquet lacquer depends mainly on the purpose of coverage and financial capabilities of the customer. .