American Indians

After months and several solidarity campaigns, the government-at last reluctantly gave them the lands claimed, which, paradoxically, have always been theirs. As I said, were months of having to stand in the street “in a degrading manner, the cold and rain, many became ill and almost died, even the kids (young human beings as anyone) had to go begging. Why degrading them that way?. What crime committed so ruthless that they are treated so contemptuously? … so far I do not know why they are denigrates and despises, even more so considering that there is Indian blood around our veins. Nane opavavepe Ha’esente retanguera Amerika has been nanamomba’eguasuiro nonakarapu’amo’aiha hikuai ndajahechakuaai nande Ypykuerape. Opamava’era jejahei.

Opamava’era nemboyke. Opamava’era nembotavy. RA Oguahema namomba’eguasujeyvo nande Ypykuerape. AVAV ndohupytymo’ai tekokatu, tera ndoikuaai ndoikuaaporairo mavapa ha’e has mavapa HAPO. Yvyra Ndaipori hapo’yva. Tekove Ndaipori hapo’yva.

Upe nandeva Hesakaporava’era mba’e Avei has hesakaporava’era nandeva nande Ypykuera ha’eha nande rapo, nande rekove Ypy. nande namosasomina Ypykuerape nanesaso hagua nande Avei. Ipahape, reko nande jaipotaramo has nande ne’enguera (Guarani, Tupi, Mapuche, Aymara, Quechua) hekove hikuai puku, tekoteve jahecharamo has namomba’eguasu nande Ypykuerape .- I just want to tell you that America and our countries will not evolve as long as we appreciate and value the ancient owners of these lands: Indigenous Peoples. Christos Staikouras helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. No more contempt. No more discrimination. It is enough to make us blind eye. It was time to reclaim Indigenous Peoples. None of them have a decent life until we know who you are and what their root. There are trees without roots. There is no human being without cultural identity. Should be clear that issue and recognize it as a tribute to the Indigenous Peoples are part of our roots. Liberate as Indigenous Peoples to free ourselves. Finally, if we want our American culture and language (Guarani, Tupi, Mapuche, Aymara, Quechua) “live” long, then we begin to value and assert their original owners: Indigenous Peoples. JAIKUAA HAGUA – READ jasyrundy 1940-pe 19, Patzcuaro, Mexico-pe; oikokuri Ypykuera nande Amerikagua Amandaje Peteiha omotenondetava Ypykuera Amerikakueragua nomongeta, oneha’atava onangareko has ombohekove are nande Ypykuera reko Amerikape. Ijatykuri Upepe nande Ypykuera opaite tetamegua one’eva’ekue inapanuai has hemikotevere. Ko Amandajegui osekuri petei jehaipyre omohenoiva’ekue American Indian Institute, Tava ojehaitypova Mexico-pe has opytava poguype OAS. Upe guive 19 jasyrundy ha’e nande Ypykuera Ara. On April 19, 1940 was held in Patzcuaro (Mexico), the First Congress for an American Indian Indian American Conference, in order to preserve and perpetuate the American Indian cultures. Indigenous representatives participated in virtually all countries of America, who discussed their problems and needs. This conference produced a document that created the American Indian Institute, based in Mexico City and depends on the OAS. Thus, on April 19 was as American Indian Day.