Final Judgment

But while the study developed with research it is of the scientist, for the engineer they are knowledge of that it will be used to develop pragmatic activities (professional). Additional information at Hyundai supports this article. Alf Ross of some examples of interconnection of copnhecimentos in the orbit of the legal one: ' ' By means of legislative sanction if it approves a budget, if they impose tributes and taxes and if they launch loans. Not obstante, the problems that fall underneath of these headings are considered proper of the legal politics, but questions that belong to the financial politics and the sphere of ability of the economists. Credit: Andrea Mallard-2011. In a similar way, the problems of regulation of the relations between the social classrooms (in particular, the regulation of the conditions of work and the social welfare and of aid to the needed ones) belongs to the social politics, no matter how hard such measures are taken the handle by means of the legislation; the problems of exchange, production and distribution, to the industrial politics and of the production; the educative, religious problems etc., to the cultural politics; the treated ones, to the foreign policy; the military questions, to the politics of national defense; thus sucessivamente.' ' The medicine is a technological knowledge, with escopos directed to the treatment of the illnesses, lessening of the suffering, prolongation of the life. if valley of the progressos of medical science, the research on the embryonic cells, the genes; of the botany, and the importance of the plants as sources of medicamentosas essences; of the engineering, that creates prteses and instruments; of the infectologia and hygiene hospital etc.

For one is seen that the knowledge modalities if interpenetram, helping to formulate the ideas of the other, complementing it there, without desnatura it. A philosophy does not ignore the scientific data, a technology if valley of the philosophical and scientific knowledge and vice turns, if assisting and if complementando.mutuamente. 6 – The mstico knowledge Baseia if on the faith, the dogmtica belief in certain doctrine and facts. The professo of this belief is essential to the mstico reasoning. For who it is not inside, for who it does not have access to this order of reality, its affirmations will seem abusive. The not maometanos ones if ask as clarified people so and intelligent they can believe that Maom was still alive in the Paradise, that it negotiated there with God how many daily conjuncts had to be made, having it commanded to it that its followers had to pray cincoenta times to the day. But, when finding Moiss this said that its people would be incapable to fulfill the order, it to it also tries but it capsizes that its people not it obtains. The Mr. came back Maom, who liberated then it of 10 conjuncts. Of new, Moiss recommended to come back and to ask for a bigger reduction thus to it, and, successively, until it explained it orders that you that its people prayed five times to the day, and that more he would not come back to bother the God, giving itself for satisfied and resigned: this the explanation of one of them pillars of the islamismo: the five daily conjuncts. The not Christian ones cannot understand as are possible to believe that in the day of the Final Judgment, the people will revive with its entire body (of when child? Adolescent? Adult? Old? That one of the moment of the death, with rg