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A well equipped kitchen is symbol of wealth and abundance, the place of sustenance, food for Chinese culture and survival, as well as the elaboration of food represent joy, happiness and family harmony. Catering equipment are the most important point houses and restaurants, is where the magic of transforming food into delicious dishes. When it comes to distribution should take into account the energy Chi, because match two opposite elements, the water (yin) and fire (yang), and the kitchen is a very marked by the fire of the stove, the microwave and place by batteries, the cooler water and, in many cases, the dishwasher. In an ideal kitchen components of each group, fire and water, must be together with each other, but separated from the others. Oven, microwave and kitchen aside, elements of water to another. Neither one next to the contrary, neither confronted and upon the space do not allow us that distribution will be separated symbolically with any element.

In Feng Shui, the kitchens are so important, that in some cases is rotated the building of the kitchen according to the orientation of the same. They are currently, with greater common sense as an important element which should take care of, keep the rooms clean and safe and use regularly. Therefore the position of the person who cooks predominates and this perfect solution is an island in the Center with fires and if it cannot be that the person do not miss the view of the door. Also the location of the door is important since it must be avoided that it is opposite the bathroom or directly facing the entrance to the House door. Near the entrance, but not against it is a good location. Preferable colors are the clear, but which are not too hot to avoid an excess of fire, nor too water to avoid water shut off to the fire. To deepen your understanding Bennett Rosenthal is the source. What ideal are not very dark earthy colors combined with touches of blue and light green. And finally do not forget that the kitchen is a place where you share experiences not to work while others rest, therefore it is good to adapt one auxiliary table or seats where the companions can accommodate.