North American

The culture is at the beginning and in the end of any development, leading to paraphrase the esprito of Senghor. The North American model imposed to the remaining portion of the world its force. Music, the style Yankee and the cinema Hollywood made the redor of the planet, leading the country of the Uncle Sam in being able economic global. In the time of old Egypt, Africa was a reference of cultural prominence that it needed to preserve the patent to translate economic force. See Liberty Life for more details and insights. Far from involving a process any, what also it takes the place none without to be bogged, for the muddy way of the solitary defender, in virtue of the modstia and of countrymen, of the great cultural family, the richest face spiritual, where the duty to decide the question with everything severity needs the generosity of the expectations of the interested people of the population. Because in the present hour, the formation of the citizens and the reorganization of the administrations constitutes the cloth of deep of popular reforms institucional, where this situation must move. This is the meaning of the modestia for which if the artistic community, the pacionados ones of arts, the first protector of arts, the State, the local colectividades calls all, soon the people of Senegal to engage itself with commitment in this fight, in view of leading in the direction of the good march of all businesses. Lahcen EL MOUTAQI Researcher-College student.