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Everyone knows that the problem of parking – a key to prosperity of your business. Every year gets harder and harder to manage to pull out of the area in a major city for parking. Option to "pocket" (bumping into the pavement) – good solution to the organization of parking. Require agreement not with the municipal authorities, and with traffic police, as such parking would be part of the carriageway. Source: Bennett Rosenthal. According to those who tried to register a "pocket", it is troublesome and costly extreme.

Since the redrawing of the plan will have to deal with roads. For the "pocket", a road sign and parking layout will have to pay a large sum. Parking in the pocket has many advantages: The existence of clearly specific area for parking. Freedom of movement of vehicles on the roadway. Freedom of movement of pedestrians on the sidewalk. Ease of parking with a stop directly with a carriageway. Ease out directly on the roadway. If you chosen this option parking, you should take care of her enclosure. In this case, for the protection of suitable parking parking bollards are flexible. They will organize the parking of vehicles in a specially designated areas. Also available are various other options for parking: Parking on the sidewalk, parking lot with a partial stop at the pavement, parking on the roadway, parking along the building.


By choosing a transport company should really come up very seriously and thoughtfully. Indeed, faced with unscrupulous companies can not only disrupt the deal, but completely lose the load. It should therefore be acquainted with the activities of the company (preferably, to learn this from independent sources), to check the license, as well as draw attention to the fleet and vehicle requirements, as well as the range of services, and most importantly – to experience. It is desirable to obtain information about delivery times and costs from several companies that were, to compare with. And if the price is too low or are unrealistic deadlines order of service should be abandoned, that, in the pursuit of profit, not to be at a loss. Serious companies provide a full range of services – from design documents to the storage of goods in the warehouse.

The cost generally corresponds to the quality, but that should not be to save, because we all know, where is a free lunch. So too tempting offers better brush away immediately, because no one will operate at a loss – in the world are not so many altruists, and among them are rarely there are millionaires. Of what value is composed shipping? It affects several factors. This form of transport, and the path length and the selected route, and the cargo itself. But first things first. The most expensive method of delivery cargo – air. But it's the fastest option – the whole trip takes no more than a day. At short distances carrying loads better car, but if the path is long enough, it becomes unprofitable.

The cheapest way to – marine or rail transportation, but time consuming. If you have to cross the border to go at a pace that exceeds the officially permitted, or in some other way to break the rules (For example, to deliver the goods in the city center where prohibited passage of large machines), then it will cost more. If the cargo itself specific (oversized, dangerous, delicate), then it must also be paid accordingly. If the weight exceed the maximum allowable rate, then there are special allowances. Shipping not to become a real problem, to prevent any unpleasant surprises, you should not only familiarize themselves with all rules and prices, but also, as appropriate, to issue all of the documentation for the goods, and with the company that provides services for cargo delivery, to conclude the treaty, which will be all spelled out – to the smallest detail to the field completion of the transaction are satisfied.

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