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In today’s world many issues must be solved that may be uncomfortable or even be of daily living are a little difficult and this not only gives a personal level, but in many areas of life can cause problems, as in I work where many associations are facing daily to a lot of problems, so it is necessary to devise and employ methods of action to address the best way any possible eventuality.

With this in mind, many people and organizations to meet the loads required by the modern world have opted for self-management as a convenient way to solve any differences that may occur in activities that develop. Thus the self is a way to manage different functions and actions directly, ie to develop from the same people that make up the various associations, which can not be filed at any time the intervention of external actors and not interference occurs hierarchically.

Within the method or model gives action and function of the self is presented as a major component of democratization at the time of making each and every one of the decisions, so the human group that forms the Association take the decisions, which no doubt is an excellent choice decisions and results. By the conditions that accompany the self, at all times must be addressed through action components, ie the environment in which there is the development of the partnership and each of its members, and likewise the entire group and its interests. Thus self-management based largely on the active participation and democratic control. As you can understand everything that makes up the self-management, will focus on an economic level, understanding this as a model for economic policy from the application where the workers of the company or any form of organization, are directly involved in the making decisions, ie either as conduct business.

As you can understand the self-management can be applied to different fields of society, so much so that its implementation can be extended to such broad areas as government, the understanding of self-management intervention the result of self-government. Thus self-management has many cuts, be they economic, business administration, political, community or socialist and from a very broad perspective can reach self-production and self-financing. The self seeks out the manifestation of personal sovereignty and decision making of the human group with the idea of achieving real power to achieve by human associations, thanks to the intervention of each of the members, which allows for participation through the ideas and the presentation of various possibilities, together with the partnership, which will in many cases the presence of cooperatives as a means of helping the whole group.

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