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In the net expensive friends, Wilileaks, prepare themselves to know the embroidery frames as never, he will be? The article 5 Caption of the Federal Constitution deals with the basic rights to the inherent life, freedom and equality to the human being. Thus, greater relevance today has the basic rights of the human being, with the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Man and the Citizen. The Holistic University is based on this, to watch over, to promote the humanismo between the men, is the life that is in game. McLuhan, theoretician of the mass communication, affirms that the way is the message. Jane Fraser contains valuable tech resources. It is irrefutable that television is propayer of the mass culture, but it has that if to attempt against to the social phenomena that had come to tona in century XXI while source of what it is propagated to take care of to the hearing. Then, who was born first? It answers if it will be able. (PS: Love I You, the film, attend three times, ' ' valley the green penalty novo' '). As to structuralize the speed of the exacerbado evolucionismo seno for the preservation of the condition human being, materialize for the exerted social control through the state power. The life in inserted family in the educational bases for the practical one of the citizenship, the moral values need to be rescued, in view of that the financial profit, as well as the status, considered for the North American ideal of perfect life in American Pie they contradictate the image right, as well as the preservation of the dignity human being in the society contemporary.


When the community of the men a competitive culture, that is, individualist. It has a continuous search for the autonomy, independence and for the imediatismo, but everything becomes them to this truily solitary and that he is opposed down its proper nature, since the man is a social being. The consumerism and the wild erotismo, the degradation of the moral values and the family, the religious indifference, the violence etc, create a chaos in the society. Before the numerous problems and challenges of the time of today, they appear ‘ ‘ Novas’ communities; ‘ more necessarily the Community Shalom Catholic who through the consecration of life of its members the God, entirely dedicates it and to the service of the Church, contributing in this way for evangelizao it man and its performance in the society, while transforming agent of realities. Here, baron discovery fund expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In this perspective, during some informal colloquies between the components of the group the curiosity was despertada to know and to understand a new form of life that in its seio shelters a daily one marked for a full routine of meanings and privations. When we considered in them to study the Community Shalom Catholic we had distrust of what we went to even find because we knew little of this reality and at the same time something intrigued in them: people who abandon everything to live a way of different life of what we were accustomed to see. They pass the life all of the community inside, far from the family and of other inherent circumstances to the human being (professional, affective, social life). At last, what it took these people to the Community, as she was constructed the identity and what they really supported them? Being thus, one becomes necessary to understand the following investigations: Which are the essential elements that they constitute the identitrios bonds of the Community of Shalom Life? what it inside supports in fact the individuals of this? Therefore, the present objective study to understand as if it constructs to the identitrios bonds between the members of the Community Catholic Shalom de Natal/RN, from the process of identification and admission of members, of the social organization, the idea of family and the paper of the playful experiences in the construction of the cultural identity of the Comunidade.A field research were used here as instrument to work problematic the boarded one in this work..


Being that the initiatives of the actions of security are of responsibility being able of them public and of the society (BRAZIL, 2002). The article, ethics and the public welfare and private flame attention for the dichotomy enters two models of social welfare a footwear in the ethics of the solidarity that estimates the accomplishment of the basic right the social welfare must take care of to the bedding of the dignity of the person human being and to another one, the providence model to complement of established individual capitalizaton in financial reserves (saving) that it lowers the level of the solidarity of the social welfare of the public servers directs and it for the privatization (DORNELES, 2010). Therefore this last model burla the basic right the social welfare that materialize the value of the dignity of the person human being. Theoretician is the essential resources that he contributes to analyze the reality and to project action to intervine in the reality of critical and creative form, associate to the knowledge production, is what he guarantees to the professional the capacity of the unit thought and action. Finally, to argue the performance of the social assistant in the social welfare demands that the professional just does not lose the dimension of its action and the relation of its work with the search of a societrio project and igualitrio. Demanding the understanding of the politics providence inside of the capitalist logic, with the adoption of concepts that has as direction desvelamento of the apparent one and immediate and the commitment with the magnifying of the rights. This means to defend the Social Service as right of the using population. BRAZIL references, Ministry of the Social welfare.

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