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EP to stop sending them their contribution in September and October due to lack of liquidity. The Government says they will recover the money before the end of the year. They will not stay without any income, since they also have own funds. The Department of welfare and family of the Generalitat has announced to the homes for the elderly and centers for disabled concerted and collaborators that will send them their monthly contribution corresponding to September and October due to lack of liquidity. As they have explained sources of the Conselleria, this situation has forced Department which directs the Counsellor Josep Lluis Clerie s to suspend payment to these residences, which on Monday were informed personally, and that will recover the money before the end of the year. In particular, concerted residencies will no longer collect all the co-payment that received by plaza for September (which is usually entered at the end of month) and October, each of these two months while collaborating residences will receive 65% of the invoice. These sources have dndido that, in any case, it is concerted and collaborators, centers will not stay without any kind of income in September and October, since in its activity also have own funds. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Activision Blizzard. In addition, have highlighted the Department works to make the term of suspension of payments is less than two months, and have pointed out that, in the absence of liquidity, the Department wanted to prioritize benefits and aid to persons. Source of the news: Catalonia suspended two months payment to the residences for the elderly and disabled