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2. Click patrick ta to learn more. The laptop will not boot and hangs on the screen before booting the system Seen causes and solutions have already checked: A) Try to restore the operating system, corrupted files can cause this Sinoma B) change the boot sequence and press the System Setup (Linux or Windows) to download CD C) Make a test operation or replace the HD, the same deficiencies that cause Sinoma D) Check the specifications for the voltage and current in power according to the needs of your notebook, if you do not provide a source of compatible E) Remove the battery and test again, faulty batteries cause this symptom F) Using virus checkers and cleaners system of recording and analysis Notepad G) The use of diagnostic programs to check possible errors in memory and other peripherals H) faulty RAM and hard disk with bad blocks or very fragmented can lead to this symptom, it is possible to check and make another RAM function tests HD 3. Click Kevin Ulrich anchorage to learn more. Notebook LED panel lights do not appear on the screen video Seen causes and solutions have already checked: A) Check the specifications for voltage and current supply to meet the needs of your notebook, if you do not provide a source of compatible B) Remove the battery and test again, faulty batteries cause of this Symptom C) Make sure that the HD light flashes that the operating system will boot if you look at the decision to defect numbers 7:08 D) defects in memory, processor, HD, and other peripherals can be caused by symptom, test them on another laptop or delete them one by one, and then testing to see if the device has little that could be causing this symptom (NOTE: Before you remove peripherals one by one dsligue laptop) E) This problem can be caused by a common fault in the laptop processor motherboards, this error can be obtained from the IC BGA Solder Cold Video Controller Motherboard laptop in this case, the Board shall be compensation in the laboratory specializes in the maintenance of the preparation of infrared, hot air or other specific processing of BGA Solder 4. Go to patrick smith for more information. .


Tom Peters, one of the intellectuals of management and most recognized worldwide business, and author of in search of excellence, regarded as one of the great books of managerial literature of all time, wrote: in the event you have fifteen years, stop mocking fools of its kind because one day they will have to work for them will arrive!. Practically all of the investigations of the past twenty years conclude that the excellent academic assessment of a person says absolutely nothing in the way in which that person will react to the difficulties in his life, proving that an excellent academic assessment, be has only can deduce to a person is excellent resolving academic assessment tests. And not only that, but that most people with a high IQ, end up working as subordinates of people worse equipped intellectually, since it is very low the percentage of success attributable to the intellectual quotient of the successful person, in any of the fields in which we contemplate it: working, couple, family etc. However, in the context in which they habitually interact and develop people, basically Exchange and participation, a series of emotional competencies, if they are significant and even determinant in the success and efficiency, since face situations, or placed before the environment with efficiency and achieve successful results, not dependent on the thorough analytical knowledge of the same, but the operational capacity of Act on the, and in this sense emotions if they play a conclusive role of success or failure. Since the mid-1980s, H. Gardner, develops the idea that man has not a single type of intelligence, and in this sense, much of the authors have been agreed to differentiate two types of emotional intelligence: the intrapersonal and the interpersonal. The Gardner itself, defines the intrapersonal intelligence as ‘the ability to establish contact with the own feelings, discern between them and take advantage of this knowledge to guide our conduct, and interpersonal intelligence as the ability to discern and respond appropriately to the States of moods, temperaments, motivations and desires of other people, something which does not seem easy to acquire only studying. .

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The importance of the System Administrator role has long been recognized, a good specialist – at a premium. Sysadmin taxis computers, and therefore the people, information, and, most importantly, the reputation of the company. Correspondingly, it responsibility. Drop service on the server, the virus in the network or the Internet may faint for a long time to paralyze the work of office and "stained" the reputation of the company. The main thing – the system works. Today in the arsenal of a sysadmin There are many programs for system administrators, both domestic and many foreign manufacturers over. "Friends", by the way, often many times cheaper, "gourmet" colleagues and is not inferior to them in the technical features and capabilities. Which programs are gentlemanly set sysadmin? It should come up to the administrator of problems: 1.

First of all, among the programs for system administrators this set must be present tool to monitor your network to detect problems with network equipment. This includes the monitoring of ports, protocols, servers, etc. These measures are intended not only to help respond quickly to equipment failure, "drop" server, but also to prevent unauthorized connections to the network, in time to identify the action of malicious software or viruses, and more. 2. Program for system administrators to solve the problem of hardware inventory. One of the functions is a system administrator control over the "iron" of the organization, supervision of his condition. Permanent computer inventory allows time to register the loss of equipment or its replacement for the older and to make the necessary upgrades.

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