Chronic Geniuses

THE GENIUSES DID NOT HAVE TO DIE. The death is the event more democratic than it exists, therefore we indistinctly reach to all. To the times in determined circumstances well that we would like that the death made some exceptions, many times we understand that somebody would not have to die or perhaps had to be plus some time being we. Recently Steve Jobs left in them and has the certainty that many people would like much that it still was with us, in view of the genius of it that we brought to all new technologies. Perhaps even though for a egoism tip, therefore for certain, if Steve Jobs continued alive, the expectation is that more technology in computation came for there. All we learn to copy something with a pencil and a notebook in the hand, but the Steve, exactly is of a classroom taught in them that we can copy a text in the tip of a finger and that also we can glue this text using the tip of the finger. We run the risk of that daqui some time the pencil if becomes a museum part, as it became tinteiro penxs and that some other utilities of now simply disappear as was the case of the kill-blot that lost the utility for the disuse of the tinteiro penxs.

When a genius dies, arrives to think that the geniuses did not have to die. For certain some geniuses of some sectors, of science to the ones of music, good that they could remain livings creature, or who he knows to die well later. But, unhappyly, he is not thus, all we go to die, when to arrive our hour. whenever I remember the death comes me in the mind a small teatral part that was presented in my time of basic education. In the part the death, represented for a colleague who vine of open arms covered by a white sheet that with the focus of the light left only one silhouette, came in search of an old agriculturist, who begged to continue alive, asked for, supplicated and the death, only sees, consternada decided to leave it alive for plus a time.